Food is amazing don’t you think? Though do you too, are sometimes feeling overwhelmed and unconfident because you think you can’t cook and are wondering how some people can just make food taste so delicious? Well, after experiencing a lot myself, and I’m definitely no professional chef, I came to realize it all comes down to the herbs and spices you use. So that means, everyone, you and I can learn of to make an ordinary meal taste absolutely delicious. We only need to use the right spices. And because of the huge variety of flavours out there I have the must have top eleven spices for you. They are very basic but if you have them in your kitchen you can really make every meal taste good.

Are you ready? Okay let’s get cooking.

About the top eleven must-have spices

11 ½ spices, everyone should have in his shelf and with which every meal becomes a delicate. Even students and people without cooking experience can bewitch any chef with those “top eleven”. And you not even have to spend too much money.

This 11 and ½ spices are all you need to make the worlds most famous and most delicious dishes. They are versatile and everyone itself is unique and unreplaceable.

Salt, Pepper and Herbs provincial – for European Cuisine

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them and nobody wants to miss them. They are the most famous spices in European cuisine. Salt and pepper.

With salt and pepper, you’ve got already tow taste receptors of the human body covered, salty and savoury. The herbs are giving some extra flavour and voila you’ve got a delicious European dish, everyone would die for.

Herbs can be used dry or fresh, the fresh once have a little bit more flavour but also go bad easier. Anyway you’ll create amazing pasta, pizza or fish.

Curry, ginger and soy sauce – for Asian dishes

Here you’ll find our ½ spice – the soy sauce. It isn’t really a spice but I take it as such, because in my opinion everyone should have it at home. It gives great taste to everything, especially to pep up all your vegetable and fish or meat dishes. You’ll see it makes a huge difference, if you’re tired of having the same veggies all day.

Curry and ginger are unreplaceable as well. You should at least have one, of the thousands of curries available, at home. It doesn’t matter which one, take what you like, hot, mild, or sweet. Be creative. Ginger however is best fresh, but you’ll get it grounded as well and it’ll work both just fine.

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Harissa and chilli – for Arabian Cuisine

Hot, hotter, the hottest – Arabian cuisine is always spicy. All dishes with vegetables, beans, chickpeas or meat are hot and flavourful. If you want to get this at home too, you just have to use harissa and chilli and you’ll get an amazing, unexpected explosion of flavours, which is totally different to what the average of people usually eat at home.

Harissa is already a mixture of many different spices so it’s easy to handle and you can use it quite well to refine a meal and give it some different taste. Chilli gives the rest of greatness. Whether you like it fresh or dry also depends on how much money you want to spend. Fresh one is more expensive of course. You’ll also get 10 levels of hotness so there should be something for everyone.

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Garlic – the all-rounder

It is just so delicious and gives the last tiny bit of flavour you need. It fits perfectly with fish, meat and all kind of vegetable and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

I recommend fresh garlic, you can get it grounded too, but it hasn’t that much flavour anymore. If you use it make sure, you’ll put it in last so it won’t lose its flavour during the cooking process.

Cinnamon, Vanilla and turmeric – for all the sweet lovers

As you may already know, cinnamon and vanilla are sweet spices so it’s just great using them with desserts, cakes, breakfasts and so on. Cinnamon has a little Christmassy, winterish taste and therefore isn’t just great in Bolognese sauce, curries or chilli dishes. It also fits perfectly with fruits like apples and pears. Vanilla furthermore, with its natural sweetness is lovely with mueslis, yoghurt and all kind of dessert.

Now you might wonder why I’ve put turmeric on this list. Well if you try it plain just for once, you’ll recognize how sweet and mild it actually tastes. Furthermore, it gives a nice yellow colour to all meals and with its oriental flavour you get a very special taste in your cakes, muffins, and mueslis. Just try it, I bet you like it.

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Those are your must-have spices and I hope now that you’ve put them on your shopping list they’ll never be missing in your kitchen.

One last tip. The amount of spice you use is really optional. Just start experimenting. Maybe start off with a dash or half a teaspoon and then vary.

Cooking is like an art. You have to be creative and start experimenting with it.

The more you practice the better you get. Every meal is unique and by putting your own touch in form of spices to it you will make it taste amazing.

So, if you want to inspire someone to get their own cooking going, share this post with them.

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Finally, have a great day and come back next week for more.


What’s your favourite spice?