Hello friends,

And welcome back to another travel diary entry from South Africa. I am still in J-Bay, who would have guessed it.

This week has been full of struggle but also good times. But let’s start from the beginning.

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j bay 5 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 6 Jeffrey's Bay: Physical Struggle

The weekend was very chilled, I surfed during the mornings, napped during the afternoons and hung out with friends in the evenings. Party here at the hostel wasn’t as crazy as last weekend (thank god, I couldn’t handle more parties till 6AM) but it was still fun. And I really enjoy hanging out with my friends. It’s so much fun, we laugh, talk and are just having a great time.

Time spend with friends is truly quality time and those people here are just amazing.

Hostel Jeffrey's Bay

The waves been small all week but I could manage to still get some fun ones. Though sadly the one day waves got to a decent size this week I was feeling ill.

I’ve struggled with health issues for a week now. At first I got a bad cough and after that got better I got the worst muscle soreness in my life because I’ve been training with one of the lifeguards, who is a killer rugby player. I shouldn’t have gone but they’ve warned me…

And then on Wednesday, when the waves where cooking I woke up with very bad stomach pain, that sucked.

At first I didn’t want to paddle out but then I couldn’t watch my friends surf and stay on shore, so I paddled out there too. Wasn’t worth it. I was too scared because I was afraid my body would hurt even more after I got washed.

However, lesson learned: Always listen to your body!

IMG 3341 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 6 Jeffrey's Bay: Physical Struggle


Because of me not feeling well the last week there was nothing very exciting going on. I did some more painting and almost finished decorating the surf shack. And I slept a lot, almost three hours every day.

I would have never thought I would enjoy doing nothing so much. These travels have been so much different from my previous ones. I usually can’t sit still and want to explore the country but coming to South Africa with the purpose to improve my surfing I had a different Mindset. It doesn’t bother me anymore to not have seen anything of that country because I know I will come back here and I met my goal to improve my surfing. And that is all that counts. This trip reminds me a lot on my time in Bali where I also got stuck at that one Hostel, Canguu Surf Hostel and fell in love with the place because of the amazing people there and the good food.

IMG 3290 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 6 Jeffrey's Bay: Physical Struggle

Speaking of which, food here is also very amazing, I think I haven’t really been writing about this so far but this week I went out a lot and tasted some delicious things.

My absolute favourite is a local dish from Durban. It might sound a bit weird but tastes so amazing, it is half a bread, yes you heard right, half a bread, filled with a vegetable or chicken curry. Once you’re here you should definitely try it.

Also, half prize pizza Tuesday got a routine by now and the volunteers and I are going out to J-Bay Bru Co every week. They also have the best milkshakes and stream a movie.

Such small things make the difference and stop the boredom.

However, you see I’m still having a good time, although I’ve been staying here for over a month already. And I will now get back to enjoying my last week before I must go home.

I don’t want to think about that just yet, it’ll break my heart.

But enough of this, let’s enjoy what we have left and I’ll see you next week with another up-date.

IMG 3284 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 6 Jeffrey's Bay: Physical Struggle

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