Food is just amazing, don’t you think? That’s what I thought. Who doesn’t love food! That is why came up with this new series called “The Taste of Traveling”. But let me explain below, what it is all about.

I guess I can say, there is very less, I love more than eating. I love cooking and trying new recipes. I always get excited, if I have the chance to eat something, I have never eaten before or if I come up with an idea for a very delicious, new recipe.  I actually spend most of my free time with food. Whether it is experimenting and creating recipes or just thinking about what I will eat next ;).

I’ve always loved eating. My mum once said to me that food has already been very important to me as I was a child. I just loved eating. In 2015, I’ve changed my diet because of a stomach disease. I stopped eating refined sugar, meat and some other foods considered as unhealthy. I wasn’t eating bad before but I now pay more attention to what I feed my body and try to fit my nutrition to my workout style so I can prevent muscle tone and growth.

During this journey of becoming healthier, I created a lot of recipes based on a healthy and clean eating diet. I got really into cooking and experienced the joy of eating even more. Now I can say, food and cooking is one of the things I spent most of my time on. It’s just so much fun.

This is my way of living my creativity. You can experiment a lot by trying different things, flavours, recipes, nutrients, and so on. And imagine how much fun it is to shoot the photos for all those great and delicious recipes. There are no limits to your creativity and that’s what I like most. I’ve always been one of those creative minds, I just can’t help it.

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As the years went by I created more and more recipes and decided to write them down, so it’s easier to keep track of them. I even wrote my own cookbook.

During my world trip, I had the pleasure to try foods of different countries not only in fancy restaurants owned by Germans or people who’ve moved to Germany but real, traditional food, made by locals. I felt in love right away. I discovered one more thing I love about traveling. Just for getting the chance to eat local food it’s worth going traveling.

As passionate hobby-chef, it is in my nature to try cook things myself and get inspired by dishes I eat while eating out. I got so many new ideas of what I wanted to try cooking and of cause I had to create my very own version of the meals I liked most during travelling. I made them healthier, if they weren’t already healthy, tried to find good replacements for ingredients you can’t get at home or just invented a whole new recipe, inspired by those I ate in certain countries.

For that matter, I’ve decided to do a series on this blog to share a few of them with you and get you closer to the taste of traveling.

So, let me introduce and welcome you to “The Taste of Traveling”. May it bring deliciousness to all of us!


Hope you will love this series and I am very keen on seeing pictures of all the recipes you try. So please send them to me or tag me on Instagram and Facebook.

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