Cheers everyone,

The past week has been incredible!

There are no words which can describe how happy I am that I got the chance to experience every single moment of it.

Now that I’m back home, taking a break of this fantastic life of surfing and beach vibes anymore, I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on what has happened the past seven days.

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From where I left you in the last post you should know that we arrived in Hossegor at the 6th of October to watch the Roxy and Quiksilver Pro.


On Friday, we didn’t really think the contest would go the next day but it did. After a decent breakfast, we headed down to the beach.

Women were on!

During the morning hours, it wasn’t really busy and we got the chance to take photos with some of the athletes. In addition, we were able to watch them from the closest possible. It was awesome seeing such amazing surfers from such a short distance. It’s nothing I get to see every day and you can learn so much from just watching those girls and guys performing.


Also, the vibes which are spread during this whole event are fantastic. It is all about that lifestyle. About surfing, the love for the ocean and the desire to catch waves. Hundreds of people come to the beach every day, just to watch the heats and no matter who wins everyone is stoked and celebrating those great performances. It is amazing!

Everywhere you go there are people loving and living the joy of this sport. And the great thing with surfing and its community is, it’s not just a community sharing the same interest, it feels like a huge family coming together to cheer for each other. Actually, this is one thing I love most about this sport. It’s very down to earth, there is still respect for the performance and the activity itself and it’s not just a huge commercial section. It’s all about this lifestyle. It’s about spreading the vibes, the love for the ocean and the stoke of being part of something great.

I hope it stays like that for a long time!

After two days of contest we enjoyed three lay-days at the contest and did some surfing ourselves, totally inspired to try new things and improve. We also spent the days at the beach getting some tan before the winter starts. You got to enjoy every second of sun and salty air.


On Thursday, the men’s where on and it was another perfect day of contest. Now that we have seen the girls ripping the waves we’ve been surfing ourselves, it was fun watching the guys throwing airs and getting barrelled. The beach was even more crowded those days, people came from everywhere. Spain, Portugal, Germany and France. And I still can’t belief how different it feels to watch the contest live. Even though the livestream is amazing, such great quality and for sure very entertaining to watch, it’s that feeling of being part of the event that is missing. You got to watch a contest to know what it feels like.


And still after all those days watching heat after heat for more than eight hours I was still stoked. It is very fascinating how those vibes can be spread just by a bunch of guys living their dreams as professional surfers and a community celebrating each of them. It almost feels like everyone is living their dreamlives!

I can’t be more thankful for the opportunity to be part of such an event and such an amazing community.

Surfing really is the stoke!

We unfortunately missed finals day, Saturday, as we had to be back in Germany Sunday. But we promised ourselves to next year definitely watch the finals, no matter what!

Being at home for not more than a day I already miss all of this. Surfing is a drug. Not being in the ocean is like having a broken heart. But only the thought of going back into the water brings me joy and keeps me going.

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I can’t wait till I get back in there.

This past weeks, again have been a preview of my dreamlife, they’ve shown me what I want. A life on the beach. A life spinning around waves.

So, it won’t take long for me to go on another adventure, chasing the waves. For now though, I have to be a bit patient and do what it takes to work towards the life I dream of.

For more pictures go check out my Instagram 😉

Stay stoked.


Have you ever watched a Contest live? How was it?

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