Are you a woman and afraid of traveling alone? Then you have to read this. I put together a post to show you why now is the perfect time to travel solo as a woman and why you should lay your concerns aside and start stepping out of your comfort zone.

With this post, I want to give women who think they are to shy or not confident enough to travel by themselves a reason why they should. I want to free you from your worries that are holding you back from having an awesome life and travel the world. Furthermore, my aim is to make an end to the perception of traveling as a woman alone is to dangerous. Of cause, there are some parts of the world you don’t really want and should not go alone as a woman, but that’s not the topic today. We want to focus more on traveling solo as a woman in general. Because I know there are a lot of you out there that would never consider it. But trust me when I tell you, you are missing out.

So, are you ready to get you mind changed and start having a great time?

Okay let’s get started.

I know traveling solo is a hot discussed topic out there. Some are totally for it, others rather travel with a group or travel buddy. Besides the general benefits of traveling solo, there are some compelling arguments for women to travel by themselves.

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Furthermore, imagine you really want to travel the world but are not comfortable doing it alone. Though now you can’t find anyone to travel with. Will you now stay at home?

If you do so, you’re stupid. Sorry for dropping that bomb, but you’ll stand in your own way of having an awesome time.

Here’s why you should screw this and overcome your fear of traveling solo:

Gain confidence

First of all, traveling all by yourself will give your confidence a boost through the roof.

I know that doesn’t go just for women but also for men. Though women tend to be less confident about themselves in terms of what they are capable of. I know a lot of girls that think they don’t have the guts to handle going somewhere unknown all alone. They are afraid they won’t meet anyone and be alone all the time. The fear of not knowing what’s going to happen and whether or not they can deal with it is very present. I won’t deny that traveling solo isn’t easy and there will be struggles and hard times where you wish you had a person to share it with.

Especially women, I must admit, have to face challenges more frequently than men because of the likely hood to get approached and not taken serious.

However, I tell you once you step out of your comfort zone and overcome that fear of not knowing what to expect, you’ll be surprised what you are capable of and return as more confident.

Also, yes there are struggles but most of us underestimate what we can do once we are put in such a situation, so don’t let these thoughts hold you back from traveling. It is way less intimidating than you think.

Pursuit independence

Furthermore, think of how brave and independent you will look like when you decide to start conquering the world all alone.

I get to hear this so many times, when I tell people I travel solo. They always say: “You are so brave to come here all by yourself!”

And yes, they are right. Traveling solo takes a lot of courage but it will let you look independent as well. If you can’t find someone to travel the world with, go anyway you don’t necessary need someone to go out there and explore.

I know I’m always telling you to stop caring about what others think, but this time it is actually a good thing. Think of how people will perceive you when you tell your latest travel story. You’ll look strong and unstoppable and who doesn’t want to look like that?!

Become the master of your life

Along with looking independent, traveling alone is a great way to take the shot and become the master of your life. In every day life, we always are depended on other people, we need their opinions, help and service. Especially as women we are expected to care about others, help where we can and support. And to be fair that’s great but also sometimes can get exhausting and we need a break. Lucky us we have traveling. When traveling you can just do what ever you want and finally be in charge of what is going on in your life. Choose to step away from the expectations and obligations put on you by your people and start becoming the master of your life.

Take on a little challenge

I know you worry you might not be strong, mentally or physically, to handle certain situations. But trust me when I tell you, and I’ve mentioned that above already, you are stronger then you think. Lot’s of women underestimate themselves, because they’ve never been put in such difficult situations, but there is really no reason for feeling that way.

Most of the time, when in a situation, we have never been in before, we will figure out a way to handle it. That’s what we humans do. So, don’t hesitate to take on a little challenge.

If men can do it why not we?!

Also let me tell you, traveling solo is way less dangerous then you think. Of cause, there are countries you should probably not go alone as a woman, but those are very rare. And even to those there are women traveling alone. Sure, I can’t guarantee you that nothing will ever happen but bad things happen everywhere, at home as well. Though from what I have experienced, and I have been traveling to a few countries by now, the worst thing that can happen is that you get approached by guys all the time or people steel money or something.

But if you are careful, don’t challenge the risk and watch out for your stuff, then you’ll be fine most of the time. In addition, it is always helpful if you act confident even if you are not. A difficult situation looks and is way less dangerous once you act confident and with a mindset to be able to handle it.

Be who you are

One of the beauties of traveling solo as a woman is that you can be someone entirely different, you can be you without boundaries. Nowadays, in the world of Social Media, we are put into categories, we are judged for what we do, say and think. We are exposed to so many opinions and expectations that it is hard to find yourself. (Well, on the other hand Social Media makes it a lot easier to be who you are and put your true self out there, but that is another story and I might cover it some other time.)

When traveling however, you can be who you are because no one knows you. In addition, you have a lot of time to figure out what you want and by listening to your inner voice you might come across some new insights about yourself.

Try it, you’ll see you will come back with a better sense of who you are.

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Experience the beauty of attention

Lastly, and that is truly something mostly women experience, the beauty of attention.

When traveling solo as a woman you will always be seen as someone special. People will be impressed by you and your braveness. Also, you’ll meet a lot of guys while you are on the road and when you’re exploring the world alone they are more likely to talk to you. In addition, it triggers something in them that will want them to be around you all the time. Their natural habit of protecting and serving women will get even stronger when they see a girl traveling solo. They will feel the need to watch out for you and take care of you. They’ll literally carry you on hands sometimes. But make sure to not take too much advantage of it.

Also, I have to warn you though, it can get exhausting at some point, so be aware.


That’s it. I hope I could take the fear of some of you girls to travel solo as a woman and inspire you to finally take the step.

If you found this post helpful, feel free to share it with fellow women who need some encouragement.

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Otherwise, see you soon!


Why do you think it is great to travel solo as a woman? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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