Hello back,

Man! That’s been a journey so far!

But let me start in the beginning. I don’t want you to miss anything.

On my second day in Monteverde I went to Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. The rainforest was pretty amazing. I walked for about two hours through all “fifty shades of green” and pass a tiny waterfall. I can’t believe I get to see all this beauty. That trees and plants are so wonderful. It was a great hick and I really enjoyed the noises of all the birds and other kind of animals. It’s so tropical.

On my way, back I met a bunch of Americans and we had a nice conversation on the bus. I love meeting new people, although it is kind of sad too, because in most cases you never see them again.

In the afternoon, I did another hick to the magical tree forest just above the town. But first I had to manage the death hill, I’ve already heard about. It’s for sure the steepest hill I’ve ever seen. And it took me a while but in the end, I made it.

Up on the hill I went in the forest. Although I have to admit I wasn’t that comfortable in the beginning. All by myself in the forest. You have to know, it is for fee so there is no one watching out or taking care.

After not to long though the first people came. A bunch of Canadians.
The forest was very exciting. There were massive trees, which were hole inside and you could climb them if you’d want to.

Those are the biggest trees I’ve ever seen and I still can’t believe it’s for free!
And as it seems I’m not the only one taking advantage of this.

As every day in Costa Rica so far, I had to get up at 3:30 AM the next morning because I had to take the bus to Tamarindo. I went to the bus stop in the dark, which I definitely don’t enjoy that much. Luckily it didn’t take to long for other people to arrive.
I bought a ticket and hoped on the bus.

By now I’m used to the bumpy roads and having nothing but depth next to you. And it gets less scary the more you drive. Also, the feeling of not knowing if you’re on the right bus or manage to get out at the right stop is nothing new for me. Although I really hate this feeling. It stresses me out.

Being squeezed to the window by a massive lady sitting next to you, not able to breath or move, though is something I haven’t got to experience yet – and I hope I never have to. I can a sure you, it is not fun.
That have been the longest two and a half hours of my life. Also, because I was starving to death. I just can’t do anything without my breakfast!

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Finally, I got off the bus at the right stop and I had to take another one from here. Lucky me I’ve met three girls who were also going to Tamarindo. If they wouldn’t have been, I would have never made it there. We had to switch bus one more time in Liberia. They even gave me water, which is the best thing you can do for me besides offering me food when I’m hungry.

Eventually after eight, long and sweaty hours we arrived in Tamarindo. It is a nice, small beach town with the famous laid-back-sunny-chill-out vibe.
I checked in a nice hostel in and went to the beach right away. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed because there were hardly any waves. But it’s still nice to be on the beach. God, have I missed that!

Back at the hostel I met a few very cool people with whom I hung out the next couple days. Two Canadians (of cause, they are everywhere) and an American, who has been in Canggu Surf Hostel in Bali as well (although not at the same time as I) and we got to talk about that a lot.

In the evening, we went to a rodeo, which was a great experience and so cool to watch. Especially because there were hardly any tourists. One of the Canadian, and the American went in the ring with the bull but they figured quickly that it wasn’t the best idea. And they’ve for sure learned their lesson: You should never fight with a bull.


The next day I could finally sleep in for the first time in Costa Rica. Man, that feels good!
We just chilled the hole day. Didn’t really do that much but I don’t mind, it’s actually pretty nice to do nothing sometimes. Especially if you’ve been traveling for the last four days. I really need this little break from adventure. At least for a few days. I’m happy to just enjoy the sun and heat. In Monteverde it has been cool and foggy most of the time so I really like some hotter weather now.

I got a bit of a tan, walked around town and got to see one of my friends from Bali again, which was very cool. I love seeing people again!

It’s really nice to just hang around and finally get to envy Costa Rica. So, it’s a good change to not have to go to a different place every second day. But tomorrow I’m traveling farther. I’m heading to Santa Theresa, which is more south. I’ve just heard good things about it, especially about the waves. So, I’m pretty excited.

Now though I’m heading there not before it gets too hot. Hopefully I’ll get some good waves soon too and I’d be the happiest girl.

So see you later!


Have you ever fought with a bull?