It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon. You’re sitting in your room wondering what to do today but there’s just nothing coming to your mind. You are bored to death and out of inspiration. Nothing seems to be motivating enough to get up and do something. And the more you try the less motivated you feel to do something at all. You are stuck in a vicious cycle of boredom. But hey, see it positive you got so bored you started googling what to do to beat boredom and you came across this post which will help you overcome it and get back the excitement about life.

We all know that feeling of being uninspired and out of motivation to do something. We are all bored to death occasionally. Though let me tell you that’s not bad at all. Being bored has some benefits that can help you if treated correctly and you are about to learn how.

In this post, I will help you to beat the boring times and show you 7 things you can do when you are feeling bored that will help you get excited again and back the joy of life.

Sounds good? Let’s do this!

Here is what we will cover today:

Why being bored sometimes, is good for you

How to use boredom to achieve your goals

7 things to do to beat boredom and get excited about life again

Why being bored sometimes, is good for you

Before we start pulling you out of that quicksand of boredom I want to show you a different angle in which you should view your situation.

Maybe once someone has already told you that being bored is not all bad. Maybe you have heard that it can also help you with getting creative and inspired. And maybe you then have wondered how this is possible.

Well, let me tell you this. Creativity is a process that takes patience and time. You can’t force coming up with great ideas or solutions for problems. In addition, very less people can get inspired by pressing a button.

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For both processes you need space to let your thoughts wander. You need time to think and dream. Yes, you heard me right, dream. Great things are a result of people having visions and ambitions and then putting in the work to make them happen. But dreaming big is only possible if you give yourself the time and space to do so.

Maybe you’ve been in that situation before, when you had so many things on your mind you didn’t know what to do first and while you were hustling from A to B you haven’t had time to enjoy anything of it. Yes, after you’ve finished you were even relieved that it was over because you had no time to breath.

Now let me ask you one question. Did you do anything creative during that time? Did you come up with new brilliant ideas? Probably not.

And the reason for that is, your mind hasn’t had any time to flourish and grow ideas.

So, next time when you are bored remember this. A little boredom is the entrance to creativity.

Stop being upset and unsatisfied of being bored. Rather enjoy not having to do anything and let your thoughts wander. Dream, envision, fantasise. You never know what great thing will come to your mind.

Now how exactly can you use your boredom to achieve your goals.

How to use boredom to achieve your goals

Sometimes it’s good to enjoy doing nothing and being a little bored because if we get too worked up we are not motivated to do anything anymore. Now if you are feeling unmotivated to start doing something maybe being bored is exactly what you need to get back motivation. Imagine how you would appreciated work, school, or whatever once you had a couple days of absolute boredom. I’m sure you’re happy to have something to do after all, right?

Taking time off hustling and having this dissatisfaction of not knowing what to do can not only generate new ideas but also motivation to keep chasing your dreams.

It’s perfectly fine not have the drive to work towards your goals all the time. As mentioned above, sometimes more is less. Though once you took those few days to unwind, you have more power and energy to keep crushing it.

Now I’m fully aware that some of you either feel bored too often and therefore have a deep motivation to finally use their regained energy or they’ve been dragged so deep into this shithole of dissatisfaction and boredom that they feel unmotivated to do anything.

Reason for both is that you for one don’t have enough inspiration and second that it is hard to beat boredom all alone. But lucky you I have 7 tips for you what you could do to bring back excitement and joy of life.

7 things to do to beat boredom

1. Read

Grab a good book and dive into a faraway world or learn some new skills.

Reading a good roman can trigger your fantasy and help you dream of something bigger.

An autobiography or self-help book can give you new ideas on what to work on or what you might want to start doing.

So, by reading you can help you mind coming up with new inspiration itself.

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2. Go for a walk

If you don’t feel like reading or find it doesn’t help you, why not trying to get out of your normal environment. Go for a walk, go out there and do something.

It doesn’t matter what, just get active. By moving your body certain, parts of your brain get activated and might take off your mind of being bored.

Try it and you’ll see you will be motivated in no time.

3. Have a conversation

Sometimes talking to a friend or family member can do wonders.

I remember times, when I was a teen and had boring Sundays every week I always talked to my mum. She tried to help me and gave me a whole list of things I could do. Sometimes I found inspiration other times not but it always helped to ask for ideas on how to beat boredom.

In addition, if you are really uninspired, having a conversation with an ambitious person might help you trigger your creativity.

I love talking to people because out of such conversations I always get my best ideas and visions.

4. Tidy your room

Cleaning out old stuff and throwing away rubbish is such a great feeling, don’t you agree?

My mum always said to me I should go through my stuff and tidy my room once I complain about being bored.

And I have to admit every time I did I found myself freer and more motivated after.

5. Try something new

I know that might sound obvious, but doing something you have never done before could reveille a new passion. And even if you figured you don’t like it you at least applied tip number 2 and went out and did something.

So, go out there and try whatever you feel like.

6. Do what you wanted to do for a long time

Same, same but different then number 5. Not only trying something new can flourish your creativity and bring back motivation, but also doing a thing you’ve been wanting to do for a long time can.

I know we all have those things we always wanted but never had the time to do. Well now you have the time. So, go do it!

7. Get creative

That might sound strange now, doing something creative when you’re not feeling inspired. But no worries, I don’t mean coming up with new ideas. I here refer more to the act of doing art and stuff. Do handcrafts, paint, draw, make music or whatever comes to your mind.

Doing something with your hands will take your focus off your mind and you will soon have it more unwind. In addition, creating something is so much fun and can have a huge impact on enjoying life.


I hope after reading this you feel less bored more motivated and excited already. If you do and found this post valuable, let’s help others beat their boredom by sharing this post.

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Apart from that I hope to see you next time.


What do you do to beat boredom?

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