Traveling solo or with a travel buddy? That’s a question travellers like you and I have to deal with on a frequent basis. It’s like coffee or tea for breakfast at a hotel. And to be honest, there is no wrong or right. Whether it is traveling solo or traveling with your bestie, both has its advantages and disadvantages. Though have you ever experienced it that when you said YES to traveling solo, people start looking at you like you’re crazy and ask further: Why? Aren’t you scared, isn’t that dangerous? Are you serious this is a good idea? Or maybe you have wondered yourself if traveling alone is safe and a good idea to do.

In this post, I’m going to share with you why you should definitely travel solo if you have the chance and how it is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself.

Here is why traveling solo is awesome:

Imagine you’ve dreamed of traveling the world for years but now that you finally have money and time to do it, you can’t find anyone who would come with you. Well should you now stay at home just because no one is coming with you? Hell, no!

Before I went on my little world trip I was planning on doing it with my best friend but it happened, that she had finished school one year ahead of me so we couldn’t go together anymore.

But that didn’t hinder me on going on this trip.

Of cause, I had doubts. I asked myself if I would get lonely soon, what would I do, if there’d be a difficult situation, is it safe to go to another country as a blond, young woman? I discussed this with my parents and I knew I had their back; they would be okay with everything I’d do.

So, let’s look a bit closer to the doubts I and you might as well have concerning traveling solo.

There is danger everywhere, even at home.

Bad things can happen everywhere and no matter where you are you have no impact on it so this shouldn’t stop you from going. Furthermore, you are way stronger then you think so I believed you could handle the most situations by yourself even though you might think different


In any case, take this step out of your comfort zone to gain happiness and confidence.

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You will meet more people than you’d ever meet in your entire life without traveling.

There are so many people you meet especially if you stay in hostels and it is way easier to get known to others if your alone because you have to talk to others sooner or later and they are more likely to talk to you than if you just hang with this one person all the time. Yes you will even meet so many people you get sick of meeting new people and having the same conversation over and over again. And because of that you will not only meet many people you will be able to choose with whom to spend time with and that is something you usually don’t get in life. Usually you have to get along with the people you work with, go to school, study or whatever and you hardly can choose whether you like them or not.

Of cause, traveling with a friend or partner has positive things to. You always have someone you can count on and there is always someone you can share memories with back home.

But trust me when I say, you can have both even when traveling by yourself. It has happened many times during my travels or the travels of friends of mine, that we have met people who would soon become one of our closest friends. Yes, whether you believe it or not but it is possible to meet your best friend, your soul mate or your future boy-/girlfriend on your trip.

Also, all the people you spend a lot of time with during your travels will be the ones you can share your memories with. Friendships build while traveling can often be so much stronger than those made at home because you get to truly know each other and all your flaws and insecurities.

But building such kinds of relationships is just possible if you travel solo and make yourself open for it. When always spending time with your travel buddy you won’t be able to get to know a stranger on such a deep level. I always say: To grow in personality you have to get out of your comfort zone. But I get it, if you rather take someone with you and if there is the right person, you definitely should. There is always the choice on separating later if you get to a point where you want to do different things.

Dealing with negative situations by yourself will only make you stronger.

First of all, if you prepare well many negative experiences can be prevented. There aren’t that many bad situations happening if you choose a safe country or just inform yourself well enough about culture and safety and stuff. There is nothing that can’t have happened back home as well and if you’re prepared – and I’m not talking about having pepper spray with you all the time (which isn’t wrong at all, but not necessary) I mean more being aware of things in your mind like not going out at night all by yourself in a certain country or not going to specific parts of the city – you’ll be all right.

Find a bit more of your true self and gain self-awareness.

Traveling solo has been a very good choice for me. I know everyone is different and not everyone can stay “alone” all the time. Although alone time can be something very rewarding. You have time to think about things and pay close attention to your feelings and thoughts.

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You can do whatever YOU want and don’t have to compromise. So, if you decide to go with another person make sure you want the same things otherwise it’s going to get hard.

During my trip, I’ve grown so much and for me it was the perfect thing to do and I haven’t regret it one second. You will experience the deepest freedom. You can do whatever you want, spent time with people you like and give a shit about everything you are not into. You don’t have to compromise.

Mixing it up is the best choice.

Nevertheless, there was a short time where I travelled with my best friend. We caught up in Australia and went to Bali for a few weeks. This was also an absolutely amazing time and we have so many great memories together from this time. But this was just possible because we are very alike and think kind of the same.

So, if you can find someone that has the same interests and desires about those travels, amazing! Go travel with him or her. It definitely is a great time too.

Though if not, it should not be a reason for you to stay at home. You’ll have an amazing time and don’t worry, trust me for all the reasons you may think you shouldn’t go, I know a reason you should as well go! You can call or text me if you don’t believe me 😉

Lastly what I can recommend you from heart is: Travel with a friend and all by yourself. This is the perfect mixture for an unforgettable time.


I hope with this post I could take a bit of your fear of traveling solo. If you found this post valuable, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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Have you ever travelled solo and if yes, how did you feel?