Happy Friday friends,

I am back with a new travel diary entry. I know it didn’t take long for me to start traveling again. Haha. You know me, I just can’t stay at home for long.

Anyway, let me tell you what I’ve been up to this weekend.

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So, after last weekend when I visited my brother and a very good friend in Frankfurt, I instantly flew to London on Thursday night to visit another friend from university who is doing her internship here.

We have planned that for a long time because we really wanted to go to the Wave-garden Surf Snowdonia.

Arriving late on Thursday night I got to the hostel very tired and exhausted and felt a sleep right away.

Friday morning, I slept a bit in, at least for my terms, and got up at about 8.

I took that day to wander around London. I walked from Tower Bridge all the way a long the riverside to London eye and then further into the city centre. IT was so great to see all the things again which I have seen when I was like 16. It’s funny cause nothing changed but you perceive things so much different once you are older. Also, I just love that city, there is so much to do and see that you never get bored. And the river walk is so beautiful, I could do it every day.

In the afternoon, I met up with my friend and we went to Camden Markets in Camden Town. This little suburb of london is very alternative and colorful. I love it. Everyone is dressed crazy, but in a good way and all the houses are painted and decorated and stuff. We walked around there, had some food and enjoyed each others company. Time with friends is truly the best.

Saturday started quite similar, I went on an adventure to hire a car for the next day, so we could drive to Wales. I chilled in Hyde Park and walked a bit more around. The whole weekend I was so lucky with the weather, it’s been sunny and hot all the time. Just perfect!

Later that day I again, met up with my friend and we chilled at her place, watched the WSL Founders cup. And then we went to bed early cause we wanted to be well prepared for tomorrow.

Sunday was the day! We’ve been waiting for it for so long. We picked up the car at 8Am and drove straight to Surf Snowdonia. It took us about 5 hours with traffic to get there.

At three we had our first hour for surf. We got a little instruction how the wave pool works. We shared the waves by three, so every one of us would get any third wave. The wave run every 90 seconds. The duration of your surf was an hour and we would get lefts and rights alternating.

It took a couple waves to get used to the feeling. The energy is like with a river wave coming from in-front, so it is quite different to the ocean. In addition, you have to take off on the other side and then quickly do a turn towards the face. So, if you’d surf a left you have to do a right hand take off and then quickly turn left again.

However, after a few waves we figured it out and were able to catch some nice ones.

After that hour, we were quite tired and had lunch.

Then at six we had the second session, which was equally great. Just at the end we felt a bit tired. At least its been a long day for us.

Then we hoped in the car again and drove all the way back to London. I know it’s crazy. We drove longer there and back then we actually spend time there, but it was so worth it. I’d do it again any time.

Although I have to admit I need some sleep now.

Monday, which was my last day, we spend chilling as we were still tired from the day before. We went to Hyde park again and laid in the sun. It felt great.

At night, I flew home then. It was a short but awesome pleasure to be in London again. I love that city. It’s so full of life and excitement. I’ll definitely come back.

However, then back home it was time to get the rest of my stuff prepared cause tomorrow I’ll go to France.

For those wondering what and why I have to prepare so much, I basically move away from home for a year now. I’ll go to France for half a year and then from there I’ll go straight to Portugal to do a semester abroad. So that means for me I have to pack for a year in two different countries, for four different seasons. Man, that is work!

But it is fun too and I am excited for everything that is ahead. And of cause I will share everything exciting with you. So, stay tuned for a lot of adventure and fun times. In the meantime you can come by my Instagram and Facebook and have a look how the packing and planning process is going.

Or read some other stories about my travels in the Travel Diary category.

See you next week!


What’s your favorite thing to do in London?

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