Hey Ho,

Welcome to another travel diary entry from France.

(German version, here)

It’s crazy how fast and how slow at the same time time goes by. On the one hand it feels like I’ve just written my last travel diary entry but on the other it feels ages ago and I barely remember what I’ve done the past two weeks.

Lucky us I keep a travel journal. LOL.

So, let’s see what I have been up to.

Where I left you last time I just finished of my holiday and started working again.

The first few days where hard. I wasn’t really motivated and waves weren’t good either. But my team was great and by mid of the week we had so much fun together, I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s always a surprise what difference it makes if you work with awesome people.

Camp life is the usual. Chilling, talking, eating. When I’m not surfing, or working I did a lot of workouts this week because of the lack of good waves. I did my usual “hustling” stuff and just enjoyed spending time with my friends.

I also found a photography buddy and we went on a few photoshoots this week. It was soooo fun! I just love taking photos and also being in front of the camera sometimes.

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Mid of that week I had a funny adventure with a friend whom I had to drive to the airport. The day had to leave he realized he didn’t bring any ID so he couldn’t fly. He needed to go home though and that’s why we tried to find a solution the whole drive to Bordeaux. In addition, we saw the most beautiful sunrise I’ve seen in a while and we almost had a car accident to because we were so excited and stressed out at the same time.

But in the end, he got home well and I got back to the camp and had to work with a serious lack of sleep.

The rest of this week as I said, was very funny but nothing special. One thing happened though, who would have guessed it… We needed to take more vacation as the camp just isn’t so booked this year.

So, there is one slow week coming the following and then in three weeks another. I happily could make a deal with my team mates to work next week and then take the second week of so I could go to J-Bay earlier. So, exited!

The following week wasn’t more exiting either. Though I like it when the camp is emptier. Means more privacy and relaxing time.

In addition, waves got sick this week. We had about 4 days in a row with awesome waves between 1.5 and 2m, mostly offshore and just perfectly breaking lefts and rights.

The surfer hearts are beating faster. But my body is exhausted. Haha.

Classes were good as well, we worked by 4 and had 11 students which made it very easy and less stressful. Not that this job would ever be really stressful…

I also had hard times slowing my excitement about that upcoming trip to J-Bay down. The best thing on going there earlier is that I get to see the WSL contest. Sooo amazing!

This weekend I’ll start sorting out what to take and start packing. Also, there’s one more week of work ahead of me and then finally a longer break. Nevertheless, I think I’m going to miss this place here a lot and it’s always sad to say goodbye to your friends and not see them for a while, am I right?

But the good thing is, it’s just for six weeks and then I’m back and after all I’m leaving to do something fun.

So that’s it from France so far, next travel entry from here will be in August. But of because I will be back next week with a lot of new inspiration and then some new travel stories from J-Bay very soon.

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Stay tuned and hope to see you soon!


Where do you go for your next holiday?

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