Today I’ve got another part of my travel diary from the World Trip back in 2015 and 2016 for you.

My time in Australia came to an end and I’ll take you through my last week at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland as well as sum up the three months I’ve spent there.

You’ll read about why I got to love that country so much and get a quick overview of my route.

Stay tuned and dive in.


Chapter 1: Queensland I’m coming for you!

By the time you read thins I’m already at sunshine coast, Queensland.

Though I quickly want to catch up on my last days in Sydney before tell you what I did here.

Most of the time I spent in Botanical Gardens listening to the Field Day Festival which was held in the Domains and could be heard from there quite well.

In addition, I visited all beaches again where I met some awesome people and listened to their amazing stories. It’s incredible how you get to now so many great individuals every day even though you’re still at the same place…

My highlight though was that one lifeguard made me the offer to volunteer in case I come back to Australia one day. (I might catch up on this in a couple years)

On 3. of Jan, I took the bus to Brisbane and then the train to Mooloolaba. I had a very nice guy sitting next to me who wanted to know all about me and my life which was flattering.

Although I was looking forward to the Sunshine Coast and had a lot of distraction thanks to my lovely neighbour I was a bit sad to leave my beloved Sydney. It really got my home in Sydney.

As I couldn’t say goodbye to Australian beaches yet I decided to spent my last week in Mooloolaba where Cosi lived for six months and just told me good about.

Quite soon after my arrival I met a very funny New Zealand guy with whom I spent the next days.

Unfortunately, it was raining the whole time and there’s nothing much to do here besides surfing we played cards and talked, watched people and had a lot of fun walking around in the rain.

Mooloolaba is very nice, a lovely little town with surfing vibes. You can truly see it’s a holiday place for Australians living in the city. A lot of hotels and the open-minded people are the best sign.


Also, there were a few activity offers from the hostel and I took one the next day. After waking up at 5 AM instead of 6 AM (sun rises here earlier, and I always get up with sunrise) and taking a long walk we drove to the beach with some guys from the hostel and went surfing. I tried bodyboarding for the first time and had a lot of fun getting smashed in the waves.

Back at the hostel the New Zealand dude was running around naked as he’d be the only person here (I couldn’t help myself but laughing my butt of). The next days I spent a lot of time with him, Hugh the guy working at the hostel and Australian with whom I went surfing a few times.

Conditions were incredible good. About 6 to 8 ft., no wind, no current, just amazing. Paddling out was easy too. And of cause I had some great waves (I like to say the best of my life so far, but I say this every time ;))

Also, I got a chance to test a 5”10 owned by the Australian. The board was great but the line up too crowded.

Unfortunately, after a few days the swell dropped and I needed to find a different activity. I tried SUP.

On my last day, I met a crazy but lovely Australian girl. We got a long from the very first moment and spent the whole day together. It was funny because she’d nothing, no cloths, money or phone. By nevertheless managed to spent a night at the hostel. We went shopping and the lost and found bin and did other crazy stuff.

Also, we run out of electricity and somehow half of the hostel went a bit crazy that day.

Although I love the crazy life I was not too sad to leave the next day. Lucky me I got a ride to Brisbane by Ed and his friend. Much more comfortable then the train.

Chapter 2: Brisbane

Only two days left in this amazing country…

Better use them well.

On Tuesday night, I arrived in Brisbane and got a bed in the sickest hostel I’ve stayed so far.

It’s very big and has probably 200 beds or something around this but it has ne most incredible view above the city. And a very nice common area.

Also, I really like the set-up of two houses next to each other connected through the rooftop where you’ll find a swimming pool, bar and common area.

On Wednesday, I woke up early again and made my way to explore the city. I gadda see a lot in little time.

First, I explored the CBD. Very cosy, small compared to the other cities but lovely decorated and a lot of nice restaurants and stores. Also a few rest areas and sightseeing stuff.

Next was the City Hall and the Clock Tower. Here you got the second-best view over the city (first is from the hostel ;))

Brisbane in general is much smaller then Melbourne and Sydney, but not less beautiful.

After that I went to Botanical Gardens which is more like a park than a botanical Garden. Very nice though and right next to the riverside.

On my way back to the Hostel I stopped by the Roma Parklands which if you ask me should be called botanical gardens. A lot of flowers, little beds and some rainforest areas.


From what I’ve seen so far. I like Brisbane but let’s see what tomorrow has to offer.

First some exercises and then a 15 km walk along the riverside. I’ve never walked that much in my entire life!

Southbank was the loveliest part of Brisbane if you ask me. A lot of green and a build beach along the river which seemed more like a children pool.

The Riverwalk itself is very beautiful though. You can see the skyline and take a ferry to get a different perspective of the city.

Finally, I can just say. Brisbane is lovely and by far not as bad as people told but also not as nice as Sydney in my opinion. So, a couple days are definitely enough to have seen this city.

And that I can say. I’ve seen all I wanted and am ready to leave and explore something else now.

Chapter 3: To sum it up

The place you are at home, is the one you never want to leave!

Three months of traveling through Australia went by in the blink of an eye.

I can happily say I’ve seen and done all I wanted but nevertheless I’m sad to have to leave.

I had an incredible time here and Australia with all its lovely people and places got my second home.

I’m very thankful to have met all those amazing people along the way. Here I have to add I’m happy to not have spent all of the time at hostels with other backpackers but really experienced the local life and met many Australians and saw Australia in a different light.

Also, the lifestyle here, which is very health and sport oriented was more than I could have asked for. Everyone is so open minded and friendly and especially the surf towns blew me away. It’s exactly like I imagine my future life.

The hole time here I had the feeling I’d fit in here perfectly and even Australians often where surprised I’m German.

Let’s quickly sum up what I’ve done in the past three months:

  • I spent 2 weeks in Sydney, where I felt in love with that city
  • Then I went to Melbourne to catch up with my school friend Alex
  • After that I went to Byron for a few days where I saw Cosi again
  • Here Cosi, Molly and I started our road trip down the coast to Melbourne
  • Back in Melbourne Cosi and I did the Great Ocean Road
  • Then I drove back to Byron Bay to spent another week there
  • For Christmas and New Year’s, I was back in Sydney
  • And my last week I spent on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane

So, you can say, I’ve seen quite a lot.

The waves were not too bad either. Very powerful even though small most of the time. In general, different than I was expecting it.

For all those of you who have worried, I couldn’t eat well and work out. I’m happy to say it’s not that bad. It wasn’t hard at all to maintain a healthy diet by cooking for yourself and with all those healthy restaurants. Whit being flexible working out was not a problem either.

Also thanks to the good exchange rate the whole trip wasn’t as expensive as expected and I got a long very well with my budget.

Last but not least I can say my time here was a total success.

And one thing I know certainly, I will come back for sure!


That’s it for now. Next up is Bali. So, stay tuned for another episode of this series in a few weeks.

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So far, thanks for reading and I hope it was entertaining.

Also, you should definitely check out my other destinations and read some travel diaries about countries like Costa Rica, France and Sweden.

See you soon!


What part of Australia is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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