Traveling nowadays is a very common thing, almost everyone does it. But there are certain people who make traveling as part of their life. They travel more than others, they seem to be somewhere different every second week. I must admit, I’m one of them. The most regular question I get asked is “Tell me, where you’re going next?”.

You might be curios what makes us so addicted to traveling. Yes, you might even want to travel more yourself because we seem to be so happier and well balanced. Well, there is a reason for it and it is not just seeing new places. It is the personal growth you experience through traveling. In this post I’ll show your four personal traits that will be improved through traveling and give therefore you a good reason to travel more

Here are your four reasons to travel more:

Traveling gives you a different point of view.

Until I did my first world trip back in 2015 I’ve just been in European countries. Back then the world to me seemed so big and things in America or even Asia seemed so unreal and unreachable. The world seemed endless. Though once I travelled out of Europe, all the things I found hard to imagine made sense. The world was still big but it didn’t seem endless anymore. I got a better impression of what the world looked like and how other people think, act and live.

Through experiencing different cultures, meeting people from everywhere and hearing amazing stories, I got a better sense of how the world works. And this did in contrary change my point of view on certain things.

Those are mostly small things but for example before that trip I thought, I knew a lot, after I wasn’t so certain about this anymore.

Especially if you want to do business in different countries it is so important to really have been there. Because just this way you know how the people there live, think and what they need and want. It’s hard to imagine what life is like in a place you’ve never been before and if you try, there is a great chance you’re being proved wrong.

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Traveling opens your world.

The older we get the less we want to try new things. It’s a common habit. We’re just not keen on being a beginner or failing in something. That’s humans’ nature.

Though I believe this is a bad habit because it results in you standing in your own way and not developing anymore. And self-development and personal growth is what we should aim for after all, right?

In addition, throughout our daily lives we usually don’t get that much new input on things that aren’t related to our working field.

This lake of inspiration is an honest treat to our overall happiness because we feel unmotivated and bored and putting ourselves down for the better lives we see on Social Media and TV.

Though luckily traveling is your cure to this. While traveling you’ll meet new people who then automatically give you new inspiration and ideas on what to do. Isn’t that something?!

I for example never imagined doing Yoga, I thought it wouldn’t fit me. Though since my Costa Rica trip I got to love it. A girl I spent a lot of time with there, is a Yoga instructor and always forced me to go to classes. Since then Yoga brought me so many benefits, not just physically but mentally as well. It really changed my life to the better.

See there, traveling opened my world and had an huge impact on my personal development and overall happiness. Isn’t that a good reason to do it more?

Traveling boosts your confidence and helps you step out of your comfort zone.

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to go somewhere you have never been before. Going to a place you don’t know anything about urges you to step out of your comfort zone and that alone helps you to grow personally.

The first time it may seem hard and it takes some motivation to do it, but you’ll soon see how awesome and not at all scary it is. The second time it will already feel half that scary and the more you do it the more you get used to it. You’ll get to love it in no-time and want to go somewhere new every day, trust me.

But not only going somewhere new is challenging also the whole time being abroad you’ll face challenges over and over again and you’ll master them and grow from the experience! All those struggles and experiences will lead you to a greater, more confident you knowing much more about your strengths and next time you meet a similar situation you’ll know how to deal with it.

Challenging yourself and doing things you’re not feeling comfortable with is the best tool to self-development because it forces you to adapt and grow.


Traveling helps you to find yourself.

When traveling, you’ve got a lot of time and options what to do and with whom to spent time with. Mostly, especially when traveling alone, you’ll spent this time with things you want to do and with people you like and get along well.

You have time to try new things and you get to love or hate them. There is time to think about all those little things that effect you. You get a better sense of what things and kind of people you like and that can teach you a lot about yourself because the people closest to us are a reflection of who we are. So you can really work on your personality by choosing the right people to spend time with.

In addition, the way you act in certain situations will tell you more about who you are and help loads in finding yourself.

Through traveling I got a better impression of what I want and don’t want. I now know which kind of people inspire me and who’s holding me back. I found more of myself by spending time on things I love, trying new things and having time to listen to my inner voice and what it is telling me.

And you too can find yourself through traveling the world! So, if those four things weren’t enough reason for you to travel more, then let me say on last thing.

I urge you to travel and experience it yourself. You’ll see traveling changes and you won’t be able to deny it!

In case you want an even deeper experience I’d recommend you to travel by yourself. This way you’re so much more independent in what you do and not do and can completely focus on yourself.
And if you’re a girl and aren’t quite sure if it’s a good idea to travel solo, no worries I got you covered. Here’s my answer to this frequently asked question about traveling solo.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and travel the world. Book that ticket right away! It’ll be the best thing you can do for yourself and trust me it will change your live!


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