Through the age of Social Media, you see all those people out there being Insta-famous, traveling all the time, having a great body, doing what they love and winning in life. Wouldn’t you want that too? Well, it is possible and we all including you and I can get there. It will take some time, effort and strategy but you can improve your personality and achieve in life like all those you admire.

The last couple years I worked very hard on self-development and I found that some particular personal goals I set myself were very helpful in terms of improving my personality.

So, you can get a step closer to you winning in life I’m sharing my top 5 small everyday habits to improve your personality and help you included them into your life.

First though I want to answer following question.

Why should you improve your personality?

No human being is perfect. We all have insecurities and flaws, things we can’t do so well or things we fear.

Though this is not a bad thing. This means there is space for transformation to happen. But to enhance transformation you have to work towards improving yourself, learning about yourself and reflect on your thoughts, actions and emotions.

Self-development is essential, it is the key to super change your life to the happy. Growth is necessary for letting in happiness and living a life full of success and joy.

All right so let’s get this started. Let’s Grow!

Here are the 5 small habits to improve your personality, you have to include in your life:

1. Enjoy the Journey.

Have you ever had that feeling of not wanting an event to happen even though it is a very awesome thing you’ve been waiting for a long time?

You love the feeling you get when you’re looking forward to it, that thrill of anticipation for this event. And you know once that very special event has happened this amazing feeling is gone. Therefore, you don’t want time to go by so fast and it ends up in the wish for this event not to happen.

Well that is exactly what I want you to work for. I want you to enjoy the time before that special moment as much as the destination itself. So that you can afterwards not only look back to a great event but a great 6 months or whatever.

While working towards your personal goals, stay in the present, enjoying the little things on the way and the whole process of working towards it. Just this way you can live a life full of happiness. And trust me once you’ve accomplished your goal, it’ll be even more satisfying because you now know, the past few months have been amazing too!

2. Change your Mindset.

Whether you’re happy or not, is most of the time just a point of view.

One and the same occurrence can be seen from two sides. A negative and a positive. One where all seems hopeless, frustrating, exhausting and ineffective. Or the other where all seems challenging but still doable, a great experience and a change for learning and growth.

Ask yourself, what point of view do you want to have?

The second, right?! Well, then change your Mindset. Don’t see setbacks as a bad thing, see them as an opportunity to learn from it. Don’t put yourself down for nothing, take it as sign for adjustment of your strategies. And don’t ever think something is impossible, keep trying until you prove them wrong.

3. Love yourself.

There’s not a single person out there that hasn’t got self-doubts. Whether it is looks, charisma or ability, we all have some doubts in some areas.

Though having doubts because of our flaws should not tear us down. It should lift us up!

This is quite like the Mindset thing I was just talking about. Accept your flaws as a part of you that you can work on.

Love yourself the way you are and aim for becoming better and working towards reducing your insecurities as good as you can.

The best way to do this is by taking me-time on a regular basis. Take that time to think about how happy you are about who you are and how great it is to be living!

Then remind yourself of the things you don’t like so much and sort out a way to improve in this areas. If it is your body, go work out. If it is your abilities, go do some studying and if it is your charisma, come on up, join my Let’s Grow Challenge!

Once you manage to accept yourself for who you are while still working on those flaws, you’ll truly get a step closer to become a better you.

4. Take a break.

We goal-oriented people have one thing in common, we push ourselves hard. We never stop trying until we got what we wanted.

Though sometimes even the most dedicated people feel exhausted. No matter who you are, where you’re from and what you’re working on, we all have that moments where we run out of energy, feel unmotivated and clueless.

Than it is time to take a break. Step back from what you’re working on right now and do something completely different. Go for a walk, cook, watch a movie or meet some friends. Even though you might think you’re being unproductive and can’t handle to not work towards your goals (trust me I know this too well) it’s okay to just stop for a day or so and recharge.

Do taking a break will help you get back on track and you’ll see juices are flowing even better after.

5. Face a Fear.

This is something I came to apply myself just recently and to be honest, I love it.

Our fears are mostly the things that hold us back from doing the most fantastic things and having the greatest fun.

Fear is what is keeping us from living our best lives because it is a constant reminder of what we want but can’t do because we don’t have the courage to do it.

Well, now is the time to take this on!

I challenge you to write down your fears and at least try to face one of them this year.

It’s okay to take baby-steps. Don’t forget, good things take time, but it is necessary to do something to get out of your own way.

And let me say this, once you’ve overcome your fear, you’ll feel unstoppable. 😉


All right. That’s it. Implement at least one of those small habits into your daily life and you’ll experience great change and improve your personality.

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Let’s Grow!


Tell me. Which did you choose to work on?