Hey friends and welcome to Cape Town, South Africa!

I’ve finally arrived and already spent a few amazing days in this beautiful city.

But let’s start from the beginning.

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My flight was pretty usual. I had one layover in Doha but it didn’t take too long. On both flights, I met lovely people, first two Germans. The woman, already a bit older – about my mums age – was traveling to Bali to meet up with her daughter. She had no clue about traveling so I was happy to help with all I knew. On the second flight, I’ve met an amazing South African how was so stoked to tell me everything about his country. I love it when people are so open minded and friendly. It makes flying so much more convenient don’t you think?

After arriving in Cape Town, I went straight to my Hostel which is right in the Center of Cape Town, at Long street. There again I met amazing people. I just love meeting people and hearing their stories. And the best is, I know it won’t stop the next seven weeks!

The rest of the day I didn’t do much, I walked around the city, though I figured quickly there’s not much to see in walking distance. Also, I felt kind of uncomfortable to walk by myself in more unquiet streets because of all the homeless people. Though this feeling quickly faded over the days. Mostly because I’ve talked to lots of South Africans, who all were more than friendly and there are so many police officers on every corner. So, no worries, I’ll be fine. However, I didn’t go out at night yet. So I guess I kind of spared out the greatest risk.

Also from what I’ve experienced so far, this country is cheap as hell! Food has never cost less , which makes me very, very happy :D.

The next day I bought a bus ticket form one of those sightseeing companies. Sightseeing company, uhhg! Nooo, it’s actually pretty great because the bus takes you to all attractions and provides a lot of information. And once at the attraction you can separate yourself from all the other tourists. It’s more a hop on hop off bus than a sightseeing bus.

So, I drove around table mountain, went to Hout Bay and walked along the Beach from Sea Point to the Light House and further to V & A Waterfront.

The scenery is stunning! There are little more beautiful coastlines I’ve seen so far. But have a look at the pictures and decide for yourself ;).

Coast Line Cape Town

Also, Hout Bay was lovely. There’s a tiny fish market and a lot of boats. Though Waterfront is may most favourite place so far. It’s full of people of all countries, ages, shapes and sizes. Everyone spreads amazing, happy vibes, there’s lots of live music, fancy but cheap restaurants and lovely houses and ships.

I loved it so much, I came back the next day already and did a cruise around the harbour. It was nice to see all from the water perspective.

I also visited botanical gardens, which are some of the most fantastic gardens I’ve seen. And trust me I’ve seen loads of Botanical Gardens.

It’s very hilly as it is right on the foot of Table Mountain but there is such a great variety of plats, flowers and trees. I bet you’d love it!

Unfortunately, because of so much walking and my stupidity of not thinking about the sun, I got burned very badly… However, it’ll fade and I’ve learned my lesson ;).

On my fourth day, I went to Muizenberg with a girl from Austria. We took an Uber, which was pretty comfortable and very cheap. In Muizenberg wen went to a surf shop on of my friends heartily recommended me. It’s called Lifestyle Surf shop and she was so right, the stuff was beyond friendly and helped me find exactly the board I wanted. It’s the Tomahawk from Graham Smith Surfboards, sizes are 5’6”, 18 3/4”, 2 ¼ “ and 25.9 Litres. I also bought a board bag so I can finally start traveling with a board bag. I’m excited to give it a go and see how I like this way of traveling.

After we bought the surfboard and got some great tips about where to surf along the coast, we walked a bit through Muizenberg. It’s a lovely little town with loads of surfer vibes. Once I come back to Cape Town I’ll definitely gonna stay here for a few days!

We enjoyed the sun and had the most delicious watermelon.

It’s funny there are so many kindergarten groups going into the water, latterly 40 kids with just two adults. That’s beyond imagination for Germany. We’re not even allowed to go into a swimming pool during school times.

The rest of the day was pretty unexciting, but tomorrow I’m gonna get up very early and catch a bus to J-Bay. And hopefully by Saturday, I can go for my fist surf! I’m so excited.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how J-Bay is next Friday!

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Also, if there are any recommendations for J-Bay or South Africa, surf wise or not, both are very welcome!

 Can’t wait to talk to you again soon!


Have you ever travelled with a board bag? Let me know about your experience in the comments!

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