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It’s me again, and I’ve got a new travel update for you.

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At the end of my last Travel Diary post about South Africa, I’ve mentioned I’d go to J-Bay. Well, here I am and it is amazing.

j bay - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 2 Jeffery's Bay: Enjoying time with the locals

Though one thing at a time.

Last Friday I took a bus from Cape Town to Jeffrey’s Bay. It was a local bus which has cost just 20$ but it took us for ever to get to J-Bay. Usually you’ll be in J-Bay after an eight-hour drive. It took us 13 hours. Luckily, I went on this trip with an Austrian girl I met in the hostel in Cape Town.

Otherwise I’d have been too boring but together we enjoyed the ride and the very stunning landscape. There are lots of mountains and cliffs. Though after a while it starts being the same.

IMG 2531 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 2 Jeffery's Bay: Enjoying time with the locals

However, the real adventure started when I got off the bus in J-Bay. It was already 6 PM and getting dark soon. The bus dropped me off somewhere in the middle of nowhere, about 3 km outside of Jeffery’s Bay.

Completely tiered and exhausted I asked a woman at the counter of a petrol station if she could call me a cap. She did, though it didn’t show up. I was standing there waiting and waiting.

Luckily a South African woman came to get petrol and gave me a lift to the hostel. She really saved my life, kind of. She also offered me to call here whenever I’m in trouble, which was really nice.

At the hostel, I met another lovely South African right away. We started a conversation and as we had so much in common the next time I looked at the watch it was already 1 hour later. It’s funny how time flies when spent with awesome people, don’t you think?

The next day I finally went surfing! Guys it’s been amazing!

IMG 2513 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 2 Jeffery's Bay: Enjoying time with the locals

I went out at a spot called Kitchen Window, it’s a right hander right in front of my hostel. There I met two guys who are working in the hostel and they told me a lot about the spot and coached me a bit.

And although I didn’t manage anything of relevance and am really out of shape considering my surfing, I had so much fun.

The rest of the day I had a stroll through town, took some pictures, chilled with the locals and some Germans and enjoyed the sun.

I must admit, I really enjoy spending time with the locals. Everyone is so friendly and as they are basically the only one surfing in this hostel it’s fun to go together. I get some tips and can already feel how I improve.

One little disadvantage is about this town though. The supermarket is super far away. Luckily my south African roommate has a car and took me to the supermarket, otherwise I’d have been starving to death or dehydrated.

It’s not that easy to travel here without car. Or better say it is easy but not so convenient. There are hop on hop off busses which take you everywhere you want (destination wise) but to get to other surf spots or supermarkets you need a car.

However, for now I’m not renting a car as I plan to stay here for a bit and you always meet someone who’s got one.

Besides the beach and some outlets there’s not much going on in this town. It’s very quiet but I love it.

Jeffrey's Bay

I’m surfing every day sometimes even twice. And the rest of the time I spend with the locals. I do also enjoy the time hanging around and have a wander through town or along the beach every day.

You see there’s not much exciting stuff going on here at the moment. I’m really just enjoying my time, hanging with new friends and surf every day. But I guess there are worst things.

Though one exciting thing happening the other day. I was surfing with dolphins. I love those animals. It was so awesome seeing them from so close and sharing waves with them. I can’t even describe that feeling. So, sad I didn’t bring my camera.

About the waves and the spot, I can say the following. Waves been on and off. On the weekend, it was a bit bigger about a meter and a half, which was nice. Also, there’s mostly off shore which is quite beneficial. The last couple days the waves got smaller and are harder to catch. In general, you have to paddle a lot and I am really impressed by how fast those locals can paddle. I really have to practice!

The point Kitchen Window is a nice right hander right in front of the hostel. A left is working there as well but you have to paddle against the current to keep yourself in position.

IMG 2539 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 2 Jeffery's Bay: Enjoying time with the locals

Both waves a very smooth and not breaking heavily which is nice to get back into surfing. Though once it gets bigger, some barrels can happen here too.

Yesterday we went further down to a beach break called Dolphin Beach and surfed some quick Shorebreak waves. Well I tried to surf it. But I’m staying positive, by the time I leave here I’ll got that covered.

Also, one of the guys I’ve been surfing with here said, he wants me to get a barrel by the time I leave. So we’ll see…

For those wondering about any girls surfing here. No, I’m basically the only one. Though it’s fine I’m kind off used to it by now.

However, I just wanted to give you a quick update about what I’m up to but as you can see it kind of got a routine of not doing much but surfing, which I totally love.

My plan for the next time is to stay here in J-bay for a while but I for sure will keep on giving you updates. Hopefully I manage to get some surfing shots soon so I can show you some of those.

Also make sure to stop by my Facebook and Instagram for daily content on my travels.

Stay tuned and can’t wait to talk to you again soon.


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