Carefree happiness is hard to find these days, with all the pressure from society and people around us. Even we, ourselves create stress for nothing. If you’ve been traveling before, you were lucky to escape this stressful life for a while, got to love the fun side of life and how carefree and unobligated it can be. And if you’re just a little like me, and love the adventure, it is very hard to come back and continue living this ordinary life again, you used to before you started traveling. You’re going back to the same old job, getting stressed out for not meeting deadlines and seeing the same five people all day every day. Home isn’t what it was anymore and it became a place you don’t want to be anymore. Though it doesn’t have to be all bad. There is a way you can see “home” differently, as another stop during your life’s journey, fall in love with it again and appreciate every moment spending there.

This post will show you how you can see home differently and how this new point of view will help you to accept where you are and overcome the feeling of not wanting to be at the place you are.

So welcome to part 2 of the series on overcoming post-travel depression. As I pointed out in one of my previous posts, it wasn’t easy for me to come back home and I hated being at there for almost half a year.

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I truly loved the three wonderful countries I’ve been to and I can imagine living in all of them. Furthermore, my whole life, I always had more than one place I called home. There was not that one I completely had an extraordinary connection with and felt I belonged to, especially not the place I grew up at. And maybe you’re feeling the same way, not knowing what to do with that restlessness and disconnectedness.

Well, then you should continue reading, because I made a pretty awesome discovery that will change the way you see the place you live at entirely and give you a way to make each country you love be part of your portfolio of homes. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Being at home is just another stop during the trip called my life.

This sentence absolutely boils it down to an essence.

To overcome my post-travel depression and start to love my life again I needed to change my Mindset.

I knew I could, because I had before. I’ve always loved my life and thought of everything happening to turn out, just like it’s supposed to be. Traveling changed all this. To be perfectly honest, traveling made me unhappy. It made me dissatisfied with the way I was living at home, because I wanted more, I wanted to go back to exploring and having exiting adventures again.

Inning, Germany

Nevertheless I knew I somehow had to do some serious stuff for the future and earn money. Therefore I came back home, although my infinite wanderlust wasn’t nearly satisfied.

Fortunately, two of my closest friends, whom I have met in Australia visited me on Christmas break and I had to show them around. It gave me the amazing opportunity to see the place, that seemed to me absolutely ordinary and not at all exiting in a different light. I saw it from the eye of a tourist. From the eye of a traveler.

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And you won’t belief what huge difference this does to how you feel about this very beautiful place. However, there was one thing my friend said, which planted this idea in my mind.

We were walking down the riverside in the neighbor town. The sun was just about to set and ant tinted the cloudless baby blue sky in wonderful red, pink and orange colors. It was about 5°C but it didn’t feel that cold. It was very romantic and beautiful. We were talking about traveling and how amazing nature can be. Suddenly she asked me, if I don’t feel like I would be on a vacation the whole time by living here, in this awesome area. Able to go to the lake every day, see the Alps and wonderful sunsets, whenever there are not clouds or fog.

The idea grew and grew in my mind until I could think of nothing else anymore. She was right! Why haven’t I seen this before? The answer to all my questions is so easy. I just have to think of this stage of life as another stop during my life’s journey. All I experience and everything I see, leads me to where I am supposed to be and I should enjoy every second and every place I’ll be. Even at home, because someone out there will visit this place as a traveler and get to love it as much as I love the places I’ve traveled to.

Every place you visited and will visit, every country you feel a deep connection with, every new home you find should be added to your life’s list of homes.

There’s not that one place you need to be at home. There can be many places you consider home and each of them in its uniqueness will add millions of benefits, experiences and memories to your life’s portfolio.

All the places you where, are and will be result in you being the person you are and will become.

So no longer worry about not feeling connected to the place you grew up or live at, it’s just another stop during your life’s journey and there are many more homes to come.

Home doesn’t have to be on just one place. Home can be anywhere and on many places at once. You don’t have to settle until you want to. Every place you go is just another stop during the journey called your life and there is so much beauty and benefit you can take from each place. Enjoy having more than one home and take the best out of every place you go.

It is all matter of opinion. You can create the life you want by just thinking of the good things rather than the bad once.


Thanks for reading my story. I hope it helped you to see your home in a different light and maybe like it more than before. Also I hope this post helped you realize that home doesn’t have to be one place and it is okay to feel unstuck.

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Lastly, make sure to check out the other posts in this series that’ll follow the next few weeks. I’ll give you advice on how to fit back in a society you’re not feeling you’re belonging to and how to find a travel-life balance.

See you soon!


What is the thing you love most about your home?

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