Welcome back, travel friends.

It’s time to say goodbye again. It’s time to leave and it’s time to draw a conclusion.

I’ve already done a short post about traveling Costa Rica and what I liked and disliked, so if you’re interested in that, check out this post.

Today is more about the trip in total, what my experience was and what I think of my time here.

As you might know by now it hasn’t always been easy for me on this trip, nevertheless in the end it was one of my best times so far. The reason for that, I’ll tell you very soon.

First though I want to catch up from where I left you last time.

As you know I went to Playa Gigante in Nicaragua. I really enjoyed that time there and as I’ve already told you in my last post, it was all about surfing and hanging out with people. My two most favorite things.

I also experienced the probably biggest Central American public holiday, Semana Santa. And I have to tell you, I’m not a fan!

Playa Gigante is usually very quiet. There is nothing and no one there. During Semana Santa though, it was so packed. They even shut the only supermarket which is, if you’ve got nothing to eat, very annoying as you may can imagine. Also, the fruit and veggie truck wasn’t coming and after about two of a total of five days nearly every restaurant ran out of certain foods. Water was empty on the second last day and nearly everything else too. You really learn how to live on a minimum of things.

In addition, there was this same reggeaton music playing all day every day. It started approximately at 7AM and ended as far as I can tell way after bed time.

The beaches where packed too and those swimmers got very annoying after a while. Also, it was impossible to walk through town. Too many people and wild picks.

Well I would probably have stayed in five minutes walking distance from the hostel and the beach anyway, it was just too hot. But I’m not complaining, I love heat, it’s a hundred times better than snow!

Finally, after five days of never ending party outside, we where able to leave the hostel again. Although I have to admit it wasn’t to bad considering the people we spent our time with ant the view we had all day long. It was quite a lucky case to spent those hot and crowded days at a place like that, close to the beach with amazing people. It was good fun!

Once the crowd left, the swell did pick up, which we all celebrated by taking a boat trip to a very nice surfing spot called Manzanillo.

It was just sick.

A left point break. Nice and powerful overhead waves pealing along a rock. Also, the boat ride was incredible. That landscape is stunning and it was quite funny when the boat driver just drove on the plain sand when we got back and no one of us was expecting that sudden correlation so all of us just felt forward and across the boat. Nothing happened though. All good!

Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

On Tuesday, it was time for me to leave and I can tell you for sure, it was one of the saddest goodbyes I’ve had so far. Not even Australia or Hawaii was as sad. I think just Bali can keep up with that.

It gets harder, the more you feel at home at a place.

As you should know, if you’ve read my precious post on Costa Rica. I didn’t really like it there so much. The people aren’t that friendly. In the beginning, it was hard for me to find a place I felt comfortable at. Which mostly was because I couldn’t really connect with that many other backpackers, considering most of them where already traveling in couples.

Even though Costa Rica has a beautiful landscape and good surf and for sure Santa Teresa was a great place to be at and I can definitely imagine coming back there one day. I for many reasons didn’t fell completely at home there and as far as I can remember I haven’t been homesick that many times before.

So, once I’ve decided to travel to Nicaragua with that German guy from Santa Teresa, it all got so much more fun and enjoyable. I’ve done a lot of things I wouldn’t have done if he wouldn’t have been. I would never have gone to Nicaragua, which got the highlight of that trip

Also, the other people we met in the hostel in Playa Gigante where amazing. Two Germans (I know they are everywhere, and I have to admit I just meet as many Germans as I’ve met here at home), a Swish whom I’ve already known from my day in Montezuma and were very happy to see again, an Austrian guy and an Englishman.

We were a great team and it was a lot of fun hanging out.

Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

I got to enjoy the trip and it turned into one of the best times I’ve had so far. Also, the group of people and my entire time in Nicaragua was what made this trip so special and a time I never want to forget. So, thanks to all of you!

Therefore, you can probably imagine how hard it was for me to leave. I not only had to leave a beautiful place with a stunning view and atmosphere, I also had to leave the people who made that time so special.

What was helpful though was the fact that it was raining the whole day on my last day in San Jose, so in the end it wasn’t that hard to go to the airport.

It is always sad to have to end a trip, especially if you enjoyed it very much. But the good thing is, you know there is a new one coming up anytime soon and that is definitely something you can totally look forward to.

It’s been a pleasure to travel through Costa Rica and Nicaragua and I’m looking forward to more adventure very, very soon!

Stay tuned, just because I had to go home again, doesn’t mean I don’t have to share some cool stuff.

I post all updates and some inspiration on my Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to come by and have a look.

Also make sure to come back next week for more awesome stuff on traveling and self-development.

See you then!


 What is your favorite experience you made while traveling?

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