Just coming back from traveling and about to enter university? I know a scary feeling. There’s so much that goes on in your head. and the emotions are overwhelming. I hope by sharing my personal story about my first impressions of university I can help you a bit to make it easier to adapt.

So here it is, my story about how I took the first semester university:

First impression university

Now that I’ve nearly completed one semester at university I think it’s time to share my first impressions.

During the tough process of finding back in a life not circled around travelling I had to accept the fact that neither studying was what I’ve thought it would be nor that the subject I’ve chosen was right for me or at least I saw no future in it.

So, I figured, I had no other choice – and believe me I’ve thought about quitting not just once – than to see this whole study thing as a challenge.

And by now I’ve more or less successfully completed the first task out of six. So, I guess that is a reason to celebrate and to share my experiences on that with you.

As I’ve already motioned above, it was very hard in the beginning, I just wasn’t used to learn anymore or pay attention. I couldn’t sit still for more than 30 minutes straight and I got bored so easily. Everything that has nothing to do with things I liked was just not interesting enough to get my attention. I was day dreaming and skipped more than one class.

By the time though it got easier. I made to amazing friends, thanks to whom it wasn’t that bad going to lectures anymore. Also, I figured that it wasn’t necessary to go to all classes anyway, so I wasn’t feeling guilty for paining more attention to things I loved doing instead of going to university. And by now I can say, it was truly the best I could have done, and deep in my heart I’ve already known that ages before. I’ve passed this semester easily with just attending about half of all courses.

I just studied those three weeks of exams and during the rest of the semester I did what I wanted to do.

I think what made my start so difficult, was that I lost myself a bit, I let other people convince me from what they thought was right and I let them tell me I couldn’t do it my way. People are likely to think you have to be there, study, go to lectures and you have to study all the time. Yes, even my university suggests at least 1 and a half hour of extra studying per day per subject and I had eleven subjects this semester. What are they thinking? Do they think I’ve got nothing better to do?!

Well it turned out that the feeling I had in my guts was right. I know me and I know what I am capable of so why for heaven sake have I ever let other people convince otherwise?

However, when I won the trust in myself back, it made a click.

University and studying wasn’t that bad at all. You just have to make it into what you want it to be.

So, I understood, it is my choice whether I am going to hate the next three years, regretting I haven’t gone a different way.

Regretting was never my thing anyway.

That is why I made huge plans for the next two and a half years. Or at least I have some ideas how I like things to go. So, I would really appreciate, if you could keep your fingers crossed for me, that would be great ;).

And of course, by time I will let you know what I’ve imagined for the rest of my time at university. So far, I can tell, I will definitely do a semester or two abroad and we also have to do an internship semester so I might as well do this in another country. And not to forget there is semester break every four or five months for at least two months.

Just for those who are curious, I’m going to Costa Rica this time. My flight is on March 14. And I for sure will take you with me. Virtually of course.

Finally, to sum the past six months up, the main thing I’ve learned this semester was, that you should always trust in yourself and never let other people convince you from the opposite and that it is not at all necessary to get all stressed out because of university. If you can’t or don’t want to go to a lecture, then don’t go. You don’t have to spent time doing things you don’t like. Or at any rate not as much as others say you do. I might have to study for this subject because otherwise you won’t pass the exam but you can cut the time spending on it as short as possible, and if that means not going to its lectures and just do the summaries at home who cares? What counts is that you pass in the end. Am I right?

For that matter, I count myself lucky, for figuring that out. Now I’ve got time to spent that energy on something productive and worthy again.

Like going on vacation.


I know this was a little different post to my usual ones, but I wanted to share this story because it though me a lot. It thought me to stay patient, stay true to myself and shut out the noise from outside when it comes to making decisions for my future.

Side note from 2nd of October 2018: I’m still in university and I’m still traveling. I managed to do both at the same time, and if you want to know how, read my Post-travel depression series.

In addition, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see my whole journey. And also share yours with me if you want. I’m always excited to get to know other peoples way of living.

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Stay tuned and meanwhile do something you love!


How do you like university?