We all have those little things and thoughts that threaten our happiness and make us feel dissatisfied and unconfident. What is it for you? What leads you into a vicious cycle of feeling anxious and not good enough. Holding onto these thoughts and beliefs will cause stress and dissatisfaction in the long run so we must get rid of them. They are holding us back from living our best and happiest lives. That is why you must let go of what no longer serves you to make space for what brings you joy and happiness.

In this post, I will point out 5 things you should definitely let go of in case these thoughts are in your mind frequently. In addition, I will outline why holding on to them is holding you back from living a happy life and therefore make it even easier for you to let them go. Of course, everyone has his or her own burden to carry and you have individual threats to your happiness. But nevertheless, you might find one or two things out of my top 5 things that you struggle with too and then can let go of them.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Being perfect

There is no such thing as perfect. Perfect is very individual and what one perceives as perfect might not be perfect for someone else. In fact, perfect doesn’t even exist. You can always do better if you really want to. Though let me tell you, always striving to do better and never accepting something as good enough is holding you back.

How trying to be perfect is holding you back?

         If you want something to be perfect, you won’t stop until it is. Though there’s one thing you haven’t thought of when making that calculation. As there is no perfect, you will never reach the perfect. So, you will go on and on and on. You will spend all your time, money and energy onto that one thing you want to be perfect and miss out on so many other things you could do meanwhile.

So, let go of the perfect and rather do everything as good as you can but then when it is time have faith that it is good enough.

2. Pleasing others

Same as trying to be perfect, trying to please others is unhealthy in the long run. Sure, it’s nice to do nice things for others but you can’t possibly please everyone as there are so many different wants and opinions.

There’ll always be someone who won’t like what you’re doing. So, stop trying to make it right for everyone.

How this is holding you back?

If you focus to much on what others want and need you easily forget what you want or need. That isn’t healthy, I’m sure you’ll agree. Listen to your inner voice and what it tells you. Shut out the noise from outside and do what is best for you.

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3. Having a lot of money

Sure, money is important, after all it is what makes it able for us to do what we want. But it can also be a threat if we always try to make more and more money, save and save. We stop enjoying life and we stop living because all we do is saving money or working to save money or feeling anxious because we don’t have enough money to feel secure.

How this is holding you back?

If you put having a lot of money on your bank account above everything you miss out on so much. You stop living. Money becomes so important that it’ll control your life and that’s where it gets difficult. You can’t spend it anymore because you are afraid of losing your safety net. Though let me tell you, having a lot of money isn’t everything. Experience and memories is what counts.

Let go of the thought money will make you happy. It won’t. And even if there will be times where you have almost no money, you won’t die, that’s for sure. Money can always be earned back. Remember this.

4. Feeling guilty for not exercising or eating healthy

Especially women are likely to feel that threat. I do it a lot. Every time I’m not exercising as much as planned even though I’m not ill or feeling bad (health wise speaking) I feel guilty. Also, every time I have a treat, even when I planned on having one, I used to feel guilty after. Though then I changed my approach. One bad meal won’t hurt and one day without exercise neither. If it doesn’t get a habit there’s nothing wrong with skipping once in a while.

How this is holding you back?

If you just force yourself into a healthy lifestyle all the time you won’t be happy. You are going to think of all the things that you are missing out until the desire for those things get so big you can’t hold yourself back. Then you binge or quite exercising for good. But that won’t make you happy either. You have to find a balance. So, stop feeling guilty for not exercising once or having a treat. If you get back on track right after, nothing too bad will happen. I promise.

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5. Friends that don’t want to be my friends

I used to belief that everyone had to like me or that if I just worked hard enough I could make a friendship work even though the other person wasn’t into it as much as I was.

Friends that don’t really want to be your friends and show this by not replying frequently, not staying in tough or ignoring you are not worth your time and energy.

How this is holding you back?

When you put so much love and effort in making a friendship work and never get something out of it because the other person thinks she or he doesn’t have to do anything for it, it is so dissatisfying. You can’t go on like that for ever. You’ll get to a point where you feel out of energy to keep going. Let it go. Don’t force a friendship with someone who’s not willing to give as much as you are.

Rather spend your time and energy on those people that know your worth and appreciate your effort.


Letting go of just one of these 5 things will help you improve your life and make it a happier place. But if there are more things, things I haven’t mentioned that you think are holding you back, don’t hesitate to let them go as well.

In general, it’s a good practice to ask yourself every time you’re feeling unhappy about something: Does this really serve me or is it holding me back?

If it is holding you back, let it go.

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See you soon.


What is holding you back?

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