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By now my third week here in J-Bay has passed. I can’t believe I’ve already been here for so long. On the one hand, it seems like I’ve been here for longer, maybe two or three months though on the other hand time flew so quickly I can’t believe I’m already for four weeks here in South Africa.

The third week here has been the most unspectacular of all. I had a lot going on, on my mind and therefore really enjoyed not having to think of where to go and what to do next. I basically just surfed when the waves were good, worked for a bit and chilled the rest of the time. It felt so good.

This week I spend a lot of time painting and doing art because one of the Surf instructors saw a picture I drew for a friend and asked me to make his Surfshack pretty. I glue shells all over it using old surf wax and bought permanent markers to draw some fancy things.

It was really fun, I miss being creative a lot. I should definitely start drawing more frequently again.

In addition, I spend a lot of time alone just thinking. Sometimes traveling and all the experiences that come with it, throw me a bit of track. I don’t know what I want any more or where I want to be. It’s hard to not lose sight of your goals and who you are in a time that changes you so much. I lost track for a while, though this alone time really helped me to find myself again and get used to the change I’m constantly going through.

You need this time to find back on track and continue following your dreams and working for what you want.

Traveling is not always easy, it takes a lot from you. You need to accept that you change every day and in an amount, you would never change if you wouldn’t go traveling. Traveling is a self-discovery and finding out who you are and what you want out of life ain’t easy.

Traveling and the personal journey that comes with it is hard sometimes but it is totally worth it!

All you need is to do is to be aware of the change you’re going through and actively work for getting back on track.

Furthermore, some of you might wonder why I choose to stay here for so long and if I’m not getting bored and want to see other places of South Africa.

Well, I kind of do but then I also don’t.

I had a very cool conversation the other day with a Dutch guy. We were talking about exactly that. Lots of people won’t understand what makes us stay in one place for so long if we can travel and see other places instead. It seems boring and a waste of time for them.

Though for us it is not boring at all. Of cause, there are times where we ask ourselves what to do now but our main goal, the reason why I did this trip in the first place, is to improve surfing. I don’t mind at what beach I’m surfing unless the waves are good. And for me it is just easier to stay in one place because then I don’t have to get used to the spot every time. I can really get to know the waves and how they break. It helps me much more with improving then if I’d go somewhere else every second or third day and must get to know the spot over and over again.

In addition, and some of you who travel by themselves too can probably relate, it gets exhausting to meet new people, answer the same questions and build relationships just to see them fall apart after two days. At some point you really crave real, longer relationships with people that stay for a while so you can have proper conversations.

Of cause, I’m asking myself every once in a while, if this is the way I want my vacation to turn be. Do I really want to miss all those amazing places here in South Africa?!

And then again, I come to the conclusion that all I want is surf and hang with people I like. And what better place to do that then here in J-Bay.

So that’s why I am still here but I’ve also planned some adventure for the last three and a half weeks of my trip. Cause it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and explore.

But what exactly I’m going to do you’ll get to read in my next post.

I know this post was a bit different and probably not what you were expecting. Though it is important for me that you get to see that side of traveling as well. As I said above, traveling is not always easy, it takes effort and the will to change. It is pure self-discovery and that is the hardest, though most valuable thing in life. And the reason why I love it so much.

However, I hope you still enjoyed it and took something from it. I hope to see you next week and stay tuned for the adventures I’ve planned for us.

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