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I can’t tell you everything that happened or all I have experienced and this isn’t my aim anyway. What I want is to give you a short insight in my first trip.

Over a year past since I started my five-month journey. My plane ride was on 18th of October in 2015 and it lead me right to Australia.


“Home is the place you never want to leave. Home is the place everything feels just right.” – Tara

I landed in Sydney where I stayed the first two weeks. I got up every day at about seven so I could see and do as many things as possible during one day. The Hostel I was staying in is called Brado’s Backpackers and it was very chilly. I met a lot of amazing people from all over the world but mainly Germans, which really annoyed me even though they were all very nice.

I felt in love with the city and its beaches, parks and streets. In Sydney, no place is like the other. Everywhere you go you see something different. And the people are so nice and open-minded. One time for example I got lost in Manly. I asked a couple of guys if they can tell me the way back to the harbour and they said of course we can but we can also just take you there. I agreed thankfully. During the car ride they asked me if I’ve seen the lookout from where you can see Sydney skyline. I had to tell them I couldn’t make it there because the walk was just too long. So, they just took me there and showed me a wonderful place. I have even caught the best time of the day – sunset.

After this day, there was something even more unexpected and impressive happening every day. I just got more and more in love with the country and its people.

When I first came to Melbourne to catch up with a friend from back home. I didn’t like it much but mainly because it was raining the whole week and I got so ill, I could barely stand.

The second time I got there though I really got to like this city too. The riverside is beautiful and everything is just so modern and social.

The most I liked the free workout classes offered at Federal Square every day. I took as many classes as possible and we worked out, sweat and had so much fun the whole time. After working out we sat together and talked. Most of the others were students or people working in Melbourne and they gave me many great tips on stuff to do and the Australian culture.

From there I went up to Byron Bay. The hostel I stayed in there was probably the best in whole Australia or at least the best I’ve stayed in during my time there.

I went surfing as much as I could and the rest of the time I hung out in the hostel, talking to people, playing cards and doing some activities like hiking to the light house at 5:30 AM just to see the sunrise. It was very worth it though.

I also caught up with my best friend form back home and I got to meet her travel mate, who one of the best people in my life. By three we started a road trip back to Melbourne, all along the coast, surfing as much as possible.

It wasn’t always easy. One day it was just so hot, I think it had over 40°C and we were on a beach and Anna Bay where there was nothing else than sand. No tree, no shade, nothing! Suddenly a sand storm came up and we had to flee. As though it was so hot you could barely sit anywhere but in a house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any café around where we could have gone and sit the heat out. Therefore, we went in the only cool place we could find – a supermarket. We spent the whole afternoon in this tiny supermarket looking for things we wouldn’t buy anyway.

Doing this with those two though was just fun. Everyone else would have thought we are crazy but we couldn’t care less.

After passing Sydney it got very adventurous. We had to drive in our wrack of a car, which was about to break down every second, 30 minutes into the deepest National Park ever. The road wasn’t even considered a real road. It had bumps everywhere. After finally arriving at the free camping side about 5 Km deep in the forest. There was nothing around us but trees and bushes and probably animals. As we thought it couldn’t get worse we figured out we had nothing for dinner and nearly no water anymore. And there was nothing we could anything around here.

Well it actually sounds worse than it was. We had fun, watched a movie and went to bad because one night without food and water won’t kill you, right?

My last week in Australia, I spent at Sunshine Coast. I had a whole hostel almost by myself, went surfing every day and enjoyed the beach. I’ve met an amazing Australian girl with whom I spent one whole day but it felt like we would know each other for years.

Moloolaba, Australia

When I had to leave Australia, my heart broke. I didn’t want to leave even though I was exiting what was ahead of me. I would go to Bali and Hawaii, isn’t that something?

Australia got a second home for me and as someone who wanted to emigrate anyway I might have found a place I want to spend the rest of my life.

Nevertheless, I shouldn’t decide to quickly. There are still many places to go.


“Exotic, different and oh so wunderful. The perfect break from travelling.” – Tara

Bali… what shell I say. It was just amazing. After I slept in the wrong hostel because I couldn’t find mine at 1 AM in the morning and a scooter accident on the 3ird day, during which my best friend and I crushed our new surfboards, nothing too bad happened anymore. We hung out with people form the hostel and went surfing most of the time. The waves were pretty inconsistent so was the weather. You never knew when it is going to start to rain. Just one thing was sure, if it started it you wouldn’t want to be outside.

We also did some of the “touristic” stuff like going to Ubud and the Monkey Forest but most of the time really, we just did nothing.

Chilling in the sun is the best you can do!

I like to say it was kind of a holiday during traveling.
We ate, slept and surfed, like most of the people in Bali. The food was just amazing and we could never decide where to go because we wanted to try as many restaurants as possible. Sometimes it took us about half an hour up to one hour to decide where to go and then we pulled up at the restaurant by 15 and took over the whole space. It was so much fun to hang out and talk to people from all over the world and I made really good friends even though I most of the time just spent a few days with them because they were leaving already. We on the other hand stayed in the very same hostel our whole time in Bali and never really made it out of Canggu.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret it. I just know I have to come back to see all the other places.

The food is just so yum!


“This is where I found myself. This is where love, passion and life are united in happiness.” – Tara

After five weeks of vacation I flew to Hawaii.

Form the airport I went straight to North Shore. I haven’t spent one day in Honolulu and as I can tell from what other people told me, I made everything just right.

The hostel was the best one ever. It is right at North Shore, next to Foodland – which is the local supermarket. Every room was its own little hut with about six beds, a bathroom and a small kitchen.

My time on Oahu started exiting right away. There were the biggest waves in ten years when I just arrived and after the first week the Eddie was happening which last was in 2009.

I was stoked to see all those great surfers and big waves. I’ve never seen such big waves before.

Luckily after the Eddie the waves got smaller so I could also go surfing. Well getting worked is probably the better expression. If it hasn’t been for the few Australians I spent most of my time with, I wouldn’t have gone out there. But now I’m very thankful because I learned by far the most in Hawaii and my whole view for surfing and the ocean changed there.

I’ve I wasn’t in the water I went hiking, chilling on the beach and watching contests or other surfers or just talked to the others about surfing.

I have never felt the surfing spirit more than I have here in Hawaii and just therefore I could love it. But of course, this isn’t the only thing. Oahu has so many great people and a wonderful landscape that three weeks weren’t enough – which means I definitely have to come back here.

No words needed

For now, though my trip came to an end, even though I didn’t want to go home.

After this trip, I now can cross out three countries of my “countries to visit” list but I also have to add the same three to the “countries to revisit” list.

I haven’t just visited wonderful parts of the world, those places and more the people I have met and the experiences I made, became a part of me and are deeply stored in my heart.

But for now, I have to do some things at home and then the next adventure can come.

If you want to have details on each country and what I have been up to during my time there, check out my Travel Diary about this trip.

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What was the longes period you’ve ever traveled? Tell me in the comments.

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