What shall I do with my life? This is a question almost every person on earth must face sometime. Some people have the luck to find an answer right away. They seem to be so certain about themselves and their life purpose, nothing can stop them from pursuing their dream life. And it seems so easy for them to know what they are meant to do, but for most of us this is a long journey. It takes effort. But today I want to change that. I have 8 easy but very effective tips how everyone, you and I, can find their life purpose and discover their passion to finally have a path to follow.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

discover your passion 1 - Discover your passion: 8 easy but effective ways to find your life purpose and pursuit happiness

Before we get to those tips I want you to know that finding your life’s purpose is something that will come naturally without you doing anything when you stop seeking for it.

Every human has an inner and an outer purpose which is his fulfilment.

Everyone’s inner purpose is to enjoy life to be one with life and to go with the flow of life. enjoy life with all its ups and downs. To love every challenge and setback equally as every gain. To be one with everyone and everything around you. To be happy with what you have, who you are and where you are at, at this moment. To be conscious and fully present at the now. To love, enjoy and be at peace with what you do.

Outer purpose is to bring that love for life and joy of being into the world and other people’s lives through your doing, through action, creation and interaction. This is how you think you can make this world a better, more positive place.

It does not have to be the same action you take or thing you do for all your life. Your outer purpose can change over time.

Inner purpose is always the primary purpose and foundation for all your outer purpose and your doing. Only if you are happy and at peace with where you are, you can bring happiness and greatness to this world through your actions and achievements.

When aligned with your inner purpose, fulfilling your outer purpose will be powered by a greater power that is life and therefore help you achieve greatness.

So, don’t worry, it is okay to, at times, not know what you want to do with your life. That all belongs to the journey that is your life.

Just always know about your inner purpose and then your outer purpose will emerge as you stay true to your inner purpose.

Nevertheless, if you want to take action yourself I totally understand and here are some ways in which you can.

1. Find out what makes you happy.

Before even thinking of what you should do with your life, ask yourself what makes you happy. It doesn’t do you any good if you start doing something that won’t make you happy. To have an awesome, fulfilled life you need to spend it doing something fun. So, sit down and think of all the things that bring you joy. What is it that makes you laugh? What is it you could do all day long without getting tired of it?

2. Find your motivation.

After you have found out what makes you happy, you need to discover what motivates you. Your motivation should always be selfless. So, your own fulfilment doesn’t count. Ask yourself: How do I want to give back to this world?

Is there anything in your life that motivates you to get up in the morning and start doing whatever you want to do?

It can be anything. My motivation for example is to help people see the beauty in the ordinary, because life is so full of happiness and we tend to oversee it. That’s why I get up every day, keen on spreading the happiness and sharing my knowledge.

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3. Do things that move you.

The only why you can ever find your passion is by doing things. Do what you love, dig deeper in that area and try to learn everything possible about that topic. Spend as much time as you can on those things that bring you joy. But also do what you don’t like, try new things and do something you would usually never do. Just by expanding your skill area you are able to find things that you might love. To discover your passion, you need to try as many things as possible. You never know what can turn out to be the one.

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4. Listen to your heart.

When trying to find out what you want in life, listen to your heart. It doesn’t help you, if you do things just to please others or make someone else happy. Listen to your inner voice and what it tells you. Try to shut out your thoughts for once and only pay attention to the feeling in your gut.

What does it tell you?

5. Seek for inspiration in others.

The beauty of finding your purpose lies in talking to other people. Find inspiration in them, even look for an idol. Someone who has everything you want, someone you look up to. But don’t compare yourself or your life to theirs. Take them and their lives and journeys as an inspiration and motivation to where you want to get while still loving who and where you are. Talk to them or figure out what they did to get where they are and take your discoveries as a guideline for your successful hustle. And always remember: Finding your purpose is about the journey not the outcome.

6. Find a tribe.

To take networking a step further, it’s not only good to have someone to look up to but also likeminded people that understand who you are and where you are. A tribe you feel connected to can help you learn a lot about yourself. There’s a reason why research shows that we are a combination of the 5 people closest to us. Have a look what drives them, maybe it’s similar for you.

IMG 3915 - Discover your passion: 8 easy but effective ways to find your life purpose and pursuit happiness

7. Read.

Not only your friends and family can help you find out who you are, but also reading can.

By picking up books about self-development and areas you’re interested in, you will learn a lot about how you can improve as a person and come across new things you might want to look into more in detail.

In addition, reading about different point of views on life may help you figure out what you want and don’t want.

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8. Say goodbye to „Mr. or Mrs. Right”.

Lastly, and that is probably the most important thing you need to know when you want to find your life purpose and discover your true passion, you must say goodbye to the one right answer.

There is no such thing as the one thing you’re meant to do in life. There is not just one passion that will tell you who you are and what you should do with your life.

Passions are changing and so is your life purpose. And that is totally okay if not amazing because change equals growth and growing is what we all should aim for. There is a phase of your life for every passion. And it is normal that at one time you might not be into a certain thing as much as you have been during another time. It doesn’t mean it’s not your passion anymore, it more means that now is the time to focus on something new. You can always come back to an old passion later again.

With your life purpose, it is kind of similar. It might not change during your life but it for sure will seem more certain at times than at others. There will always be moments when you question yourself and what you are doing, and that is so human.

Just make sure that you find your way back. Remind yourself of why you do what you do and have faith in yourself and in everything working out the way it is supposed to be.

IMG 3877 - Discover your passion: 8 easy but effective ways to find your life purpose and pursuit happiness


Now, after reading those 8 tips on how to find your life purpose, I hope you are inspired and have some guidelines on how to seek for that purpose in your life.

If this post inspired you, feel free to share it. Shout it out into the world and help others find it too.

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See you soon!


What is your motivation in life? Let me know in the comments.

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