Hello Everybody,

I thought I take this rainy day as an opportunity to tell you about my time here in France. And give you an impression of what it looks like to live with a bunch of friends on a camping ground. Teaching others, how to surf.

To be honest, most of the time there is nothing much exiting going on here. It’s basically just work and living together with friends.

It’s like home… No, it is home!

Being here, working as a Surf-Instructor and living together with some of my best friends has always been a big part of my life. It is such a great time.

I’m coming back here since 2009 and am in love with it since the very first moment. It truly became my second home, if not my home. After all I can say, this is the place I spent most time of the year at. In addition, most of the people here, whom I know since I’m 12, became sort of my second family. We all live and work together, share tents, kitchen and toilets. We eat together, surf together and have fun together. Some of us stay for a long-time. Others just come by for a few weeks. But nevertheless we always enjoy each other’s company.

Most of us are working as Surf-Instructors. But there are also some working in the kitchen and doing breakfast. As a Surf-Instructor, we have to give lessons six days a week and then we have one day off. On that day, we usually chill, go for a surf and enjoy our time off. Sometimes, when it gets to boring, we do a day trip to Hossegor or any other close town.

Cap de l’Homy, France

The lessons are held over one week for a group of fifteen to twenty people. We always work in groups of three to five instructors, which makes work a lot more fun and you can share, split and trade contents. I couldn’t wish for more. We always joke while standing on the beach, instructing our students. All of us enjoy teaching others the great skills of surfing and living a life built around surfing. Of cause, we try to jump in the water as often as possible, although the waves in France aren’t that consistent.

When there is no surf and we don’t have to teach, we enjoy beautiful sunsets, play some card games or just hang and joke around.

Cap de l’Homy, France

As we live in a “share-house” though, we also have to do the common stuff like cleaning, setting up new tents or doing the dishes. Basically, everything that is necessary for living on a camping ground. And sometimes it can get annoying, to not have a proper toilet or shower. Also when there is rain, it can get pretty messy and wet. Recently we had quite a storm. A lot of our tents were blown away – which wasn’t that funny – but in the end, we managed to get through it.

If people ever ask me, if I wouldn’t get bored of living in a tent, I tell them it might not be the comfiest way of living. But it is worth it, if you are so close to the beach and having amazing people and good friends around you all the time.

Although I don’t have much here and for sure it can get boring every once in a while, when there is no surf. I’m having the best time and most of my best memories are being made here.

Even though there are times, were you might wish to live in a proper house with less people around you, it is fun most of the time and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way! Everything is about surfing and spending time with our loved ones. It is like living the dream and getting payed for it.

I count myself very lucky to have found this place in such a young age. It is great luck be able to come back here every year, spending most of my time doing what I like, with people I love.

It couldn’t be any better. I couldn’t be more lucky to call a place like that my home.

For more pictures from France, go check out my Instagram and Facebook. There are some beautiful captures for you to look at.


What is your second home? Tell us in the comments.

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