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As some of you might have seen through my Instagram, I’ve been to Stockholm, Sweden, last week. Now it’s time to sum that trip up and tell you how awesome this city is.

First, some details on the trip:

When? October.

How long? A few days.

To do what? Exploring the city.

This trip was a bit different to the once I’ve told you about so far. I just went for a few days with my dad. It is a thing me and my parents do every year. We’ll go explore a city we’re interested in. It’s kind of our vacation together… So, this trip wasn’t all about surfing like all my others, it was about getting to know Stockholm, enjoying good food and spending time with my dad. Still awesome though, different but great!

The flight to Stockholm also didn’t take as long as some of my recent ones. After two hours, we landed at the airport and took a bus to city center. By that time, I was already impressed about this country. During the flight, you had a great view of the landscape and I can just say, it’s stunning how this country consists of a hundred of little islands. Some connected, some not.

My dad booked that trip, so he just told me he’d booked a hotel but what he didn’t tell me was, that it was a ship! So, we stayed at an old ferry in a small cabin. It might sound strange but it was actually very cool. We had a bed each and a small bathroom. Also, the view outside the windows and from the boots top was great. In addition, it wasn’t as cold as we’d expected. Compared to the outside 2 degree it was absolutely warm and cosy inside our room.

My part on this trip was to choose and sort out what we’re going to see and do. So basically, doing what I’m best at ;). For the first day, well the afternoon, I’d say, I planned to explore Gamla Stan, the old town. Unfortunately, what I didn’t think of was that sun goes down here at ten to four so by the time we arrived at the hotel it was almost set. However, we saw a beautiful sunset. Probably one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. And although it was dark outside we did wander through town to get a first impression. It’s awesome. I can just repeat, is fascinating how every part of the town is on its own little island and they are all connected with bridges.


The next day we got up very early to have most out of the daylight. We went to Södermalm and walked along the ocean. There is a huge walking track that leads along the ocean and there are ships everywhere. Some of them are just there for attraction, some are hotels, bars or night clubs and some are private houses. We also went to see a park from which you had a nice view across to the other parts of the city.

Did you know, Stockholm is the oldest European city built during middle age?! Well, so does it look. It’s impressive how all buildings look the same, besides their colour. So, beautiful and definitely from another time.

Like we explored Södermalm on the first day, we did every day with another part of the city.

My favourite was the city center at Norrmalm. We went see the city hall and again walked along that ocean side. I can just tell you, I’ve never seen so many ships on one place. Also, we went to see Saluhall in Östermalm, a big food market, and had the most delicious fish. In general, the food and especially the seafood and fish is very delicious here. No wonder, it’s what they make their most money with. We had awesome dinner every day, from tapas over salmon with honey mustard to fish soup. Everything was just soo yum! At that point I have to admit, that’s one thing I enjoy most about traveling with my parents, besides spending time with them of course, I get to eat awesome food every day. That’s something I can’t afford when going on my trips.

During the whole time here, we walked a lot, we walked everything, just in Australia I’ve been walking more. Though I love it. You see a lot more, and can really concentrate on the small things when walking. Also, you can stop and have a closer look. Something you can’t do when taking a tour by bus. In addition, it’s good for your health, though this wasn’t the point we were doing it.

Stockholm, Sweden

To draw a conclusion, I’m impressed by one more place, the world has to offer. It is an amazing city, different than every other I’ve seen before. And even though this kind of trip is unlike my usual travels, I can just recommend going on a city trip every once in a while. You get to see things you’d normally wouldn’t and if you’re always going on the same kind of trips, you’re missing out on so much.

Although I still prefer my surf trips, I love exploring cities with my parents. It’s great especially if you’ve not that much time. It’s enough to visit a city for a few days. You could do it on public holiday, just to get out of your home. And even if I’ve already seen a few, I’ve by far not all and I can’t wait to explore the next.


Now it’s time to go back and do some studying, but you know me…

I can’t be at home too long ;).


What is your favourite thing to do in Stockholm? Let me know in the comments.

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