Ever wondered how some people are happy all the time? What they do to spread those vibes? They seem to really have figured life out, right. Everything seems so simple and life for them seem just awesome. Nothing ever seems to bother them and they can always stay positive. Don’t you want that too?

Well, I’m glad you came across this post, because I’ve got a simple everyday method everyone, you and I can adapt more positivity into our lives. And I am about to share this secret with you today.

My whole life’s been about being happy. My mum loves to tell the story of me smiling and giggling at strangers when I was just one year old. I’ve always had a big smile on my face and loved making other people happy. For me the best feeling in the world is seeing other people smile.

And today, I hopefully can make you a bit happier by sharing my tips on keeping a positive mind and how you too can help others be happier by spreading the vibes.

spread the vibes 1 - How to spread the vibes – A simple everyday method to stay positive and pursuit happiness

Why staying positive?

Obviously, there are quite a view benefits of positivity compared to negativity.

By trying to avoid negativity you’ll also avoid stress and depression. Those two things go together like chocolate and milk. There’s no way you ever going to be relaxed when you think negative all the time. You’ll just see what you miss out, what you’d rather do or what you failed at. And that is definitely not healthy. Don’t you agree?

Having a smile on your face all the time makes you more attractive. Honestly, no one wants to be around someone who’s just complaining, right? Also, staying optimistic and smiling all the time makes people wonder what your secret is and they tend to start talking to you more easily. That way you meet much more people and you never know what opportunity may result of this relationship.

In addition, by keeping a positive mind you’ll start feeling better about yourself and about live in general. There won’t be anything that can stop you anymore. Or at least you’d feel more comfortable to face failure.

Lastly the only way you can grow, personally and professionally, is by learning from your mistakes. This learning process though, just occurs if you put that negativity aside and start thinking of the mistake in a more objective or positive way. You need to see the good things, that will result out of that mistake like not making it again and take it as a lesson for the future. Listen to what it might want to teach you and then take that new gained knowledge to work towards your goals. By staying positive you’ll automatically think of the learning process rather than the disadvantages you have.

Are you hocked now and want to let those positive feelings in?! All right, let’s look at that method I was talking about earlier.

How to stay positive? A simple method.

Staying positive starts with shifting your Mindset. You must want to change your point of view, otherwise no method in the world will work. How you perceive things is all happening in your head and only you can change what expertly is going on up there.

So, you better make that decision to start seeing things positive.

Everything starts with the words: “I’m going to be more positive about things!” and you need to not just speak them out loud, you need to believe them in the deepest soul of your heart.

Can you do that? I know you can!!!

Once you made the choice to no longer be a slave to negativity there are a few things you can do to get into the happy mood.

1. Smile to yourself in the mirror.

Or just smile in general. Even though, no, especially when you feel like you’re having a down time, show those pearly whites. I know you might feel stupid doing it but trust me it helps better than anything else with feeling happy. By just grinning you’ll start laughing and smiling automatically.

2. Learn to appreciate and don’t take anything for granted.

Negativity starts when the excitement decreases. And you must keep your life exciting to not feel bored and unimpressed. Now I know that daily life might not always be exciting, I experience it myself every day. Though by appreciating the things you get to do daily, like taking a shower, sleeping in a comfy bed or having a delicious breakfast, you should feel more excitement right away. Don’t take them for granted because you never know when you’re not able to do them anymore.

I for example am always so excited about my breakfast the next day. I literally sort it out the evening before so I have something to look forward to when waking up. And then I really enjoy those 15 minutes of deliciousness.

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3. See the small things.

Along with appreciating it’s necessary you look out for small things in everyday life, that make you feel awesome. Think of those little things that could make your day more special and unique then the day before. It may be a meal, a call or text of a friend, a stranger that has smiled to you or a show on TV that you really enjoyed. Just look for them and you’ll immediately find more happiness. I promise.

4. Seek for the good things in setbacks.

As I said earlier, struggles and failure is something you should really aim for. Because just through making mistakes you’ll grow. And growth is what makes you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself.

Think of every setback or struggle as a great lesson to learn from. I know it is easier said than done but just remember my words and try. It might not always be possible but at least you have tried and the more you try, the more you get used to it and the easier you’ll find it to take a lesson out of everything.

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5. Live in the moment while working for the future.

With that I mean not you should stop thinking of the past. I’m just saying you should get rid of thoughts like “Oh that time has been so much better. Why can’t it be like this anymore?” Believe me, I’ve been there and it hasn’t served me well. It’ll cause you anxiety and depression. There’s no point in hanging on to the past. You can’t go back anyway.

Rather think of what you can do now to make your future equally amazing, or maybe even more. Aim for becoming better every day. Do that while enjoying every second of your life. Time goes by so quickly so you better make every moment count.

Okay, that’s it with the general tips on shifting your Mindset and adapting a more positivity. Now let’s get to the strategy that I always apply when having a down time.

  1. Think of a moment you felt really, really happy.
  2. Remember that feeling deeply.
  3. Own that feeling. Force yourself to feel it at that present moment. Maybe close your eyes if that helps you.
  4. Feel that feeling moving through your body. Taking over every cell of your system. How it fuels you with happiness and washes away the negativity.
  5. Keep that feeling in your head, heart and soul.
  6. Make it a habit. Every time you feel a negative wave of feelings coming remember that strategy and apply it along with the above tips and you’ll feel more happiness right away.

Now that we’re all happy it’s time to help others feel happy too don’t you think?!

How to spread the vibes?

The most powerful thing in the world is a smile. Have you ever noticed how much impact a simple smile has on you or on other people? It can shift the emptions in a whole room. By just smiling you can make a person feel so much happier and more comfortable.

I urge everyone out there to smile more. Don’t hide your happiness, take it out there in the world. Tell people how stoked you are on life by simply smiling at them. You’ll soon experience the great impact it has on the people around you.

Compliment people. An honest compliment can have so much impact. We should all tell each other more about the things we admire on each other. I try to give at least one compliment every day. It’s the best way to put a smile on peoples’ face. Of cause, you need to mean what you say. Be honest and tell someone if you like something on them. It’s all about sharing love and good vibes remember.

Make others remember something they love. Think of how I made you remember a happy moment earlier. Do exactly the same to people around you by just asking them simple questions like: “What’s been the best moment of your day?” or “What’s your favourite …” or “What made you smile lately?”. By asking those questions you can easily make others remember their happiest moments and bring back some positivity in their lives.

Show your genuine happiness. No one wants to see someone facing their feelings. Just be you and if you’re happy don’t hesitate to take that happiness out there in the world. You never know who you can inspire with your thoughts and feelings. Maybe your story even makes someone’s day.

Share your stoke with the world, so others can take part in it and get stoked themselves. This very moment is too short to feel bad about anything especially not sharing your happiness.

So, let’s all put on a smile and spread the vibes.


I hope I could bring you some happiness and spread some good vibes. If you liked this post and found it helpful, help me enrich more people’s lives by sharing it.

My goal with this blog is to share the stoke of life and traveling and with this post I wanted to give you a method you can adapted more positivity and help make the world a better, happier place.

Also, if you want to experience positive vibes every day, let us connect via Facebook and Instagram. That’s where you can experience the stoke on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading and Let’s be happy!


What’s your go to method to stay positive?

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