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I’m back with a new travel diary entry from France. So, let me tell you what I’ve been up to the past two weeks.

(German version here)

As mentioned in my last post, nothing really new happened. Still living the same old surfer life. LOL.

I didn’t go to Hossegor that weekend because I had so much other stuff to get done that was more urgent. I needed to sort out accommodation and classes in Lisbon and get other things going. You know how this is with stuff you are dependent on other people to get done. You have to start it early so they have time to review it and send it back to you in time.

But to be honest, it felt pretty amazing to be productive and get shit done.

Also, I earned some extra money that weekend by cleaning the apartments in my boss’ holiday house. Also, I have to point out here half a day off is not that much anyway so you really have to choose what to spend your time on.

Besides getting stuff done I went surfing a lot. Waves finally got better. We had between one and two meters, offshore and empty line-ups. What a dream.

Another very positive (at least in my eyes) point the past two weeks was, that the camp was almost empty. The first week we only had 7 people who took lessons so only 3 out of 10 instructors were able to work. I was one of them.

I had an intermediate class and we went surging every day. It was good fun and I love seeing the improvement my students make after one week.

Though I have to admit 2 weeks of surfing without one day break is quite exhausting and by the end of this week I was completely wracked.

Unfortunately, waves got big then and there was no break in sight. However, the stoke of being in the water almost makes the soreness in your muscles go away.

Besides good waves that week we had rather bad luck. Weather was disgusting. It rained every day and was cold and ugly. The only sunshine we saw was maybe after 4PM for a few hours. We took that thankfully.

The second week would continue like that. Even less people with just three, but I love an empty camp. It’s almost like having privacy. IT’s so quiet and peaceful here at the moment I can’t imagine right now how it is when everything is packed.

I so enjoy just living here with 6 friends, cooking, enjoying good food, going for a surf and chilling.

If you’d ask me, it could be like that all the time.

This second week, it was my turn to take a break and I took that thankfully as I had a few things to do anyway.

The rain got even worse and waves weren’t good either and I felt very sorry for some of my fellow camp mates because they almost got bored to death.

For me though that only meant I would finally get more things off my list. I prepared further for Lisbon, checked flights to J-Bay on a daily basis and wrote about 7 blogposts in advance. In addition, I continued learning Portuguese and managed to use the little sun we got to get a tan.

Successful vacation I’d say.

Also, I took that days off to finally drive to Hossegor and buy a wetsuit. First store, check! And cheap it was!

When not hustling or surfing I enjoyed doing nothing. I feel like a lot of stress felt off me the past weeks and I currently enjoy doing nothing more than ever. I remember how the last years I would get bored after two days without waves. Though this year it’s different. It was already like that in J-Bay. I can just lay in bed for hours, sleep and do nothing. It feels ahhh-mazing!

In addition, time of is even more enjoyed when you know there are busy times coming, don’t you agree?

And if I felt like doing something else, I’d just go into the woods and explore. Being so close to nature is great. It’s calm and relaxing.

So yep, as I told you. Nothing exiting happened, but that’s life sometimes. And traveling doesn’t necessarily mean to go somewhere new every day. Traveling is about seeing places, being curious about the unknown, discovering the little things and finding new homes far away from home.

Traveling can also be staying somewhere for longer and really get to know that place, so once you leave you can say you’ve really lived there and not just visited.

No matter how or where you travel or what you do, the most important is that you enjoy it.

That said, I’m saying goodbye for now. I will see you in two weeks with a new travel diary from France and on Monday and next Friday with some other goodies on traveling and self-development.

Though if you still can’t get enough of my time here, why not stopping by my Instagram or Facebook?

Stay stoked.


Do you rather go somewhere new every day or stay for longer?

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