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Today, I’ve got some new travel stories for you.

After the season in France ended mid-September and therefore my work as a surf instructor too, a good friend from university came visit me and we went on a short surf trip down the coast to Spain.

Now that we’ve arrived at our final destination: Hossegor, to watch the contest, I want to give you a quick update on how we did.

hossegor to langre - Travel Diary France - From Hossegor to Langre Part 2/2017: A short trip to France & Spain

First some details:

  • Time: End of September till beginning of October
  • Duration: 1 and a half week
  • Destinations: Santander, Spain; Isla, Spain; Mundaka, Spain; Biarritz, France; Hossegor, France
  • Equipment: Car & tent

After a few days of cleaning and packing bags in the camp in Cap de L’Homy, France, we drove all the way down to Santander, Spain. Why? Because our final destination is Hossegor, which is very close from the spot we started and Santander was the furthest we wanted to go, so we decided to drive all the way down there in once and then stop along the way back.

In Santander, we stayed for three nights and two days. We got very lucky with the weather, we had sunshine all day long. Also, the waves were awesome. The first day it was still bigger, about 1.7 meters with a period of about 11s.

Although it was challenging, I had one of the best surfs there. Along the coast, there are a few beach breaks, which are all in small bays, so the sandbanks don’t move that much and the wind doesn’t have as much impact. Also, the waves are breaking very consistent at those spots. Orientation therefore is hardly a problem. Most importantly though, the waves have nice, open shoulders which are peeling towards the beach, one by one.

A bit heartbroken, we left Santander on Friday to continue our trip as we wanted to visit some spots before we would be back in Hossegor on 7th of October for the Roxy and Quicksilver Pro. Watching the contest was the reason why we were thinking of doing that trip in the first place, so we couldn’t miss that.

The next stop was a small town called Isla. It’s about half an hour east from Santander. As you can see, we didn’t go far. It was just too beautiful. When we first got there, we were impressed by that little town and its fabulous landscape.

The whole town and its surroundings seemed to not have moved on since middle-age and we really were thrown back in time. Also, the beach was incredible. It was in a bay again and there was hardly any person. We couldn’t belief it at first. There was just one campsite and we were the only one camping there. It was stunning. Unfortunately, the rain got us and we both got a bit ill. So, we spent the next two days trying to get healthy again and waiting out the shitty weather.

On our last day there though, we managed to get in the water and enjoy the waves all by ourselves. It was great.

IMG 7723.wm - Travel Diary France - From Hossegor to Langre Part 2/2017: A short trip to France & Spain

On Monday morning, we continued to Mundaka, one of the most famous waves at this part of the coast. When we got there, we walked through town and were impressed, again. Such a lovely little town, beautiful houses and a very touristy but at that time of the year quite quiet place.

It was very exciting to see that famous left point break the next morning. Unfortunately, it’s just breaking at low to mid tide and we got there at high, so we had to wait until the next day to finally what everyone was talking about. It was breaking incredibly. One wave after the other. Also, the swell picked up a bit and hit 1.7 m at 15 s that morning. The crowd though was hell, more than a hundred people were fighting a wave. Although that might be one of the nicest breaking waves I’ve seen so far, there are a lot more fun places to surf than sharing a set of three all 5 minutes with another hundreds of surfers.

IMG 7848.wm - Travel Diary France - From Hossegor to Langre Part 2/2017: A short trip to France & Spain

Finally, we headed to Biarritz, France. There we stayed for three nights and two days, again. Compared to the places we’ve been so far, this was the worst conditions. We were surfing at Plage de la Côte des Basques. It was the common stormy sea with a ton load of current and people. The usual beach break I’d say. Nevertheless, we did what we could and finally got some decent waves, that were fun in the end. The rest of those two days we just stayed at the beach, got some tan and enjoyed the sun. Something we should really appreciate, knowing we going to be in 10-degree rainy weather soon.


At the 6th of October, it was time for us to drive back to Hossegor to get ready to watch the contest. Although we’re planning on watching the event, we also want to continue getting in the water ourselves, of course. That’s why we’re staying at a camping site in Capreton, a bit further away from the contest beach. So hopefully we can get some good waves there and then go watch the contest.

Although we’re staying in Hossegor until the end of this week, and therefore our trip is not over yet, I wanted to draw a quick conclusion of it so far. In case you’re wondering, I’ll write a post about the time in Hossegor and the contest next week, so stay tuned.

We both had a lot of fun during that trip. Would have been a pity, if not. Both of us had some great waves and some not so great ones but that’s life I guess.

For those, who are wondering about how it was to drive by car and sleep in a tent, it was not a problem at all. Most of the time, and after a little bit of research, we quickly found some campsites to stay at. Most of them, except of the one in Mundaka, haven’t been that expensive either. We spent between 15 – 25 € a night. Shared by two, it’s not that much.

Also, most of them weren’t far from the beach and we could easily walk there. For food, we had some gas to cook with and spent approximately 70 € per person per week. Of course we eat out on some days.

All in all, you could say, this was a successful trip and I’d do it again any time.

Also, I would really want to see each place at a different time of the year and surf there again.

Guess, I’ve to do another trip like that soon… Maybe in a van next time… Who knows…

Until know though, lets enjoy the contest, meet some great surfers and get some nice waves myself.

For daily photos and questions about the trip and any of those spots or other travel/surf related stuff, please come by my Instagram, Facebook or write me a message.

See you soon!


What’s your favourite spot in Spain and France? Tell us in the comments.

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