Traveling is not really about leaving your homes but leaving your habits. – Pico Iyer

Maybe you have already experienced it yourself. The incredible positive feeling of change. At first you don’t realize it but after a while you come to recognize little differences in your personality, your point of view and your overall picture of the world. There are many things in life that help us change. Though one thing that has a stronger impact on your personal growth than anything else in the world is traveling.

By the little action of going somewhere unknown you can gain confidence and happiness you would never be able to gain without. And if you don’t believe me, continue reading because today I am sharing 10 ways in which traveling helps you improve your personality.

Be ready to get inspired to travel more.

What we will cover today:

  • Why traveling changes?
  • 8 benefits traveling has on your self-development
  • One last call to action

Sounds good? Okay, let’s go.

Why traveling changes?

As mentioned above, in life there are many things that change us as a person. All the happy times, struggles, challenges, experiences and adventures we go through are having an impact on who we are and who we become. They all leave marks behind and shape us to the person we are supposed to be.

Though why does traveling have an even bigger impact than anything else? Well, it is because it forces us to step out of our comfort zone, drop all your believes and disidentify with everything you thought of knowing about life and yourself.

Maybe you have heard about that before. Growth can just happen if you challenge the unknown. You can’t improve if you continue doing the same every day. You need to experience, fail, succeed and learn in order to make new discoveries and find out what works best for you.

Traveling pushes us in so many ways to challenge the unknown. Every day you are out there forced to face a situation in which you have never been before. Though this is a good thing because you will learn to adjust and handle it and after you did this you will return as more confident and with more experience for future situations like that.

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In your everyday life, you will also have to face challenges, but not as unexpected and diverse as it is while traveling.

That is why for everyone, you and me it is important to go and explore the world. Not only because it is fun but also because it will help you change and improve.

So here are 10 examples how traveling helps you improve your personality.

8 benefits traveling has on your self-development

This is based on my experience, so it might be a bit different for you. Some of those traits can and will apply to you as well but others must not necessarily have an impact on you. What exactly will change in your personality and how you will change is very individual and dependent on the experiences you make while you are traveling. Also, it is hard to predict as who you will return after your trip but trust me when I say, you will be a different you. Maybe you will even turn by 180° like I did after my first travels. But as I said, change is good.

Here is what positive impact traveling can have and how it can change you.

1. Being more spontaneous

I used to be very planned through and organized. That’s just who I am. I love planning and sorting out things. Though through traveling you are forced to adapt a more spontaneous way of living. You can’t always predict or plan what is going to happen that day because you know, you don’t know anything about where you are and what is going to happen.

Also, while traveling it is a very normal thing that situations occur which you didn’t expect so you have to be spontaneous enough to deal with them then.

Though I appreciate being more spontaneous now because it helps me have more fun. A live all planned out can be great but doing something unexpected brings so much joy and good stories to tell. Don’t you agree?

2. Finding out what you want

That’s something I’ve been telling so many times already. Traveling is the best way to find out what you want and don’t want. You have time to think about everything and listen to your feelings.

In addition, no one forces you to do anything you don’t like. It’s all up to you how and with whom you spend your day. So, take that opportunity to choose doing what you love and try new things to find out if there are passions you didn’t know about before.

Traveling is a great opportunity to discover new things.

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3. Stop wanting to be perfect

In a world, full of judgment and Photoshop it is hard to not strive for the perfect. Whether it is in your job, your friends or with your looks we all have that initial drive to be perfect for someone else. Though this habit is so unhealthy because there is no perfect. There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like your work, looks, personality or whatever. So screw it.

The beauty of traveling though lies in the imperfect. When you go somewhere unknown, you stop have expectations. You stop having the longing for something being perfect because it will turn out to be different anyway.

4. Seeing the little things

Do you know that moment when you first arrive at a new place? Everything is exciting and you don’t know where to look first. You want to soak it all in and don’t miss one little thing.

Well, that is one of the great things about seeing new places. You pay attention to the smallest detail in order to not miss out.

Applying this to your day to day life it will help you have better relationships because you will see the small things you appreciate on your partner or friends. It will also help you find happiness in the everyday because there will be little things you see that will make your day.

5. Appreciating and being thankful

I can just speak for someone who has been going up in a well-developed country. So, this might be different for you if you grew up having just the necessary. But for me as someone how knew with the right amount of money I could by anything I want and money was being just a matter of work, I stopped appreciating the ordinary things. It was normal to live in a house with heating, eat what I want and get the newest camera or game for Christmas.

Though through traveling for a longer time with very less stuff and having to live under less luxury circumstances like sharing a room with others, not having a fully equipped kitchen or just seeing how poorer people in not so developed countries live made me change my perspective. I started appreciating things I have again and being more tankful for what I have and am able to do.

6. Saying no to materials

When I was younger having things was so important to me. The more cloths I had the happier I was. I was a collector.

Though when I came home from my first travels I experienced how drowning it can be to have so much stuff.

Living with less will help you getting along with less.

Now materials are not so important anymore. It is more about the values, the experience you make.

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7. Perceiving friendship different

Friendships are so important in life. I think you agree with me here. Though while I needed to have a lot of friends to feel loved during high school. I now know it doesn’t matter how many friends you have un less they are real friends.

Also, friendship is not about how often you text or see each other. Friendship is about taking care of one another, being interested in each other’s lives and having fun together.

You can see your best friend only once a year and it still can be your best friend. Because you guys are so close it feels like you have seen each other every day the past year.

Also, people meet during traveling and you just got to know a month ago might be able to know you better than your longest friend from back home.

If traveling though me one thing about friendship it is the following.

True friends don’t have to know you for long or see you often. True friends are those you feel a deeper connection to. Some you could talk to for hours without getting bored and some that genuinely are interested in you live and you as a person.

8. Developing the desire to grow

I’ve not always been that growth oriented as I am now.

         This interest of mine just developed through traveling because I experienced the changes and positive impact traveling and its constant challenge of the unknown has.

Returning as a completely different person left such a big impression that the strive for improvement and growing as a person got so much stronger.

Traveling brought out my best parts and awoke passions I didn’t know of before.

It inspired me to aim for personal growth. And I am sure it will do the same for you once you start traveling the world.

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One last call to action

So, if there is anything you want to change on your personality or if you just have the longing to grow and gain more confidence and happiness then I urge you to travel.

Pack your suitcase, book a plane ticket and go somewhere unknown.

Experience the beauty of seeing new things and facing challenges that will help you return as a stronger and more empowered you.

There is nothing you can lose. You can just win. So, go out there and travel the world.

And then tell us what you have learned.


Thanks for reading this. I hope it inspired you to go out there and travel. If it did so and you want to inspire others to travel the world as well, feel free to share this post.

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Otherwise, see you soon!


How did traveling change you?

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