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j bay teil 2 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 3 Jeffrey's Bay: Surfing Time

I mentioned in my last post that I’ll be staying in J-Bay for a while, so that’s where I’m still. However, there has been exciting things happening the past week I really want to tell you about.

The weekend, was more or less unspectacular. We hung around and there is a party going on in the hostel every night. During the day, I went surfing with the locals aka my new friends, walked on the beach and almost starved to death because I couldn’t find someone to go to the supermarket with.

Besides the lovely local boys, I’ve also met an amazing German girl with whom I spend a lot of time. She’s volunteering and has therefor just time in the afternoon but that’s okay. We then hang out once she finished. We went out for lunch a couple times and just had a lot of fun parting together or chatting about all kind of stuff.

Very unexpected we had two very rainy days this week. It sucked because waves where shit and it rained the whole day. So, I had nothing to do all day long. And for you guys that know me, I can’t stand doing nothing. It makes me unsatisfied and moody.

But lucky me the boredom didn’t last long. Another South African, who came to J-Bay for the weekend took me to a waterfall and we had a little adventure. We hiked down there and then hung with some of his friends. I must say though, I wasn’t quite sure if I’d survive this little adventure, because that guy is driving the car crazy!! He went over the dirt road, which has holes as deep as I am tall with about 80 km/h, drove in the middle of the road or in zick zack across it. And we almost got lost because he missed the right crossing twice.

However, I did survive and it turned out to be really fun cause he told me a lot of funny stories about his youth.

After two lazy days without surfing, I went to Supertubos with a French guy also staying in the hostel. It was still really small and I couldn’t make it pass the rocks because I was afraid to damage my board. However, it was fun watching the others and I’ll try again another time.

The day after we, the French guy, a swish guy, me and two South Africans, one of who is a photographer, did a Surf trip to Cape Saint Francis, a town close by. I couldn’t believe it at first though despite the lake of wave size in Jeffrey’s Bay, here waves were pumping.

Cape Saint Francis has a right point break as well, though it wasn’t working properly. So instead, we went to the beach break further down, which is a barrelling left hander.

We surfed for 5 hours, three in the morning and then after lunch another two. The first session for me was rather unsuccessful because this wave is so fast and steep and I went over the falls more times than I can count. However, I never lost faith and eventually I got some good ones. Also, I got more tips on what to improve and work on. I just love those local surfers! They are so funny and helpful. Although I must admit I’ve never heard anyone talking so much shit the whole day then those guys but that’s why I love them so much and it never gets boring that way.

Anyway, that day we returned exhausted but very stoked to the hostel, had awesome wraps for dinner and decided to do it all over again tomorrow.

Also there is supposed to come a bigger swell on the weekend so I’m excited to surf Kitchens again. I love that break so much.

But I’ll let you know the details about that in my next post.

IMG 2561 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 3 Jeffrey's Bay: Surfing Time

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So far, I hope you all liked that post and found it entertaining. If you want more updates and pictures of my trip make sure to stop by my Instagram and Facebook. I’ll update there daily.

Also I hope you are having an amazing time and can’t wait to talk to you soon.


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