Have you ever booked a vacation in a country far away and now there is an incredibly long flight waiting for you?

For most of us flying is just the way we get to a certain place far away from home. It is part of traveling. But the least really enjoy the procedure of sitting in an airplane for hours. Some of us even have anxiety or the feeling of strong dislike for long-haul flights. If this is the case for you or you’re just looking for inspiration to make that rather boring time more fun then you are perfectly right here. What if there would be a way to make flying more enjoyable, if not something to look forward too?! In the following you will get introduced to 5 ways to have more fun during long-haul flights and how you can overcome your dislike for flying.

Before we get right to it, there is one thing you must do first though for these tips to become a success.

You must change your Mindset. Because if you hate flying and are not open for change, these things are not going to change it either. You must be open for change and accept the fact that flying can be something fun!

Alright, let’s get started.

1. Prepare food and bring a water bottle.

This sounds simple, yes maybe even unnecessary if you get food on the airplane anyway.

It can change a lot though. Have you ever been hungry during the flight, wondering when the next meal is going to be served? Or has it ever happened to you, that you got a very disgusting meal, you really not wanted to eat? Well imagen you’d have some delicious snacks prepared for that matter. That’d be a life saver, right?!

Also, there’s nothing more annoying than having to ask the stewardess if you can get another 150ml glass of water every hour. Wouldn’t it be better to ask for a refill of you 1l bottle, so you’re sorted for the next few hours?

In addition, I want to remind you here how big of a difference it makes to stay hydrated during flying. You will feel so much healthier and less jetlagged when arriving.

So, pack that snack box and that water bottle and your situation will have improved a lot.

2. Enjoy the view.

There are a few occasions, like sky diving, climbing on huge mountain or flying for that matter, when we get the rare chance to see the world from above. Isn’t that a great benefit.

Therefore, let’s hop on this airplane and have a look what home looks like from above. Enjoy the view and get impressed by the bird perspective.

3. Have a good playlist and a pair of headphones ready.

Music always brightens up our mood, right? So, let’s prepare that travel playlist and pack some comfortable headphones and a few hours of entertainment are sorted.

I recommend at this stage, bringing your own headphones. If you do so, it has another great benefit, you don’t have to wear these uncomfortable ones you get on the airplane in case you want to watch a movie.

You can also download an audio book or podcast you wanted to listen to for a long time but never found time for it. This is your chance.

4. Watch a couple movies or bring some “work”.

Flying is a great opportunity to catch up on some work you haven’t been able to do for weeks, because there was just more important stuff to do. Or why not, starting this project you want to get going since “you don’t remember when”.

And in case you’re one of those lucky people, who’re always up to date on everything and neither have any open projects nor undone work, reading is a great option as well!

In addition, isn’t it a fortune, that there are the latest cinema movies to watch on every long-haul flight!?

So, in any case, whether you have work, a good book you just want to watch movies, everyone should find some entertainment for another few hours.

5. Talk to your neighbour.

What now, you’ve eaten, you’ve listened to music, done some work, read a book and watched a movie. Still time to go?

Well, has it ever occurred to you, to talk to the person next to you?

No, why not. You’re traveling, aren’t you!?

So why not start meeting new people right the second you leave. It can be exiting to hear about the stories of strangers, yes maybe you even get some good tips from a local for things to see or do at your destination. You maybe you both just have a great conversation and killed another hour of this unpleasant flight. Win, win I say!


There you go. I hope there were a few things that will make your time up in the air a bit more convenient.

Of cause, it is always advisably to wear some comfortable cloths and bring a pillow so you can sleep for a bit. Also, you would want to get up and go for a few steps every hour or do a little stretch to release muscle pain. What I can recommend here as well, to get a quick workout or walk in before you hop on the plane. I for example try to go to the gym or for a run and do a quick stretch before every flight. And if the flight is so early in the morning I can’t to it that day, I make sure I work out the night before.

Apply those tips and you’ll see, you’ll be at your destination in no time!


Once you tested those tips and found them helpful, I’d love it, if you would share this post with your friends and family so they as well can have a better time flying.

In addition, I’d love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook and exchange experiences and stories about our travel adventures. So make sure to come by and say Hi.

So far so good. Have a good one and see you soon!


What’s your trick to make flying more convenient? Share your experience with us and help us improve flying even more.