Hey there,

I’m back with another travel diary from Costa Rica.

Do you remember those adventures I’ve told you about?

Well I’ve been on one a couple days ago. I went to Montezuma.

Montezuma is very close to Santa Teresa. It is just a one to one and a half our drive depending on the bus connections.

After I checked the waves in the morning and figured they won’t get any good today – actually the waves never get very bad here but it was windy and the tides weren’t that good either – so I decided to take a day off and go to Montezuma, as I wanted to go there anyway.

The drive was pretty smooth. Had to wait for a little while, which was a bit exhausting because it is just so hot here. But I don’t want to complain, rather to hot than to cold, right?

Down in Montezuma I went for a hike along the beaches. I went to Playa Grande, which is a very nice beach, pretty big and some good waves for beginners.

The costal walk was also wonderful, great landscape. Wonderful nature. I got to see a little spring with a pool in front and went for a refreshing swim.

Back in town I wandered around for a bit. It’s a lovely little town. Big alternative lifestyle going on here. Lots of people camping on the beach, many little shops everywhere selling nice bracelets and rings and also very cute little houses and restaurants. I loved it from the very first moment.

I had lunch in a nice Soda right at the beach. Casado got my new favourite food. It’s basically just rice and beans and you can either have it with fish, chicken or vegetables. It’s nothing special but still so delicious and healthy!

I met a couple cool people down here too. A very nice local girl, with whom I went to a small marked/festival. Nothing big but still fun and nice to be part of. They had a few clothing stands, food places and some other kind of stuff.

Montezuma, Costa Rica

I also met a German and a Swish. We all drove back in the same bus. They were going further to San Jose though but I might see the Swish again because we’ll probably be in Porte Viejo at the same time. We will see, would be cool though.

It was a nice change to go somewhere different for a few hours just to see something else and get to know other people and places too. Santa Teresa is very nice and I like it every day a bit more. But it is also kind of limited here. There’s not that much to do besides surfing and now that there is low season there are not that many new people coming.

And in Costa Rica in general there are mostly couples or groups of friends traveling. Also a lot of them are just staying for couple days, so it’s not the easiest to get to know people around here.

Therefore, I started hanging around with some of the people who are living here. They are all very nice and I like them a lot although it’s hard sometimes because they know each other so well and I’m always the “new” girl.

The surf got better too, the last few days and I basically spend most of my time in the water. I think I’m gonna do a little review about my surf in Costa Rica in an extra post when I’m back home again, so I can tell you about that more in detail then.

Last night we went to a fire show at Rock a Mar. That’s one of the surf spots there but also a hotel/restaurant/bar. It was a lot of fun. There was good music, we saw the sunset and there were fire dancer.
I enjoyed it very much although I was a bit mad because I missed a good late afternoon surf. I guess we all were.

Therefore, I’m going surfing three times today.

That said, I have to go now. The waves are calling!
But I’ll keep you up to date and for sure tell you about my next adventure!

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See you soon!


Where was the most alternative place you’ve been so far?

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