There is no better feeling then waking up and knowing you are going somewhere exciting today!

Do you know that feeling you get before heading on a trip? You get all excited and can’t wait to head out. Though what if I tell you that this feeling is your plane ticket to happiness. There is a way how all of us can overcome the unsatisfying feeling of post travel depression. I am about to share with you a very special secret on how to prevent getting travel sick and stay happy at home in between your trips.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

keep the travel spirit up - An easy trick to prevent post-travel depression - Keep the travel spirit up and stay positive

As semester break is just a week ahead of me and my next trip is about to come very soon, I’m quite busy preparing and getting all ready to go. Between learning for exams and researching about Costa Rica, I suddenly had this fantastic thought; it just came to my mind.

I finally figured out a way, how I can be happy at home. How I can have joy and glamor during the time I can’t be where I want to be. The reason is: There is actually something that is almost as great as travelling. And the best thing is, you can experience it at home, at work or where ever you are. It doesn’t matter, because it follows you everywhere you go; you just have to let it.

It’s the thrill of anticipation.

I am sure you know this feeling. It’s like being in love for the first time, you’ve got all this butterflies in your tummy and you just have to smile the whole time for no reason. You’re happy no matter what and it seems like the world’s happy with you. It is a great and overwhelming feeling and you wish you’d have it for the rest of your life. You’re so full of infinite energy and amazing creativity; you can almost do anything you want. You are practically unstoppable. Or at least it feels like that.

I get this wonderful feeling all the time, when I think about my next trip. I’m so full of positivity; I hardly find the right words to describe how I feel. It is just amazing.

When you think of all those great places you are about to see very soon and all those amazing people you get to meet, don’t you get exited? I bet you want to drop everything and go right away, so you don’t have to wait anymore. Though I tell you, be patient, it’ll pay off.

I love preparing for my trips and doing some research on the countries I go to. It all nurtures my excitement about what’s coming up. I could spend hours over hours with just packing and planning and getting all sorted. For me there is nothing better than to think about it all the time. It gives me so much energy and vitality. (Of course, I don’t mean planning as making a real plan and sticking to it during travelling that would work against the whole adventuring process of travelling. It’s more like imagine what you could do and looking for things you want to do or places to see)

And you know what, although the pleasant anticipation before going on a trip is the most intense one, I have this excitement for so many reasons. For example, I sometimes just can’t wait to get up on the next day, because there is such a delicious breakfast waiting for me. Or on some days, I wish the day would go by faster, so I could finally go to the gym. And most of all, I’m excited, if I’ve got presents for someone. I love giving presents because I’m always so excited about the others reaction.

IMG 7578.wm - An easy trick to prevent post-travel depression - Keep the travel spirit up and stay positive
Great Ocean Road, Australia

When this thought came to me, I realized that, since I’ve booked this flight my feelings have changed a lot. I’m so much happier now, than I was before. I figured it was because, of course travelling is the best and most fantastic thing to do in life BUT looking forward to going on a trip – or looking forward to something in general – is just as amazing. And it is such a great opportunity to have this exiting feeling, you have during travelling, as often as possible. If not the whole time. You just have to always figure something out you’re really looking forward to and then enjoy this feeling as long as possible.

It is our own choice, if we want to “travel up” our life and enjoy every moment or if we just always wish for the things we can’t have right now. We only need to make sure there is always something we can be excited about, even if those are just little things.

Try it and I bet it’ll change your view about not being on the road (or at least it’ll help for a while).


That’s all I’ve got to say for today. I hope that short heads up did motivate and inspire you to keep crushing it and following your dreams. I’m going back to being excited about my six-weeks of Costa Rica coming in less than three weeks!! It’s going to be so sick!

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If you ever want to share your excitement, please write me a message or share your photos on Instagram with me. Your happiness is my happiness, if you’re exited; I’m excited for you :)!


I also like to know what you’re feeling the most thrill of anticipation for?

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