Traveling teaches a lot. I think we all can agree on that, right? Though what if I tell you there are three very valuable things traveling can teach you that, if included in your life at home will improve not only every day but also help you live a better more fulfilled life in general. Those three things will free up your mind and make it open for new inspiration. They will help you find yourself and they can play a major role with achieving your goals.

Are you curious what those three o so valuable things are? Then continue reading. I’ll tell you in a sec.

First though, let me explain how I realized those three things traveling thought me would improve my daily life.

The other day I was sitting in the car driving home from a very sweaty gym session, when a thought crossed my mind. I was thinking about how great it felt to have more space in my room – I have thrown out a lot of stuff last weekend – and suddenly the lovely memory of being in France, with just a small bag of things for five month came to my mind. I remembered how easy it was and how I didn’t miss a thing, even though I had very less stuff. I came to notice that this is indeed on of the facts I love most about travelling.

That moment I realized that in fact, there were three things I have learned and got to appreciate while travelling besides the obvious ones, like meeting new and amazing people and seeing different places.

Those are facts not everyone might think of at first. To be honest, they sometimes can be really annoying while travelling but if you’re back home you’ll learn to appreciate them even more and wish it would be that easy now.

three things about traveling - Three valuable things to take home from traveling that will improve your everyday

1. Live with less

The first point is like I said before, that you don’ t need that much stuff. If you go traveling you reduce the things you bring to a minimum to fit the luggage policy. You just take what you truly need.

Of course, there are a few things you pack and won’t need because it’s hard to decide what to bring, if you’ve never been to a country before. But altogether you will limit to a very small number of useful things and I honestly think this is a great. You learn how to live just with things you really need. You get a whole new impression, on what you really use. Don’t get me wrong, I like having pretty things and I also like to have a good choice of cloths, but it is not necessary to have a whole room full of cloths of all kind. You can also easily live without heavy books, colourful make up, fun games, or whatever else there is that keeps collecting dust in your shelf at home. While travelling you cut down to essentials you can’t live without and you’ll figure out, with how less stuff you can truly survive and still enjoy your beautiful life.

What to take home from that?

The older you get the less unnecessary thing you will have anyways. But especially for those, who just finished school and still live at home, traveling might be a perfect opportunity, to get an impression, what things you can’t live without and which you easily can throw away. People tend to by new things all the time and never get rid of anything. Most of us have way too much stuff, they never use and which just gets dusty in the corner.

After traveling you get the chance to tidy out the rubbish once and for all. Take that opportunity when you just came back and are still in the Mindset of living from less. It is important to find a good balance between having many things and not having many things.

2. Find your style and stick to it

The second fact traveling has thought me, is that you don’t have to care about, how you look or what you wear. For sure it is nice to dress up and get all pretty and go out and there’s nothing wrong with it. But nowadays, we think too much about how we look and what others think of us.

Though while traveling all this doesn’t matter, because no one cares if you wear PJs or a fancy dress. All that matters is, how you feel with what you wear.

In addition, you won’t have great showers or nice bathrooms (except, if you stay in a hotel, in an apartment or in a flat – but that is a different way of traveling, then the one I’m talking about). You also won’t have many cloths to choose from or make up to put on. And depending on where you go you might spent most of your time in Bikini and board shorts or wear the same shirt and pants every day for about a week, just because you’re too lazy to do your laundry or there is no chance to do it. But that doesn’t matter because everyone wears the same every day. That’s the spirit of traveling.

No worries if you now think, “how am I ever going to manage to not shower for a few days?” – Well you’ll adjust. You will get used to it and by the time going by you will see, it isn’t necessary cause all people around you’re doing the same. And it sounds worse than it is. During traveling it absolutely is a common thing. If you’re on a road trip for example it can happen that you won’t find a shower if you need one. In the beginning, it might feel strange but by days going by you get used to it.

It’s all about finding out how and with what you feel comfortable. Take that opportunity and try different styles and routines and find out what works the best for you. This is your chance to not get judged for how you look.

What to take home from that?

Life shouldn’t be about how others perceive you. It also shouldn’t be about what they think and how they judge you on the way you look. It is about you feeling confident and happy with the way you look.

Take what you’ve experienced and found out during your travels into your life at home. The style you found, why not wearing the same here. Who cares if its appropriate or not, unless you don’t wear a Bikini to a business meeting. LOL.

Also why not trying to keep up that healthy Mindset of not caring what others think. Give less fucks about what the person looking at you might think of your shirt or pants. It’s all up to you, remember.


3. Stay active

Last but not least, it is amazing, that you’re pretty active without intending it.

While you might have an office job or you are studying or going to school at home, during travelling you want to explore, you want to see different places and go out. You spent time with people and do things or go on an adventure.

Unlike at home, where it is hard to fit in one hour of workout a day, three times a week or even manage to do 10.000 steps a day. This will go quite easy without you recognizing, if you are traveling tough. By having this change of lifestyle, you naturally move more, because you’re outside doing something and not sitting in front of a desk all day. And I don’t have to tell you how good being active is for you, right? It’ll benefit your mental and physical health and in addition will let you look fitter and more confident.

Even if you hang on the beach the whole day, you still go for a swim or short walk every occasionally. You might even play volleyball or any other game. You probably also go for a bike tour or do some hikes every so often. Or you just go explore the city, do some shopping and do a little sightseeing. I can continue like that for hours, though my point is that during traveling having a more active lifestyle takes so much less effort compared to the motivation and planning it takes when at home.

What to take home from that?

So, how to manage to keep that easy going active lifestyle going when at home? Yep, that’s the big question. Though it is doable. I promise.

All you need to do is try too maintain your routine from traveling as good as possible. For example, if you used to go for a walk every morning while abroad, do it at home too. If you picked up an active hobby during your vacation, why not doing it at home as well. Just if possible of cause.

Find a way to include some of the activities that kept you moving while traveling into your daily life. And voila, you will see how much more power you have to do whatever you need to do.

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Oahu, Hawaii


After those facts came to my mind, I realized we should absolutely fit in some good habits we develop during traveling into our day-to-day life. Don’t you think?

So I hope with writing them down for you I could give you some inspiration on how to improve your daily life and pursuit more happiness and confidence.

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What did traveling teach you that improved your life at home?

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