Are you about to head out on a trip and now are dealing with the packing stress, afraid to forget anything and struggling with fitting everything in your suitcase of backpack? No worries, I got you covered. This post is going to show you that with the right approach and a positive Mindset packing can be fun. Bringing these 7 things and applying the tips I am about to tell you today you will reduce the stuff you don’t need, travel more carefree and enjoy the time before your trip without getting stressed out of forgetting anything important.

Sounds good? Okay let’s get started.

Here’s what we will cover today:

  • Why writing a packing list?
  • Three tips to pack to travel carefree
  • What to bring and not to bring?

1. Why writing a packing list?

Well the most obvious benefit and probably only reason for writing a packing list is of cause that you reduce the likelihood of forgetting something important and limit the stress packing causes.

With writing down what to bring you take those things of your mind. You can focus on other things you need to do before you head off and stop worrying to forget anything.

So that should be reason enough for you to start writing a packing list from now on.

Just imagine how much time you would have if you wouldn’t have to think of all the things you still need to pack.

Rather sit down once and write them all down and then check them off like a pro.

Though now that you’re convinced to write a packing list, what should be on it?

Here are some of the main categories you should think of when writhing your list.

Of cause, packing lists are very individual from person to person and trip to trip, but the categories of stuff remain the same.

1. Cloths

When packing cloths think of weather, occasions like parties, beach vacation, business trip and so on, and your preferences.

I suggest just bringing your most favourite cloths because the likelihood of you wearing them and not bringing them for nothing is way bigger.

Things that might be falling in this category are:

Underwear, beach wear, pants, jeans, skirts, rain jacket, towels, …

2. Toiletries

This category consists of everything you need to feel fresh and pretty (handsome).

Here I suggest bringing just travel sizes and by the rest if needed.

What you might need from that category is:

Toothbrush/paste, shampoo, make up, body lotion, hair brush, contact lenses, shaver, …

3. Tech

Very important category for people like me, bloggers.

Though even if you’re not a person hanging out online every day you might want to bring one or two things from this category.

         Like: Laptop, camera, watch, e-reader, power bank, hard drive, …

4. Medicine

All you need to stay healthy belongs here.

You might want to include:

Vitamins, plasters, Miskito spray, pain relievers, cough syrup, …

This might be very individual and dependent on your personal needs.

5. Documents

Everything from passport over visa to personal documents are included here.

Passport, money, insurance, visa, addresses, tickets, copies of passport, credit cards, insurance card, etc.

6. Other stuff

Everything that can’t be fit in one of the above-mentioned categories is at home here.

Things like:

Water bottle, lunch box, pillow, blanket, headphones, books, pen, paper, training gear, etc.

Be aware this is not a full list of things you should bring. I just motioned some examples to make a point. Though what exactly you should bring from each category is up to you and I count you smart enough to figure it out for yourself ;).

Now let’s rather focus on how we can make packing more fun and a great base for traveling care free.

2. Three tips to pack to travel carefree

Traveling can sometimes be exhausting enough so if there is anything we can do affront to make it easier and more convenient, why not doing it. Right?

Okay so here is my “packing policy”:

#1 Less is more…

The less you pack, the less you bring, the less you have to carry around and the more fun you will have when traveling. It’s that simple. Who wants to walk around with a 30kg heavy backpack or suitcase? Not me, and for sure you neither.

So, pack as less as you can to travel lighter.

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#2 … only take what you need …

Coming along with backing less is the fact to just pack what you need and leave things you won’t use at home. Best category to do that with is cloths. Leave all the cloths at home which you know you won’t wear.

#3 and remember, you can always buy what you didn’t bring.

Don’t worry if you are now afraid to leave something at home you might need against all odds. Always remember, you can buy almost anything. Especially toiletry and cloths are easy to be bought. So, don’t stress yourself out. Leave at home what you don’t need and buy the rest.

Applying these three tips you will soon realize how much more continent and carefree your travels got.

Great, isn’t it?!

Now let’s lastly discuss what you should definitely bring on any trip and what you should rather leave at home.

3. What to bring and not to bring?


Head-pones: to listen to music or shut out annoying noise

Water bottle: to save money you would spend on water and always stay hydrated

Training cloths: to stay active and always have something comfy to wear

Book/e-reader: to stay entertain no matter what

Camera: to capture your memories

Travel pillow: to get proper sleep in the airplane

Poncho towel: to stop caring if someone sees you naked when getting dressed

Power bank: to never have to leave your phone alone in a dorm again

What not to bring

Beauty products: remember you can buy anything

Sleeping bag: you won’t need it unless you are camping, rather bring sheets

Travel guide: ever heard of google? Also, locals are the best travel guide anyway


That’s it. Now you are all sorted and ready to go!

I hope this was helpful and could relief some pre-packing stress. If it did so and you know someone who should read this, feel free to share it with him or her.

In addition, if you want to get more travel inspiration, follow my Instagram and Facebook. That’s where I keep you up today about my latest travels.

See you soon.


What is your must-bring travel essential?

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