Do you feel like you need a change? Is there something in life that is bothering you and you’re feeling like you’re not on the right track to succeed and create more happiness in every day?

Well, I guess we all know this, we beat ourselves up for nothing. We get upset because we think we don’t look fit enough or don’t work hard enough for our dreams, when we actually do so. It’s just that our subconscious tells us different. It wants to trick us so we feel unhappy. We give that thoughts way too much value and let them effect the feelings we have for ourselves and others. But I’ve got good news, there is a way how everyone, you and I, can overcome this and create more happiness and peace in our lives. All we need to do is: Accept and let go.

It is so important we learn to be aware of our thoughts and maybe even observe them objectively and use them to get inspired and grow. But not putting ourselves down because of them. That is why I want to catch up on this topic today.

What I’ll cover today:

  • How “accepting and letting go” can help you with interactions with others and improve your overall happiness
  • Why you should listen to your inner voice
  • How to practice “accepting and letting go”

improve happiness - Accept and let go - How to immediately improve your overall happiness and succeed in life

Improve interactions and overall happiness:

On Instagram, I mentioned how I was always inspired by people who are able to observe any situation for what it was and not getting caught up in their emotions. How they could stay calm even though they were angry at someone and how they wouldn’t beat themselves up just because they made a mistake.

Not long ago I was the exact opposite of the person I’ve described above and that made me admire this trait even more. I was a perfectionist when I was a teen. I couldn’t let go if something wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. And I was probably my hardest critic at that time because nothing I did was good enough.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing bad, if not a good thing, to be your hardest critic. After all it’s you who has to live that life so you better work so hard you’re happy with it. Also, this characteristic really kept and still keeps me motivated to grow, learn and work towards what I want. But at that time, it got a bit unhealthy. It wasn’t about growth and learning any more. It made me unhappy because I felt I could never be good enough for myself.

That was when I decided something in my Mindset has to change. I knew I wanted the positive things, like the motivation, the drive and dedication I got from being a perfectionist, to stay. But I needed to stop wanting everything to be perfect because striving for something to be perfect is like wanting to know how the world started existing. It is a never-ending cycle because there is no “perfect”.

The moment I decided to let go of the perfect, was the moment I felt happy again because it gave me the feeling of being able to achieve something again.

Also think of how much energy you would save yourself if you’d not get emotional about what others say. How less arguments you could have because you were able to not react to those situations rather than getting caught up in your feelings of being criticized. And how much better your relationships would get without arguing about “nothing” all the time.

IMG 4206 - Accept and let go - How to immediately improve your overall happiness and succeed in life

Why you should listen to your inner voice:

Now that you’re already paying attention to your thoughts and study them objectively, you can and should listen to them and what you truly want.

Because often, by getting caught up in emotions, we misread our needs.

I realized it, when I felt dissatisfied and restless this summer. The year before I felt the same dissatisfaction. Then I thought it was because I didn’t spend enough time with my friends having fun. I saw them having fun together all the time and was jealous because I needed to work. So, I spent every second available with them because I thought it would make me happier to be part of their group every time I could. But it wasn’t really satisfying. I was confused and helpless.

This year I spent time alone instead, doing other things I haven’t done in a long time. And surprisingly I felt better, it was exactly what I needed.

So sometimes our thoughts and emotions lead us in the wrong direction.

IMG 3947 - Accept and let go - How to immediately improve your overall happiness and succeed in life

How to practice “accepting and letting go”:

Be aware, I’m getting a bit spiritual here. But just because yoga and meditation helped me a lot to learn this, it doesn’t mean you have to do it as well. I will give you very helpful and non-spiritual tips how to practice accepting and letting go as well. I just need to tell you this first for understanding.

So, one thing that really helped me get this learning process started was yoga. Not the actual, physical practice but something my teacher always said: “Be present in the moment. Be aware of your thoughts but don’t let them effect you.”.

Hearing this over and over again really helped me to implement and recall it in my mind in any situation.

Tip #1: So, whenever there is a situation you realize your emotions shadow your objectiveness, remember this sentence.

Also, it is important to keep your inner calm, another thing yoga helped me to understand better because of its meditational sense. Surfing is pretty similar to that. Being out in the water has something so peaceful and calm. And it was just now that I realized, the practice of yoga helped me remember that I needed that inner balance I’m always having when surfing in my daily life too.

Tip #2: Take a minute or two every day.

Sit down. Turn all disturbance off and breath deeply. Forget all thoughts and worries for a moment and just take a couple deep breathes. Than carry on with whatever you were doing. You’ll see over time, this happens automatically if you’re stressed.

Time is a good keyword.

Because this whole process takes time and patience. Being inpatient is the enemy of inner calm so stop it. I know it’s hard but it’ll pay of eventually and you’ll see the benefits sooner or later.

Tip #3: Be patient.

Lastly, I can just say, accepting things and letting them go is a long process and it’ll take time and energy, willpower and commitment. Though once you master that skill you will be able to improve your life and those of others in so many ways. Arguments, dissatisfaction, boredom, upsets and other unpleasant situations won’t be a better anymore. You will be able to appreciate the learning process that lies behind every struggle and setback. And you will see things in a more positive and satisfying way. This Mindset shift will then help you to really get the success in your life that you always wanted. So, better start doing this now.


I hope this was helpful and you have new input on what to improve to make your life a little better.

By the way, implementing this habit is not only making you happier and easier satisfied in general but is also helpful in many aspects of life.

Take the job for example. If you’re not letting your emotions of not wanting to do something or hating your boss effect you, you can do so much better and more efficient work. Plus, you safe yourself a lot of negative energy to deal with. All you need to do is: “be aware of that thoughts but don’t let them effect you!”

Also, if you’re already or have been practicing this, please leave me your tips in the comments. I’m sure we can all learn from them as well.

And in case this was new to you and brought you some value, feel free to share it with your tribe. I’d love to inspire more people and help them improve their lives.

Lastly, for more inspiration come by my Instagram or Facebook. There I post motivations, tips and experiences on life and traveling every day.

See you there!


What helps you to accept and let go? Let us know in the comments.

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