Ever wondered why some people are writing diary? When I was younger I never got that whole journaling thing. I never figured what good it would do me to write down what I did in a day. It seemed to me like a very girly thing I didn’t need to do. Though after time, when I started traveling I decided to start it anyway and I experienced the benefits of journaling on my life and how it helped me to grow in so many ways.

Today I want to show you the main benefits of journaling to get you hooked to start it and improve your life.

What we will cover today:

  1. Benefits of journaling on your life
  2. Types of journaling
  3. How to get started – Tips and tricks on leading a diary

Let’s get started.

Benefits of journaling

For me the reason to start journaling was to store my memories. It was always important to me to not forget any great moment of my life. I wanted to remember them all till my last breath.

So, when I was 12 and had such a great time in the surf camp I naturally started writing down what I’ve experienced every day. I didn’t decide actively to start journaling but I liked the thought of always being able to look up my travel adventures. So, from there on I would always write travel diary.

This way I could make sure I would never forget a single memory of any vacation and had something to go back to in case I get travel sick.

But it was just a couple years back when I decided to write full-time diary. I never considered it necessary cause there were not that many exciting (in my eyes write worthy) things going on in my day to day life to write about it. Though since then journaling had a huge impact on my life and benefited me in so many ways. Here are some of them.

1. Storage of your memories

It’s a great feeling to know that you can always look up what you’ve done, where you’ve been or who you’ve met in case you forget. And forgetting happens easily, especially while traveling because you experience so many new and amazing things.

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2. Freeing up the mind

Writing down your thoughts is a great way to get them sorted. I think we all know that feeling when a million things are in our heads and we get totally overwhelmed by all the emotions, decisions and thoughts swirling around our heads.

Writing them down helps you to get an overview of what really matters. It’s a big relief and after you wrote them down you’ll be able to think much clearer, I promise.

3. Processing things that happened

Keeping a diary is a great way to process your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes thinking of things isn’t enough to figure out how to handle a certain situation. You need to speak it out loud or write it down to really work through it. Especially if it is a big thing, something that really bothers you, makes you unhappy or even things that make you very happy.

4. Generating Ideas and flourishing creativity

Once you could clear up your head and sort out your emotions it’s so much easier to generate new ideas. I’m sure you’ve been in that situation where you felt absolute uninspired, didn’t want to do anything and were out of ideas.

Well while writing you might come across new things you didn’t think of before. In any case, you should try it once you feel uninspired the next time and see if you can come up with new ideas and thoughts.

5. Helps you discover your desire and wishes and gives you a better self-awareness

Writing down your feelings and emotions will not only free up your mind but also help you discover what you want and don’t want. You’ll get a better sense of who you are by discovering patterns in your thoughts and reactions on certain situations. And discovering those is way easier when journaling then when just thinking about it. You can come back and have a look how you handled a similar situation in the past and learn from it.

By time you’ll get a better self-awareness and sense of your emotions and desires.

6. Helps you focus and achieve goals

Lastly journaling will help you focus on what really matters because you freed up your mind to now have space to think of the important things. You can see things objectively and find ways to make things happen outside of your emotions.

Also, it is proven that when you write down things you want to achieve you’re more likely to achieve them because it’s not only a thought anymore but it is manifested on paper.

In addition, once you’ve written down your goals and dreams it’s easier to keep track of them and make sure you’ll stick to them and do the necessary things for them to become reality.

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Types of journaling

When it comes to keeping a journal, there are so many options. You don’t have to do it the traditional way and write in a notebook every evening.

Here are some options you can consider when deciding on how you want to write jour diary.

1. Daily, weekly, monthly diary

As I’ve mentioned above, I started out with just a travel diary. So, I would just journal on days where something exciting happened. Mostly vacation time. If you feel like you don’t really want to track your whole life, why not just write diary on special days or days you feel like you have to tell something.

Also, you can write a monthly or weekly throwback if a daily journaling is not practical for you. Just write a recap of your week or month.

2. One sentence vs. fully written diary

It is also totally up to if you write your journal in sentences and keep more of a story telling vibe or if you do sort of a dash list or even just write a sentence a day. Just do whatever works best for you and over time you’ll figure out the best way of journaling for you.

How to get started – tips and tricks

I hope after the long list of benefits above you’re hooked to start writing your journal. Though the big question is now, how do you get started?!

Well here are some tips and tricks on an easy way to make journaling a habit and get it to improve your life.

1. Start small and slowly

As mentioned above as well you might want to start off with a travel diary or diary on special days. Also, maybe you don’t want to write a whole page every day right away but would be better off with just a sentence a day.

By the way, there are a lot of printed journals that provide such sentence a day formats.

I used to have a Q&A journal where I had to answer a question every day for five years. That’s a pretty cool way to start out.

Start small and slow and develop your own way of journaling over time.

2. Find your own porpuse

Whether it is because you want to store your memories like I did or you need a way to get rid of your thoughts, find your purpose. Find the reason why you should write diary and how it will benefit you. Once you found a reason to keep journaling it will get off your hand way easier.

3. Make it fun

Think of it like a conversation to a friend. For me the main reason for not writing a diary was that I didn’t really knew who for. My thoughts where in my mind anyway so who for should I write it down then. And it was when I started blogging when I figured it would be cool to expand my travel diary to an everyday diary in case I one time get the chance to write a book. So, see journaling as a way to talk to someone imaginary when no one is around to talk to in person and make it more fun that way.

4. Buy a pretty notebook and pens

If you decide to journal the traditional way with notebook and pen, buy yourself a pretty book so it will be more fun to write in it from the very beginning.

And in case you rather write on your laptop, get a nice word templet for your diary.

Once you have a pretty place to capture your thoughts it will be much easier to sit down and get the words flowing.

5. Make it a routine

Set yourself a date and a time every day or week to write your diary. Try to include it in your daily routine to really make sure you’ll stick to it. Me for example I’m writing diary every week on Sunday when I do the planning for next week. I’ll recap on what has happened the past week to get all the thoughts of my mind so I can start fresh and without any worries into the new one.

Or another example, when I’m traveling my routine looks a bit different because then I’ll write diary daily, so I make sure the journaling is done right after breakfast every day.

By making journaling a part of your routine, it will get a habit within two or three weeks and you won’t even question to write down your thoughts.

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That’s it with my tips and tricks, I hope that whole post was inspiring for you to start journaling and write down all your memorable experiences and feelings.

If you still have doubts about journaling being the right thing for you, I can just say, you never know unless you try. Also, if the benefits are hard to imagine for you at the moment I’ll promise you, after you did it for a few weeks you’ll experience major life changes and improvement in your overall perseverance of yourself. Just give it a try and see for yourself.

You can stop doing it anytime if you still don’t like it, and the impact it has on your life will be totally worth it.


If you liked this post and know someone who should start journaling, share it with him or her. I’d love for more people to improve their lives by journaling.

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Do you keep a diary? What’s your way of journaling? Tell us in the comments.

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