Have you maybe wondered why people keep telling you to travel the world after high school? Do you want to know what makes traveling so special and why so many urge you to start doing it? The truth is, traveling changes you. Not only obvious things like your daily routine, the place you live, your lifestyle, your friends or the fact that you see a lot of different places are changing. There’s much more to it and today I want to show you some of the things that changed in my life trough my post-graduation travels and give you a reason why you too should travel the world after high school.

Are you ready? Okay, let’s get started.

Here’s what we will cover today:

  • Why change is important
  • 7 ways in which traveling changes your life
  • Why you should travel after graduation

Though first some things about change

There are a few times in life, when we get to this certain point, where life just turns around 180°. Those are the times, when our current lifestyle just isn’t what it was anymore and we have to find ourselves and get that orientation back. Sometimes we struggle during those times, because we feel lost, we don’t know anymore, what to do, where to go and what we want.

But in most cases, those are the times, when we learn the most. About ourselves, about life and about the way we are living.

Those are the times, where the most change is happening and nearly every time it is good change, even though we might not think so then.

After I graduated, I went traveling for a year, worked for the first time, got to know a lot of people from different countries, cultures and ages and after I didn’t know where I stood in life anymore and what to do, I started studying.

The experiences I made and the lessons I’ve learned helped me a lot to improve my life. And I must admit, most of those things, I wouldn’t have learned, if I wouldn’t have started traveling.

7 ways in which traveling changes your life

1. Stop careing what others think, say or want!

This something, a lot of people never learn and I must admit, it took me a while to adapt it for myself as well.

To give no fuck about what your friends, family and any person you meet thinks, says or wants you to do is not easy but it makes you so much happier.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying, you shouldn’t listen to what others say if they just want to help you or give you an advice. What I mean is, if this is not your opinion or if you want to do something different, you shouldn’t care about what those people want. When taking the decision what you’re going to do just consider your thoughts.

For example, if your mum wants you to start studying but you want to travel more, go travel more. (If you can afford it.) It is your life after all and you get to do, whatever you want to do. You need no one’s permission and you really don’t have to justify anything, neither for yourself nor for anybody else.

The best method to do this is by training yourself to listen to what people say but do not take the bait. Just let it stand this way and figure out what you want and how you can get there.

Belief me, if you get to the point where you can just do the things you like, without spending ages to think about, what other people say or if they would approve with your decision, your life get so much easier and fun. And trust me, those who really love you will always watch your back.

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2. Take your time!

No matter what it is you need time for, take it.

Life is too short to spend your time doing things you don’t want to and therefore rushing through things you enjoy.

If you want to travel for a few years, go do it. You want to study three subjects, why not?! If you want to do some internships to see what job you like best, go for it.

Now is your time, to do whatever you want, for as long as you like. And if anyone says anything different, apply my advice from above and just don’t listen ;).

3. Home can be more than just one place!

Something I already got to know a little bit earlier, but it got stronger during the past two years.

The more you travel, the more amazing places you see and the more you realize that it’s not just the place that makes you feel at home but the people you spent time with there.

A quote by Cecelia Ahern sums it up quite well:

“Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling!”

The places you like most are those you have the most fun at, where you get to know the greatest people and where you build the closest relationships. Because home can really be anywhere, it just depends on where your loved ones are and where you feel the most comfortable.

If you are on the road a lot, there can be more than one place, where you’ll find all this.

There is more than just one country, town or village where you wish you could stay for ever, someone can have more than one place, he never wants to leave. And that is a very magical and life-changing thing because it means you’re not stuck on one place, you can just go somewhere else and know there’s an equally awesome life waiting for you.

4. Close friends don’t have to be next door.

When you’re on the road, you get to know so many people with different characters and stories and most of the time you spend days with them talking, laughing, doing stuff or just chilling.

If you’re traveling you get to know those people in a different, more personal way than at home because you spent 24 hours with them and you experience them in every mood and situation.

Especially if you are traveling by yourself. Because you open-up a lot more and talk to people about things, you normally wouldn’t tell a stranger. And most of the time you get surprised by how good it feels and how helpful if can be.

All those things lead to the fact, that a very close relationship is built and I can tell you, there is nothing harder, than to leave those people, never knowing when and if you gonna see them again!

That is why I must belief that there is a chance that long-distance relationships work, if both just want it badly enough.

In fact, I can say this for sure because one of my closest friends, whom I know for 10 years has always lived further away and we just saw each other a few times a year. Though we’re besties till now!

And let me say this, even if you haven’t seen each other in years once you do, it’s gonna be fantastic and feel like you’ve meet just yesterday!

5. Being good isn’t everything.

For me as a perfectionist trying to fight it, this was a hard one to take in and I’m still learning to accept and live this advice.

However, since I started studying even though I rather wanted to keep traveling and surfing every day, I had to rearrange my priorities.

I figured, I want nothing more than just being away, meeting new people and doing what I love but there are so much more things I really want to do too. I have at least thousand things I want to try or improve. But all these things and studying at the same time, doesn’t really get a long that well. Or let’s say, being the best in all those things just doesn’t work much.

As I don’t want to miss out on one though, I needed to understand and accept, that I can’t be the best in everything. I can try and definitely should, but if it isn’t perfect, let it go and move on.

Life is too short and there are too many things to try, to be perfect!

6. Time is valuable.

This very moment is the only good in the world that is endless. You can’t buy time.

That is why the present is so valuable and a lot more people should consider this while living their lives.

We spent way too much time thinking about past of future while spending the present doing things we don’t want to, or procrastinate things we don’t want to do. Of cause there are things we have to do but don’t like to do, but by procrastinating and denying the present situation we waste only more time, because we still have to do them and feeling angry, sad, or any other negative emotion because we are in that situation doesn’t help either.

I’ve learned, that if you have in mind that time doesn’t come back and that this very moment and what you are doing/feeling/thinking right now, is the only true control you will ever have over time. Therefore put your focus on doing things you don’t like but must do as quickly as you can, embrace the positive you get out of doing them like learning new things, experience, confidence or even just the fact that once you’ve done them you can move on to something more fun.

7. Traveling is a drug.

I think, I can leave this unexplained. Everyone whoever started traveling, knows what I’m talking about and all who don’t, give it a try and you’ll know.

Once you hit the road, the feelings, the impression, the experiences you get are unique. It’ll give you a view on life you haven’t experienced before and this will change your life completely. You will want to get more of those adventures, meet more amazing people and see more beautiful places.

Don’t belief me? I urge you to try it and then come back here and tell your story!

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Why you should travel after graduation

If these 7 ways in which traveling will change your life couldn’t convince you to start it, then maybe this will.

Like I said in above there are very few time frames during your life where you actually have the time and the freedom to travel the world. Those time frames are after graduating high school, after graduationg college and maybe inbetween jobs. However, the older you get and the further your life proceeds the harder it gets to loosen all tights and start exploring the world. The older you get the more obligations you have and you will have to overcome the comfortable state and give everything up you have. You have to sell your flat, stuff and quit your job.

So, you will never be more free than after graduation. You don’t have a job, flat or anything else to take care off. Most of us don’t even have a partner at that time. So take this freedom and use it accordingly.

Start traveling for a few years. Explore the world and find out what you truly want in life. Get disconnected from everything and connected with yourself. Take this chance to become a stronger, wiser and better self before you enter what ever “real world” you want to enter.

This is your ticket to happiness. By taking the time to travel and discover yourself you will be able to create a life you love and go a path you won’t regret having gone.


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Tell me. What life lesson did you learn while traveling?