Traveling is awesome don’t you think? It has so many advantages. Though one of the things why I love it most is because you get to taste so many different flavours, meals and things in general. With this series of “The Taste of Traveling” I want to take you on a journey of tastes around the world. And today I am going to take you on vacation to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Are you excited?

Okay, let’s get started.

Before we get into cooking though, I want to remind you, that I also did mention those both countries and their food in one of my latest post about healthy eating while traveling in case you are interested.

But now, let’s get to the very typical food called “Casado/Rice with beans/Pinto”.

I have to admit though, I’ve thought a long time about sharing this, because the recipe is so easy and honestly nothing exciting or new at all. However, it is so delicious and simple, I just couldn’t not share it.

So here it is, my version of

Casado con Pescado (Rice with Beans and Fish)

Prep: 10 minutes • Cook: 20 minutes • Total: 30 minutes • Difficulty: Easy • Servings 2


  • 100g of brown rice
  • 2 filets of fish (or chicken, egg or tofu)
  • A few slices of cucumber, tomato, carrot and capsicum
  • ½ an onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 can of beans (I chose white once, you can use kidney or black as well)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Spicy sauce
  • Oil


  1. Wash and cook rice until done.
  2. Wash veggies and cut in slices.
  3. Roast fish or whatever you chose with garlic, salt, pepper and onions.
  4. Wash beans and mix together with rice or leave it separate, just how you like it.
  5. Put everything on a plate, decorate with veggies and add some spicy sauce.
  6. Enjoy!

Tip: About the spicy sauce, you get it with every dish in Central America because they hardly use any spices or herbs to cook with. Often it is the typical kind of tabasco sauce but there are different flavours and heat levels available.

Usually you also get a savoury sauce with your meal too, it is rather salty than hot but tastes very nice too. I haven’t found any similar in Germany yet but you could use any sauce I think or just take salt and pepper and some herbs.

Sometimes the rice is cooked in coconut milk, which gives the meal a nice fresh flavour. I really like it and it is a good change, if you have this often.

A very great benefit of this dish is, it is good to prepare, so if you have a busy week, do this on a day off and you are set for the rest of the week.


I hope you like this recipe and can now imagine how Costa Rica tastes. I’d love to see some pictures in case you try it. So, if you want you can either send them to me via E-Mail or share with me on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, if you liked this recipe and want to share it with someone, feel free to do so.

In addition, stay tuned until the next “episode” of the “Taste of Traveling” and meanwhile check out my latest recipes.

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What is your favourite dish from Central America?