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Another Friday with another travel update and this time I went on some adventures.

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So, I’m still staying in J-Bay, though I took the advice from some friends to go somewhere else for a day or two, just to see something different. Also, waves have been not that good the past few days so it seemed to me like a good thing to do.

I must admit; this post is quite hard to put together for me because the longer I stay here the more all my memories get on big mash and I can’t really tell anymore what has happened when. Anyway, good that I’ve been writing travel diary so I can look it up to not withhold you anything of relevance.

 Let’s start where I left you last week.

The first adventure I went on was a very random one. The driver from the hostel just said to me “Tara, come with me I’m dropping off some guys in a town close by. It’s a nice drive, we’ll be back in an hour.”. I joined him because he can be very convincing and I had nothing else to do.

It was really a beautiful drive through mountains, forest and country side, though the one hour drive ended up in a three in a half hour drive to PE and back because the driver got a call to pick up a couch in Port Elisabeth which is one and a half hours away from Jeffrey’s Bay. However, it was quite fun and I finally did something else then just hanging at the hostel and waiting for surf.

The next days me and the Danish guy I told you about in my last post tried everything to go on an adventure. Though it seemed that something bigger didn’t wanted us to go. We wanted to go sandboarding several times that week though it was raining every second or third day and the dunes need at least two days to dry.

Also, the one time we wanted to rent a car last weekend we ended up getting there too late and the place was closed already. We’re so unlucky!

And as if that wouldn’t have been enough, every time we wanted to go to town it either started raining or hailing.

However, we didn’t give up and we at least went playing Mini Golf. We sucked, though we had fun.

In addition, we had good company in the hostel. Another German girl and one of the locals brightened our days and we had good laughter. It was in general a great time, those few days. I haven’t had so much fun in years. It’s true that people make the place a special place.

Finally, on Tuesday the Danish guy and I managed to rent a car and go on your long-planned adventure. We went to Addo Elephant Park.

At first it was strange for me to drive on the left side of the road. Though after no longer than two minutes I got pretty used to it and it was so fun to drive again. Although I’ve not really figured out the whipper, blinker thing. So, when I need to turn everything just gets turned on and goes crazy.

At the park, we saw a lot of beautiful animals. Elephants, Zebras, Pumbas, Birds, Beatles and turtles. The only thing missing was lions but there are just nine in that park you’re very lucky if you get to see one.

Also, the drive itself was very nice. Lots of beautiful scenery and it changed so much throughout the park.

We spend the whole day there exploring and having fun. It was awesome and the animals were so close you could almost tough them.

It’s been a good choice to go there and get out of town for once. Though I must admit, at the end of the day we were quite happy to be back home.

Cause in the end, home is the best place to be.

Also, I think I’m good with adventures for the next week or so. Now I can enjoy the quiet and calm of J-Bay again, surf some more waves and spend time with the people I love for the last few weeks.

Although I still have one and a half weeks left here in Jeffery’s Bay, I’m already sad to leave.

I got so used to the place and made so many friends, it’s gonna be a hard goodbye.

But the good thing is, it’s not over yet so better enjoy the rest of my time here.

And let’s see what it brings. Hopefully some great swell and a bit of adventure.

As long as we wait though, stop by my Instagram to check out some great photos and connect with me on Facebook to get first-hand information about what I’m up to.

See you soon!


What’s the best National Park you’ve been to? Let us know in the comments.

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