Hey, hey.

I’ve got good news:
I went surfing in Costa Rica for the first time.

After another lazy day in Tamarindo with nothing but food, beach and a bit of walking and talking, I decided to make my way to Santa Teresa.

This time though I did take the shuttle and travelled more like a tourist than a local. I’ve got enough of sweaty bus rides leading over bumpy roads for 12 hours.

Even though I have to admit, they are pretty cheap and it was for sure no easy decision to take the tourist shuttle this time. However, the shuttle which pick me up right in front of my hostel and let me out right in front of my new hostel, was very comfortable. Also, it just takes 6 hours, which makes half of what the local bus takes and I’d be able to jump in the water this afternoon.
That’ll be worth the 50 bucks for sure.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

On my ride to Santa Teresa I met this lovely girl from LA. We got along great right away and planed our first surf even before we saw the waves. It’s so nice to meet another surfer girl, especially when she is so chilled and as passionate about surfing as you.

The hostel I’m staying at here is very nice too. Everything seems to be so quiet around Costa Rica right now. And I was worried that it’ll be too crowded because of the high season here… Maybe it’s because spring break is over.

Eventually at sunset I got to surf the first time in Costa Rica. Isn’t that exiting?!

The waves have been the biggest here since last November. At least that’s what I’ve heard. But if that is big, I don’t know what they’d do somewhere else. It was about head high. The bigger once probably overhead high. Not that powerful or shallow though.
Unfortunately there was a bit of wind but it didn’t do too much. So, I enjoyed my first surf a lot.

It took me a while to get out at la Lora but after a lot of paddle afford, I made it and got to sit in the line-up. I’m so happy to be back in the ocean after almost six month. I nearly forgot how salt water feels on the skin. Nice and cool and wonderful!

It didn’t go that well, this time but mostly because I had to figure that spot out first and as we know beach breaks are always a bit harder to read, right?

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The next day I got up at six to check the waves, which were supposed to get bigger than yesterday.
They were but all beaches were just closing so we decided to go to Mar a Zul. A point\reef break nearby.
Wasn’t good though. Too messy and crowded and too less waves for all those people.
Since I’m just here for a few weeks I had to go in any way.
Haven’t had a lot because the guys kept sitting right in front of me and not even thinking about moving even when I already where on the wave. That sucked!
Locals can be very rough here.

Tomorrow will be better though. I know it. It just has to!

Santa Teresa itself is not very exciting. A nice little beach town, which basically is just one road. Nice and quiet here. Everybody seems to be keen on surfing and there’s not that much party going on. What I quite like.
There are a lot of different spots in walking distance and you’ve got everything covered from beginners to advanced, beach over point to reef break.

I don’t know how long I’m going to stay here. Might be a couple weeks though, if the surf’s keep being good.
All I want to do is surf, eat and chill.

But I have also got some adventures planed so I won’t get bored, I’m sure about that.

I’ll let you know when I got to do some of those though.
Until then, I’ll enjoy the sun and the waves.

So see you soon.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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What’s your favourite wave in Costa Rica?

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