“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind

Taking photos is one of my main hobbies. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I just love capturing those moments.

I used to enjoy photography from an early age. It was always something I needed to do during our vacations, so I’d have something to show at home and also to remember the trip.

One time, my dad organized his computer. He deleted all photos I’ve taken the past couple months, and those were quite a few and also very important to me. I was so mad with my dad, even though he couldn’t have known it better. But from that moment on, I realized how important it was for me, to take photos and keep them save. But I learned from this mistake and started storing all my photos on an external hard drive, which is only used for photo storage.

After I’ve started traveling, photography became even more important to me because it was the only way I could be sure everything I remember really happend and it wasn’t just a wonderful dream. They became my memory and I guarded them like gold.

I can’t imagine a life without photography anymore. I think we all should invest a little bit more time of our lives in taking photos.

And here are 5 reasons why photography is amazing

1. It is the best way to keep memories.

As I said, one of my main intentions of taking photos is, that I have all my memories captured.

Especially if you see and experience a lot of different things every day, it can be helpful to have something to organize those memories with. If they just float around in your brain, you might forget important ones or they just get all mixed up and you don’t know when and where something took place.

So, in addition to writing diary, taking photos on such important events can really help you to keep all good memories in order and also remember those times after decades.

2. Seeing the small things.

Photography isn’t just a way of capturing your vacation, but you also manage to stay in the moment you’ll experience quite some magic by seeing the small things.

As a photographer, you usually go through life with a better eye for details. You think in photos. A walk through the city is not just a walk anymore, you’ll see things, you wouldn’t have seen before. Because now you’d think, what a great photo this would make and how badly you wish you’d brought your camera.

You pay a lot more attention to your surroundings and things you’ve never realized before, will now appear in the corner of your eye.

3. Experiencing beauty.

Even though, what you see on pictures might not be reality sometimes, it is still a great way to experience beauty.

And I’m not talking about beautiful people. Of cause, you can take photos of good looking people and enjoy looking at them but what I’m talking about is the beauty of our surroundings. Cities, flower, trees, animals, beaches, sunsets, food and art. All those things can be captured in pictures and with all the technology nowadays you can make even not so good looking things look very pretty.

4. Being creative.

This goes along with the two things I’ve just mentioned. With photography, you can be creative in many ways. Either you’re creative in the way you take photos, e.g. composition, object of photography, light and colour. Or you’re creative in the way of editing photos. Even if one didn’t turn out that well, you can still edit it and make it look better. You can play with light and shadow, colours, effects and much more.

Being creative is so important for everyone, it keeps us enjoying life. It brings us new ideas and makes us feel satisfied.

5. Stopping time.

Finally, photography is a great and as far as I know the only way of stopping time.

If you’ve captured a moment on your camera, you’ve frozen this unique moment and for this very moment it will seem like time has just stopped then. This moment will truly last for ever. Unless you or anyone with access to your computer will delete the pictures.

However, with taking a photo you can stop time at a certain moment and while looking at it at any time in your life, you can travel backwards in time to that very moment. Isn’t that spooky?!

You see, there are a lot of reasons for us, to take more photos and those I’ve mentioned are by far not all. I hope I could inspire some of you, to go out there and take more pictures.

As far as I’m concerned, a world full of photography would be a better, more beautiful world.


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What is your main reason for taking pictures? Why do you think photography is amazing?