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It’s time for my last travel diary entry from South Africa. My time here came to an end way to quickly and I am so sad to have to go.

But before I start drawing a conclusion about my time here and tell you why I love this place so much I want to quickly let you know what I’ve been up to during my last week.

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jbay 7 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 7 Jeffrey's Bay: Saying goodbye

To be fair it has been a very unexciting week. We had great weather and great waves.

The weekend was very slow, almost no people were in the hostel and it was basically me and the staff. Although by now you could count me as staff, at least according to the many times people thought I would be working here.

However, I really enjoyed the quiet. It almost felt like having my own space here. That’s actually something I miss a bit. Having my own room and some more privacy. But the good thing is, now I have something to look forward to at home.

Also despite what I had originally planned, I extended my stay here in J-Bay a few more times. At first I wanted to leave last Sunday but then I decided to do a Roadtrip all by myself wasn’t that much fun so I extended till Wednesday. Though by the time Sunday came and I saw the forecast, I was sure I didn’t want to leave and sit in Cape Town regretting not having stayed in Jeffrey’s Bay and surfing those incredible waves. So, I extended till today. It was the best decision I could have made. The waves were pumping.

Although I believe for my health it wasn’t a good decision cause the water is cold, so freaking cold, but I can recover at home, right?!

So, Monday till Thursday I stayed in the water all day long. Had some good waves and some not so good ones but I am making progress. In addition, I got some more tips from the local professionals and enjoyed my time with friends.


When not surfing, I was finally getting some tan because it was for once not too windy or too cold to lay in the sun. Also, I finished decorating the surf shack and spend some time with some of the locals who just came back from the Port Alfred Qualifying Contest.

Although these days have been very ordinary and unspectacular I enjoyed them so much. In total my time here has been amazing and I am not sure if I can enjoy my last day in Cape town tomorrow… I am going to miss this place too much.

However, let’s have a look why I love it here so much.

IMG 3369 - Travel Diary South Africa - Part 7 Jeffrey's Bay: Saying goodbye

6 Weeks of J-Bay – A conclusion

These travels have been so different to all my precious ones. Usually I would explore the country, see stuff and go to different places. But not this time. As I told you in one of my other diary entries, my main goal for South Africa was to improve my surfing. Also, when I went on this trip I felt a bit exhausted from the semester at home. So I really craved some rest and quiet times.

I didn’t plan to just stay in one place my whole tip. But I planned to stay somewhere for a longer time to really get to know the wave and work on my surfing.

By the time, I got here to J-Bay waves were so good and I was stoked. Also, people here were so friendly and loving from the very first moment that I just couldn’t help myself but falling in love with this place. And it happened so that I just got stuck here.


I asked myself a few times if I didn’t want to leave and see other places but I always concluded that I feared missing out here. And the fear of missing out in Jeffrey’s Bay was way bigger then the fear of mission out at other places.

Sure, I wished I would have had more exciting things to tell you and to really show you some impressions of South Africa. But I think I still got to know the country quite well, even though I didn’t really travel it.

It is a very open country with lots of stunning landscapes, great waves and lovely people. Also, it is not at all as dangerous as everyone says. I never felt unsafe even though I was traveling by myself. Of cause everyone tells you to not go out alone at night and I’ve heard stories about people getting robbed but nothing similar ever happened to me. And I was walking alone in town and stuff.

Also, the shark thing, which was probably my main concern turned out to be less of a problem than I have expected. Sure, there are sharks but the radar safety is pretty amazing and usually all incidence can be prevented. So, no worries!

To draw a conclusion about Jeffrey’s Bay: I love it!

The waves are amazing, you can surf most of the time even though it’s small. People are lovely and open minded. During my time here, I really made such good friends. I’m so going to miss every single one of them.

It’s funny how people are what makes a place so special that you never want to leave.

But this just means I must come back here. So, South Africa will join Australia and Hawaii on the list of places I must go back to.

Though I think this will be the place I will come back first. However, if I do, I will of cause take you with me.

For now though, it is time to say goodbye and move on to the next adventure: London and then France.

And of cause I’ll take you with me.

So, see you in two weeks in London. Stay tuned.

P.S.: If you want to see pictures of my last day in Cape Town where I will do cool stuff for sure, check out my Instagram and Facebook. I’ll keep you up to date there.


Have you ever felt so at home at a place that you didn’t want to leave? Where was it?

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