Have you ever gone on a trip and brought way too much stuff wondering what brought you to pack said things? I believe we all have been in that situation that we packed too many things we wouldn’t need and then had to deal with the annoyance of traveling with too many stuff. Because there’s nothing more exhausting then dragging a 30kg heavy suitcase or backpack all across the country. In fact, we all, you and I, tend to pack a lot of things we don’t need. That’s human. Though besides all those things there are actually some gadgets that can be lifesaver if brought on your trip. And today I want to share with you the 6 essential things to bring on your trip to have an awesome time without bothering.

Sounds good? Let’s do it.

When it comes to packing for a trip, more is definitely less.

Who wants to travel with a ton of stuff, he must carry around for hours?

No one really. But still we pack a ton load of shit, just because we all know: we could need it some time. Sounds familiar?

Well that thinking is not quite the best, as I figured, after I had to drag my 30kg heavy suitcase across Australia and through Bali just to throw out half of it anyway, when I went to Hawaii.

And the most annoying part of it was, that I didn’t even need 80% of all of that stuff. I basically wore the same cloths for two weeks and then it was laundry day anyway. Also, I hadn’t thought of the fact, that I could by toiletries anywhere instead of bringing lots from back home.

Well, sometimes we must learn the hard way.

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However, the next time I was traveling, I brought way less stuff. Still a bit too much, but we all got to start somewhere, even with baby steps, don’t we?

Over time, between all the stuff I didn’t need, there were quite a few things though, I figured to be an essential part of my travel bag. A few things, that were quite life savers and I wouldn’t want to miss them ever.

Today I’m going to share does very necessary things with you, and I belief from now on, you don’t want to miss them either.

Also, if you want to know what things I wouldn’t bring on a trip, or what things I imagine unessential to pack, let me know! I’ll write a post about them too.

So, let’s get to those life savers:

1. A bottle and a box.

Two things you might not think of being essential at first, but if you think it through, you have to admit, it is quite great to have them during your trip. With a water bottle, you must never suffer thirst again and you won’t spend a dollar on water either. Did you know that most countries have water fountains everywhere? Or in case you don’t find one, you could just refill your bottle in your hotel or hostel room.

Furthermore, as we’re talking about saving, prepare your lunch, so you don’t have to buy one, put it in your box and bring it where ever you go. Now you’ve got the money to spend it on this sky diving thing you`ve always wanted to do and just didn’t have the money for.

2. Great music and comfortable headphones.

Imagine you had a long day full of great adventures and now all you want is rest. But then you’re living in this hostel room, packed with guys who want to party all night.

Lucky you, you’ve brought your comfy headphones! It’s time to turn on some nice tunes. You’ll see, you will have hit dreamland in no-time.

3. A photo device.

Whether it is a phone, tablet or other kind of camera, it doesn’t matter as long as you can take pictures with it. Because, trust me, there’s nothing more annoying than if you don’t have any thing you can show at home. Also, don’t you want to have those memories captured?!

In case, this is not enough reason for you, to bring your photo device and of cause use it, check out this post I did a few weeks ago. There I tell you my top reasons for taking photos.

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4. Training shoes

For some of us it is just common sense to bring some running shoes, sneakers or workout shoes but for others it’s just not conceivable why you would need them.

Well, maybe you want to work out or go for a long walk or just need warmer shoes in case it gets a bit colder than you’ve expected. It could be an advantage to have some comfortable shoes with you.

Also, it is a lot easier to carry a 20kg heavy backpack, if you have solid shoes on your feet, don’t you agree?!

5. Tiger Balm

This is my cure against everything. Whether it is a headache, muscle tension or a blocked nose. Tiger balm helps against all of this, just give a bit of this magic cream on the problem area and you’ll be fine again sooner than you imagine.

6. A passport holder

Last but not least this is a thing I wouldn’t want to travel without. It’s just too nice to have all my cards, tickets and passport sorted when checking in and going through immigration procedures. Traveling is exhausting enough anyway, why not making it a bit easier and more relaxed. Sometimes little things, like not having to search for a paper when there is a huge cue behind you at the check-in, are what makes a travel day go by smoother and therefore let you enjoy all the good things of traveling a lot more.


That’s it. Those are my six, essential thing, I pack the first when going on a trip. I hope you could take something out of it and there were some life savers you might need and didn’t know of before. If so, feel free to share them with your travel buddies to make their travels easier as well.

In addition, if you want to have more travel inspiration, let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook to stay in touch.


If you too, have some great tips on things to bring, let me know. I’m very curious.