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I’m here with some more travel news. Looks like I’m back in Jeffrey’s Bay.

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I landed here last week on Wednesday and already fought up with one of the German girls I met last time and with whom I planned to come back here. After some waiting in Jo-Berg we were welcomed so friendly and open hearted by the sweet boys who picked us up.

Here I have to mention one cool thing. When I was waiting for my board to arrive one of the pro surfers who obviously came for the contest stood right next to me. I can just say: fan girl moments! Haha.

Then after we arrived at island vibe, the hostel we are staying in we checked into our residence. We are staying in a separate apartment just us two. So nice.

It’s good to have a place to yourself.

The next day we went to supers and watched the men’s finals. I’m a bit sad to have missed most of the contest and also my most favorited surfers but it was still great to see those pros rip the waves I just surfed a few months back. And the women are still coming at least.

In addition, I of cause couldn’t hold myself back and jumped in the water myself. Me and my surf buddy has a lot of fun, although he’s been catching almost all the waves. But who can keep up with that paddling anyway. 

It was also very cool to see everyone again. They were all so happy and I heard that everyone was excited to see me again. I was too! 

This is the first time I’ve ever been back to a place. I must admit it’s awesome. I always felt sad about not seeing the people again I’ve so deeply got to like but now I am and it’s amazing. 

You can really see how true friendships have been built and it’s nice to know that you’re always welcome at a place. 

The next few days we mostly spend with our friends, I went surfing with them and we enjoyed the sun. Winter here is actually not too bad. To be honest when I arrived in Jo-Berg and the captain said it was 1 degree Celsius outside I wanted to cry. But here It’s still warm, like spring in Germany. During the day, you can easily chill in the sun with bikini on but during the nights it gets freezing. Glad I brought my hot water bottle.

The rest of the time, when not surfing or handing with my friends I took photos, went food shopping or laid in the sun. I also am still studying Portuguese although it’s way harder to keep up with it here. 

Unfortunately, the waves got really small this week so we had a few lay days. But we went doing sup instead and saw dolphins right next to me. So exciting! 

We also went for pizza on Tuesday and worked out a few times. 

The usual life I guess.

So, to sum it up, I had a great start into my J-Bay trip and I am already feeling like I’ve never been away. This place has got something special. I love it and I can’t wait for more amazing weeks with lots of surf and fun times coming. 

So far though, that’s it from me. You’ll get new update on two weeks and some other travel related posts in between. 

Hope you have an amazing time and I’m sending lots of sun and happiness.

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