Hallo everyone and welcome to Costa Rica!  

Now that I’ve successfully managed the first couple days in Alajuela and Monteverde I can give a quick impression of how it’s going so far.

Unfortunately, the start of my Costa Rica vacation didn’t go as well as I hoped it would do. But I guess that’s traveling, isn’t it? Not everything goes the way you want it to but that’s adventure I guess. And traveling is all about adventure, right?

Anyhow, let’s start in the beginning. It has been an adventure right away. When I went through security in Munich, I got tested against explosives. At first I panicked for about two seconds and then what a surprise they found nothing and I had to laugh about myself. I really have to get used to travel again.

The rest of my flight went by smooth. It was pretty cool. We had a great view because of the weather and could even see the Alps from when we flew out of Munich.

The second rather unlucky thing happened when I got out of the airport. I was supposed to be picked up by a Shuttle of the hostel but they never showed. So, me, absolutely exhausted after being up for more than 18h, trying to figure out what to do.

A few confused seconds later a taxi driver came up to me. At first I wasn’t sure what to say or do, as always, when I am in a new country. Therefore, I didn’t know if I should take the cab; also, because I didn’t want to pay a million dollars just to get to the hostel, like I did in Hawaii. (Note: I’ve paid 150$ just for getting from Honolulu to North Shore) Though, I saw no other opportunity as to take the cap and in the end, it all turned out well. Just paid six dollars and it was pretty comfortable and quick. At the hostel, they even refunded me the money because I complained. So, it seems everything is not as bad as I thought.

The next morning, I felt a bit lost and didn’t quite know what to do or where to start. There is nothing much to do in Alajuela.

So, I had my first and for sure not last time rice and beans for breakfast and tried to figure out what I wanted to do.

Later that day, I met a girl again whom I got to know yesterday, when we were sitting together with a few people from the hostel.

She was about to go to see the Volcano Poás and I joined her.

As it seems though, I’m followed by bad luck and it was all foggy and cloudy when we got there and you couldn’t hardly see anything. So, we hung out for three hours which we had to wait, till the bus drove back.

What a lucky coincidence, it cleared up just early enough so we could quickly go and see the Volcano before we had to leave. Lucky us, I’d say!


Back in Alajuela I had rice and beans number 2. Not too bad actually, but ask me again in six weeks! When I got back to the hostel, I had to discover that I got stolen about 80$. Why does this have to start so badly?

Well there’s nothing I can do about that now. Just think positive, at least I’m in Costa Rica and get to see exiting stuff and meet amazing people. But in case anyone has suggestions on how to lock a backpack without lockers, I’m open for some advice!

But enough now with all this negative talking! It’s not all bad. I just have to get used to the new culture and that traveling is different than being at home or in France what is basically home too. I mean where would be the joy if it’d be the same?

About the culture, I can say so far, the people are all very friendly, even though there are a few who just want money and I definitely am not used to guys yelling and telling me I’m pretty every five hundred meters. But I’ll adjust.

The weather is nice, sunny but not too hot. Alajuela itself is a normal city. It has a lot of small but cute houses and you’ll find fresh fruits everywhere but all in all I don’t really like it there. Too much city I guess.

The landscape is pretty amazing in Costa Rica. Lots of mountains, hills, and fields. Everything is green but not that tropical. More like summer green. Still beautiful though!

It also seems to be my new daily routine to get up at 3 AM. Today I decided to make my way to the pacific coast as I can’t stand Alajuela one more hour. I’m going to stop in Monteverde for a couple days so the drive isn’t that long. And I want to see a rainforest!

The bus ride was an adventure like basically everything so far. We got to see a great landscape, lots of hills and trees and even the ocean for the first time. During the bus ride, I was wondering why people keep telling the roads in Costa Rica are bad when they were perfectly fine. After a while though I knew why. We hit a road which was hardly a road and I’m not sure if the bus was supposed to drive here. It got worse the longer we kept driving. There were just huge bumps in middle of the road and the road itself was so small I was scared every time another bus or truck came by.

Finally, after about two hours we got to a proper road and from there on it was all good and we arrived save in Santa Elena.

There I checked in a cute little hostel with a nice host, who really took care of me and explained me everything about the town and the activities. I decided to do two tours. One this afternoon and one tomorrow.

After another drive through bumpy roads we got to the rain forest where we’d do the hick. It was a pretty cool hick, which lead over nine bridges. You could see a lot of beautiful trees and had a great few over the forest.

I even got to see a monkey climbing on the bring right in front of me. I was so excited although it was kinda scary to go over those bridges, which were fixed right at that moment.

As one of the guys said, who was doing the hick with me: “Welcome to Central America!”

That’s it so far. Alajuela and Monteverde have been amazing and I can’t wait until tomorrow when I get to see the cloud forest. And the more not when I get to see the ocean at the end of this week. As soon as I got out of Alajuela and San Jose, I figured why everyone liked Costa Rica.

So, my conclusion so far is, every second you spent in the city, is just wasted. There are so many more fantastic places. And now, after getting out of Alajuela, I finally arrived in Costa Rica and started to enjoy traveling again.

So far so good. I’ll see you in a bit. Have a good time till then.


P.S.: If you want to see more photos, check out my Instagram. I’m posting one photo every day!

Have you been to Costa Rica? What place did you love most?

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