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I’m back with a new travel diary entry.

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As most of you probably know by now (I have mentioned it way to many times just everywhere :D) I am back in France working as a surf instructor.

I’m already here for almost two weeks and I thought it would be a good occasion to give you a short summery of what I’ve been up to.

Well, my overall life here hasn’t changed much and is quite like what I’ve been telling you last year.

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I’m still giving surf lessons, we are still working in a team and doing weekly classes. We are still chilling and enjoying the beach life. Life’s good I’d say.

However, every year is still a tiny bit different from the one before. So, let’s start from when I first got here two weeks ago.

After another long and exhausting drive, this time it took me 18h because I got lost in Switzerland – GPS doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to be – I arrived in France.

For those wondering, yes, I drove it all alone and no it’s not too much. At least not for me. I’ve done it a few times by now and of cause it is exhausting but if you get up early, like 2AM and then drive during the day, listening to audio books, taking short breaks every 2 or 3 h and having good music, you’re fine. But for sure it’s not for everyone and by the time you arrive your whole body is in pain from sitting, your brain is mash from concentration and you have a serious lake of communication.

The first week went by very quickly and to be honest not everything went as well as it used to be. We were all still a bit off and needed to get used to the place and the work. You could tell we all haven’t done this in a few months.

We were late on time, forgot to do things and improvised here and there.

Additionally, I’m not used to arriving and then have to work straight the next day. Usually I had a week ahead to adjust. So, I was a bit lost and had way too many things on my mind to focus properly on my work and classes. Thank god though I had a great team and together we managed to still give quality lessons.

In total, most of everything worked out well and we had an overall successful week. There you can see again what a great benefit it is to work in teams. We really have each others back.

In addition, I was very happy to see some of my friends again. At the moment, we’re around 12 instructors, which is a good number. It’s still very personal and a great dynamic within the team. When it gets to 20+ it can get quite exhausting and a bit crowded, not only in the water but also in the kitchen and common area.

Waves unfortunately were very rare that week. It was stormy and too huge in the beginning and then it got too small. The usual I’d say.

Though by Sunday of the following week, waves got better and better. It got big again, about 1,2 m and a period of 13 s but it broke way cleaner and nicer then the week before.

It was fun. Although I have to admit I still need to get used to surfing a beach break again and I definitely didn’t miss the current and paddling. LOL.

During this week, I had an intermediate class, which is a good change because some of my less favourite topics aren’t needed to be covered there. Also, it’s nice to work with students that can surf a bit already.

Besides the lessons, we finally had good weather and it got warmer day by day. In the beginning, I almost froze to death, especially while standing on the beach for hours. Guess that’s one of the down sides on this job.

Lastly, I’m proud to say I finally started learning Portuguese for my Erasmus exchange in September and it goes quite well. In addition, it feels good to keep my brain working as well.

Now one more day to go and then my off day is calling. I think I’m going to drive to Hossegor to do some shopping. Need a thicker wetsuit.

But about that and everything that follows the coming weeks I’ll tell you in two weeks. I’m not doing weekly travel diary entries this time because my week is basically the same all the time and therefore there’s not that much to write about. Nevertheless, you’ll get still two posts every week so no worries. I got you covered ;).

Hope you all have an amazing time and stay tuned for more updates from France.

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See you soon!


 Would you drive 18h all by yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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