Don’t we all want to grow. Do you want to improve yourself, get a bit better every day and achieve your goals!?

Well, then we’ve got this in common! Since I am a teenager I seek for growth and ways to improve myself to get closer to my goals. I love challenges and think they are the best way to motivate yourself and work your way towards achieving that goals.

For me a day without a challenge is not a good day!

I’m setting myself multiple challenges for each month. I’ve got a health and exercise challenge to maintain my active lifestyle. I’ve got a business challenge to keep my business growing and I’ve got a personal development challenge to make sure I’m improving on a personal level too.

Challenges are just such a great way to help you break down your goals into manageable junks. And at the same time measure your success of accomplishing those junks. They are the best tool to make sure you really achieve what you are aiming for.

I know it’s not easy to come up with a challenge yourself and it might be very overwhelming how and with what to start. I’ve experienced this myself when I first started doing challenges.

Though this should not hinder you to grow and work on that flaws and difficulties you’re facing in your daily life.

All you need is some kick-start motivation, some ideas and a great guideline to get you started. And that is what I’m going to help you with here. This post is the introduction to my February-Self-Development Challenge. And I want you to be part of it.

I challenge you to take this month as an opportunity for self-development.

Here is how it works

  • Set yourself 4 personal development goals (one for each week of the month)
  • Break them down in to small actions, a couple each day (I’ve got a Worksheet for you to make it easier)
  • Measure your actions every day (also with the worksheet 😉 )
  • Write down one thing you’ve learned each day (in another lovely worksheet) and post on Instagram with #letsgrowfeb (this is optional but I’d love to see what you’re working on and how you’re doing!)
  • See what happens and experience how you grow and get a better you every day

What you have to do

All you need for taking part in this challenge is motivation and thrive to grow.

Download the worksheets and write down your goals and actions to get started.

Then on February 1st you’ll start with your first action. At the end of the day you’ll take out your worksheet and fill in what you have learned and post it on Instagram (or not in case you don’t want to).

Repeat this every day until February 28th.

Don’t worry if you find it hard at first to come up with goals and evaluate things you’ve learned at the end of the day. It takes some practice until you recognize those things immediately. 😉

Follow me on Instagram and see how I’m doing it and get inspiration on how to apply it to your goals.

In addition, for some inspiration and motivation on what to work on to improve yourself I’m going to post some tips and tricks each Monday at 12 pm on my blog. So, make sure you come by and check it out!

Set you self a timer or sign up for the Newsletter and I’ll send you a notification. (You can always Unscribe after the challenge)

Furthermore, I can’t withhold you the source from which I got the inspiration for this challenge. The Sheroic Podcast by lovely Lisa and Cassy.

The Podcast is all about bringing out your inner Shero and working towards a better you every day. They are currently on a break but you can watch the last season on YouTube or listen via iTunes Podcasts.

(And I hope they’ll come back soon because I’m craving for more 😉 )

They have a special guest most of the time (mostly incredible women following their dreams). Common topics are things like why you should step out of your comfort zone, how to overcome self-doubt, what to think of food shaming, and all other kind of stuff that is related to personal growth, fitness and entrepreneurship.

I got a lot of ideas on what to work on to improve myself from listening to their podcast. So, thanks to you, Cassy and Lisa for being inspiring!

You’re are both power women, following your dreams and smashing it.

The Sheroic Podcast is bringing so much value. Not just because of the great content but also because Cassy and Lisa being honesty about their own journeys and spreading the vibe of growth and motivation for improvement.

It is truly addictive to listen to the Podcast 😉 and we can all learn so much from incredible women like them.

So, make sure to check it out for even more inspiration and motivation.

All right, so don’t forget to download the Let’s Grow Challenge Worksheet and fill it in.

Also make sure you follow my Instagram and come bake to the Let’s Grow section of blog every Monday at lunch time to receive your free tips and motivation.

I’m looking forward to seeing all your processes! And if you like the challenge share it with your friends.

Let’s grow!


Tell me. What are you currently working on to improve yourself?

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