Hello friends,

I’m back with another travel diary entry from Costa Rica.

By now I made my way father, exploring some more of this beautiful country.

Before I start telling what I’ve been up too, I want to get back to my last days in Santa Teresa.

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costa rica puerto vejo - Travel Diary Costa Rica - Part 5 Puerto Viejo: Caribbean Flair like in a Movie

You might can guess, what I’ve done the whole time. Right! I’ve been surfing.

On Monday two of the guys, with whom I was hanging out at the hostel decided to go to Caribbean side the next day and as I wanted to go there anyway and got a tiny bit sick of Santa Teresa, I decided to join them.

Even though in the end I decided to leave, Santa Teresa was a lot of fun and I’m a bit sad to be leaving but also, I’m looking forward to something new. And I believe it will be fun doing it with two friends.

My time in Santa Teresa was amazing, we had great waves every day and there is honestly no single day where you can’t surf. Most of the time I have even been in the water two or three times a day. The hostel I was staying at is called Don Jon’s and it is a lovely place. The people are very welcoming and friendly and I met some pretty cool people from all over the world. It is pretty cosy and homely there.
There is a nice tree house as well where you can hang out during the hot time of the day and enjoy the cool wind while having a nap.
Don Jon himself is also a pretty funny, sometimes a little crazy person but very laid back and nice. All the other stuff in the hostel is also very chill and the Junior Receptionist is always ready to joke around or go for a surf. We had several early morning talks when we both got up and met in the common area at five in the morning.
We also had some awesome live music every Thursday. The guy who sang had an incredible voice and I could have listened to him for years.
The food there was very delicious too. Especially the famous breakfast Burrito. So good! You have to try it!

Anyhow, I was quite sad to leave that place but on the other hand, I got sick of that town, which is just one street. There is nothing to do or to see and I felt like going somewhere else and see some more of Costa Rica. Although I will probably not get any better waves than we had in Santa Teresa area.

img 0108 - Travel Diary Costa Rica - Part 5 Puerto Viejo: Caribbean Flair like in a Movie

However, on Tuesday then we made our way to Caribbean side, we took a bus to San Jose where we’d stay for one night.
The bus ride was ”smokin’ hot”! I was soaking wet the whole time and didn’t need to pie for half a day even though I drank about three litres of water. Luckily the second bus was a proper bus and we had air con and Wi-Fi. That was pretty luxury and the drive itself was beautiful anyway. We also had to take a one-and-a-half-hour ferry ride, from peninsula de Nicoya to Puntarenas. It was nice to see the sunset over the mountains from a boot.

In San Jose, we checked in a great hostel. It was almost hotel style and we got free breakfast at any time we want and we could choose what we want to have. And the best, it wasn’t even that expensive, just 20$ a night, which is almost average in Costa Rica.

The bus ride to Puerto Viejo, what was our destination, was an adventure too. First, we had to take a taxi from the hostel to the bus terminal but as it seems no taxi driver in Costa Rica really knows where things are so it happened that he kept asking people for the terminal even though we were right in front of it and they wouldn’t know anything about it.
And then they just sold so many tickets that people even had to sit on the floor the whole six hours’ bus ride.

img 0110 - Travel Diary Costa Rica - Part 5 Puerto Viejo: Caribbean Flair like in a Movie
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

But the landscape again was very beautiful, so green and tropical. That’s a nice change compared to the desert like landscape in Santa Teresa. Furthermore, it is nice and cool compared to Santa Teresa and sometimes cloudy which, you might not can understand, is nice every occasionally, if you have burning sun all day every day.
So I really enjoy some rain at night. I love the smell of rain! And the sound of slightly touching rain drops on the roof makes me fall asleep even quicker.

Puerto Viejo is a lovely little town and I can totally get why people get stuck here.
It is very alternative, colourful and smile. When you come into town there are already lots of small shops and restaurants in all colours of the rainbow. Lots of them have a ton of cool decoration. Flowers, plants, old bikes, wheels, tons, bottles, ships, cans and much more. Also, every shop or restaurant has an awesome sign written in curly handwriting and colourfully painted.
We checked in a cosy hostel with backyard and lots of palm trees and other kinds of plants.
We also went for a beautiful and very exhausting bike ride the next day. It is so stunning to drive through the jungle. So many noises, smells and impressions.
There are also a few very beautiful beaches with boats, palm trees and white sand. Just like you imagine the Caribbean!

img 0114 - Travel Diary Costa Rica - Part 5 Puerto Viejo: Caribbean Flair like in a Movie

Everything is perfect here, everyone is happy, everything is Pura Vida!
Just one thing can get a bit annoying. People here are so slow! And I though the rest of Costa Rica was slow but here it takes literally one and a half hours to get rice with beans. Can you believe that?!

Although I have to admit, the food is very delicious. I haven’t eaten any better food here in Costa Rica than in Puerto Viejo. Even rice with beans tastes amazing. They just do it different and that makes me want to eat even more. I wish I never had to leave that place so I can eat all those amazing dishes!

But eventually we decided to go further again because unfortunately the waves are just shit here. There is basically nothing to surf. It is windy, choppy, steep, fast and closing out.
We all don’t mind a few days off surfing but at the end the lust for salty water on our skins and the kick of sliding through the water along a perfectly breaking wave is so overwhelming, it keeps us awake for hours.


That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.

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Stay tuned for more next week.


Do you love rain at night?

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