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Welcome to another Friday post. As it is common for those posts, they are a bit more personal and I usually share my travel stories on Fridays. Though today I want to talk about a slightly different topic. I thought it was time to tell you a bit more about myself and my motivation.

I want you to truly get to know me and that is why today I’m going to tell you why I do what I do and what I do exactly.

But first let’s look at what you get to read here:

  • What I do
  • Why I do what I do
  • How this can inspire you

Okay let’s get started.

What I do

So before telling you why I do what I do I have to let you know what exactly it is that I am doing.

Well I must admit, it’s a bit hard to put it into words because it is not just one thing that I’m doing. Of cause, I can tell you what my profession is, what I’m studying and how I make my money. But to be honest, it is not just about those things it’s also about what I’m spending my free time on.

So, let’s try to sum it up.

As my main “job” I am a student, studying sport science. At the same time, I’m working on building my own business around my passion of traveling, surfing and helping other people where I can. So therefore, a huge part of my free time I spend on developing skills and knowledge in my areas of interest. Marketing, management, self-development and mental wellbeing.

Besides attending classes at university I am traveling the world on a constant search for the perfect wave. Surfing is my passion.

To earn money, I work as a surf instructor in France during summer time and do part time jobs in web design, writing and online marketing.

The rest of my time I use study all kind of stuff related to building and growing a business, personal branding or photography. I also blog because I love to inspire people and share my knowledge, take photos because I love the beauty of capturing things and work out to keep my body fit.

So, as you can see, this all doesn’t quite fit together and I often get asked the questions, why I study if I don’t like it and why I study something I don’t want to work at.

Well that leads us to the next point.


Why I do what I do

So, to sum above mentioned up, I basically do a lot of things I love, that all hopefully lead me to were I’m supposed to be. Being happy and healthy, physically and mentally.

But what is the thing that drives all my doings? It is: Presence.

When asked what my biggest fear is, I always answer: “Running out of time too early.”

That is why time as in every single moment of my life is my motivation for everything. There are so many things I want to do and learn, I can’t decide with what to start. There are so many places in the world I haven’t seen yet and so desperately want to see.

This present moment is the only good on earth that you can’t get back. Every moment as you experience it right now will never come back. So that is why to me being present and making the most out of every minute of my life is so important and not wanting to waste time motivates me to do as much of what I love as possible.

Disclaimer: Though not wanting to waste time doesn’t mean you have to do something all the time. Sometimes doing nothing can also serve a purpose and lead you where you need to be. So, don’t force yourself to be productive if you’re not feeling like it. Taking a break is necessary too. It is all about being present, being in the now and enjoying what you are doing right now with every cell of your body. Or if you don’t enjoy it because you don’t like what you are doing then it’s about embracing that feeling of dislike and figuring out how to change your situation.

So now let me tell you the story why I study but don’t really study and live in a country I don’t really want to live in. Why I travel the world even though I am supposed to be at university and why I hustle to improve myself every day.

Imagine you’d be stuck between two worlds. One you’ve always dreamed of being a part of and the second one you’ve been growing up in and therefore still can’t imagine to not be a part of anymore.

Since I can remember, I always wanted to surf and from the very moment, my dad booked a surf camp, I felt in love with it. All I could think of, during the time I had to go to school, was the trip I was about to go on, as soon as I would graduate.

It took ages for this moment to come. But when it finally was time to pack my bags and head out in the world, I was the happiest girl in the world. And now, whenever someone asks me about the best time of my life, I’d say it was, when I started traveling and finally got to surf every day. As a matter of fact, I loved it and from that moment, I couldn’t ever imagine a time where I wasn’t able to surf every day. Unfortunately, there is no chance I ever get a good job with just a high school graduation, is there? At least not without a damn big amount of luck…

As I’ve motioned before, I grew up in a society, where children are being told to be good in school and go to university. So, they’ll find themselves a good-payed job and therefore can afford a house and a family. As a child, I was already very competitive. In school, I always wanted to be the best. And to be honest, there was never a doubt for me, I would make something out of my life. Although I’m still figuring that part out. My parents always thought me how important it was to know what you want at a stage of your life, so you can work towards your goals and make your dreams come true. And I knew what I wanted almost my whole life. Or at least I had an idea in mind, even though this idea changed over time.

So, those things lead me to the point where I am right now. Stuck between two worlds, not able to decide which one to live in.

My heart wants me to travel and surf every day. Traveling is like a drug, once you got a taste, you always want more and it is hard to reject. Meeting new people, experiencing different characters and seeing amazing things every day is very addictive, you know. Once you’ve seen what the world and nature as to offer, you’ll never be satisfied again. You’ll always want to see more.

In addition, there is surfing which only makes this desire even stronger. Imagine you’d have a passion. A desire that strong, the only thing you can think about is when you get to do it again. And the hardest is to have the patience to wait for that moment to come. It’s like being thirsty and not able to drink. I tell you growing up and living in a country where there is no ocean is the worst, if surfing is your passion. So, it was obvious, from the very first moment I started surfing, I must find a way to live closer to the ocean. And I don’t want to wait anymore, I want to surf every day and I want it now!

My brain though, tells me to just wait a few more years. Wait until I have more than just a high school graduation to rely on. Also, it makes me sad not seeing my little brother, who’s still growing, for such a long time. And to be honest, it’s not all bad here. At least not during summer time. And working towards my goals is fun too.

As you can see, I have a big conflict of interests. On the on hand I want nothing more than surf or travel around. On the other hand, I want to build a solid future in which I can earn money doing what I love. The pity is just that what I love is not only traveling and surfing but also building a business and blogging.

Through traveling I got more restless. Not being out there exploring makes me feel anxiety. I can never get enough from seeing new things and experiencing that beauty. Through traveling noting “ordinary” feels special enough anymore. I’m never satisfied, unless I’m traveling. Before my first trip, I just didn’t know it any different. I had no idea how wonderful traveling could be. So there was nothing for me to miss and although I wondered how a life like this would be. I was still happy with what I had. Cause what you don’t know, you can’t miss. Now though, that I’ve lived both those awesome lives. I want them both and I want them at the same time.

So, motivated by time passing by and not coming back I want to use every second I have to try to combine those two worlds as good as I can, so I get the best out of both.

But that is not enough. I want to help everyone, who is in a similar situation to overcome that restlessness as well and be able to live their best lives. That is why I’m here writing this.

How this can inspire you

I know, you might not be as driven by time as I am and that is probably good for you because it can be very precious. But take my story as an inspiration to strive for what you love. Don’t limit yourself or your dreams to something someone else says or wants.

It is possible to build a present and a future that you love. Even if the things you want to do are so different from one another.

It’s perfectly normal that your journey is not a straight line. That you do things that don’t perfectly fit in your resume or you sometimes get off track.

As a matter of fact, those times are the ones you learn and grow the most. So, don’t hesitate doing things that seem to not bring you further right now. They will in the long run, trust me.

Keep hustling and you will see you will get where you are supposed to be.

Of cause, sometimes you’ll question yourself. Wondering if you do the right thing. If it is worth being restless and unsatisfied sometimes, to be happy during other times.

But let me tell you, no matter how hard it seems sometimes, in the end, it will all be worth it!


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Enjoy and see you soon!


What is it that makes you feel anxious when you’re not able to do it?

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