Today I’ve got another part of my travel diary from the World Trip back in 2015 and 2016 for you.

My time in Australia came to an end and I went to Bali.

In this post, I will take you with me on this amazing island and tell you about all my great adventures and awesome friendships

Stay tuned and dive in.

bali - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation


Chapter 1: Bali, the land of your dreams

I finally am back with news!

I arrived in Bali and have already spent a week here.

It took me a while to get used to everything here and settle in.

And I would like to share all my good and bad experiences of the last days with you now.

My arrival in Bali was very overwhelming and chaotic and even booking a hostel in advance did not necessarily make it easier.

After I got off the plane I struggled with the overwhelming, humid heat, which I was not used to at all from Australia.

The next unusual event didn’t take long to come, as soon as I had passed the security checks 100 taxi drivers were waiting for me, and all offered me a ride. So that was my first challenge, I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know which one to take. Luckily, after an hour I met a nice Australian family who helped me choose one and negotiated the price for me.

After arriving in Canggu, it turned out that the taxi driver had no idea where the hostel was after all. So, considering that it was one o’clock in the morning, I had no choice but to stay in another hostel, where I was the only one and it was a bit creepy. But I didn’t care, I was dead tired and going to bed.

thumb IMG 0038 1024 - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation

The next morning the owners of this hostel took me to the other. There I had my first experience with driving on the left side of the road and with a scooter.

Luckily, everything went better than I thought. The hostel is also very nice and in good conditions. The people here are all surfers and totally fun. I’m sure I will have a good time here.

So, I had a few hours until Cosi would arrive. I went for breakfast. Best breakfast ever! Fruit here really tastes like fruit, I never had something better! Food in general is very amazing here.

The rest of the time I explored the area and did some things. However, it turned out that it is not so easy to find anything at all in Bali, since nobody has a clue about anything. So, it took me 3 hours to find a local SIM card.

After that was done, Cosi had arrived and we went out for Indonesian food. In a warung, where you could choose all kinds of things from a buffet. After that, we just fell into bed very tired.

The following day was marked by the search for surfboards. Which turned out to be extremely complicated, because all shops in our area had either only very old used ones for way too much money or new ones not the way we wanted them to be.

So, we decide to go to Kuta in the afternoon, because we had read on the internet, there would be a good possibility to buy boards.

Unfortunately, this mission failed because we were stopped by the police on the way there because we had forgotten our helmets.

The good thing is, they want nothing but money and if you play dumb you get away with it. Sometimes it’s good to be a girl I guess. LOL.

DSC01061 - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation

On Monday, we went to Kuta with helmet this time and there we were first brought back to the ground of facts that we would probably never find boards.

After some time of walking around we met a nice Balinese guy on the beach who offered to take us to his friend who sells good boards.

Of course, we accepted that immediately and raced three of us on a scooter through the small alleys of Kuta. We never would have found it alone.

Everyone there was very nice and introduced us to all possible surfboards, all in good conditions, and told us advantages and disadvantages. All in all, the perfect service.

After a while we both found our new companion and went to the bank to withdraw a few millions. Rupee of course! The prices were very good, I have never seen such a good board so cheap. We paid 2.5 and 2.7 million, which is between 160 and 200 euros.

The following day was bad luck too.

After we were surfing and it was just way, way, way too full and we had not really managed anything, Cosi somehow broke her board. On our way back from the beach we are on a very narrow road, because a car came towards us and we could not avoid it and unfortunately fell into a rice field. Nothing happened to us, but my board was broken and everyone laughed at us. I have to admit it was quite funny in the end.

Fortunately for us, repair in Bali is very cheap and of good quality so we were lucky.

The rest of the day we didn’t do much, because every time we started something, everything went wrong.

The next days were better and we only used them for surfing. The waves are very nice here, you have a large choice of beaches, there is something for everyone. Cosi and I fell in love with Barawa Beach, because the waves there are relatively small, although you can’t really call 2 meters small. Besides, there are fewer other surfers in the water and the atmosphere is not as aggressive as on some other beaches. With our boards, it is also getting better and we rock Bali.

Generally, we get used to everything here, slowly but surely and take the balilifestyle right in.

Also, the short rain periods in the afternoon do not disturb anyone, on the contrary it is even very pleasant, since it cools down the outside temperature a little. The water still stays warm like in a bathtub.

Also, the atmosphere in our hostel is simply perfect. Everyone is open and friendly and we go surfing and eating together.

The motto is Sleep – Surf – Eat – Repeat!

But soon we want to do some day trips. I am very curious about what awaits us.

I will report to you for sure.

Chapter 2: The little holiday from traveling

After another week in Bali I can finally tell something again.

Around January 23rd the waves in Bali have flattened out a bit. Nevertheless, as every day the waves checked diligently and whenever it was reasonably passable and not completely destroyed by the wind into the water and had one or the other good session.

On the same weekend, we made a scooter road trip to Uluwatu with some people from the hostel.

That was quite a challenge, the first time on the Balinese highway with the scooter. This is only a larger and therefore even more chaotic road, on which there are no traffic rules. Nevertheless, we made it to Uluwatu and went there to visit the first temple in Bali.

This one was very different from what I had imagined. It consists mainly of a huge garden and that is it.

But the main attraction was to see my friends in sarongs, which is an unbeatable sight.

Also, the beach with the beautiful bay is stunning.

The area itself is very touristic and the locals are not that friendly.

After half a day there, we then began the return journey of one hour, since the heat became unbearable.

Back in Canggu our “normal” life continued. Food. chill. Surf. Fun and relaxing, all we want.

IMG 8878 - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation

Thank God, the waves got better the following weekend, after we already suffered from a hostel boredom. Because of the rainy weather, we did nothing else but play cards, hang out and go surfing from time to time. However, one also discovers a lot here, if one makes only a short trip with the scooter. For example, Cosi and I passed a very nice Fruit Shop, where we first bought local fruit. Sooo delicious.

So, I don’t want to complain, it’s beautiful here and the people are incredibly nice and funny.

Even going out in Bali is quite cool. There are nice bars with live music and everyone dances and is in a good mood.

But the highlight is the good weather and the delicious food. It is unbelievably warm and mostly sunny and even when it rains it is rather pleasant, as it cools down a bit and the water is always warm anyway.

So, I’m having a very good time here.

It feels more like a holiday from traveling, just being in one place and doing nothing.

But soon I will explore the island a little…

Until then Selamat tinggal!

Chapter 3: Real Balinese!

A lot has happened since my last post, I don’t know where to start…

At the beginning maybe.

Besides the usual surfing, chilling and eating we also experienced some culture. On the first of February we were allowed to participate in a real Balinese ceremony in the hostel. This is only every 6 months in honour of the house, so the birthday of the house. For this we all went to the temple and prayed, sang and were consecrated with flower water and rice and not to forget the sacrifice we could eat afterwards.

It was a very nice experience to see something real Balinese and we all enjoyed it very much.

IMG 8732 - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation

The following day was special again, because we had no waves and decided to take a daytrip to Ubud.

The way to Ubud was beautiful, over rice fields, through forests and past Balinese temples and houses.

Our first stop there was the Monkey Forest. The monkeys there are very trustful and not cheeky at all, they just like to climb around on you!

Afterwards we went to a nice restaurant in the city and felt the relaxed, spiritual flair of Ubud. For non-surfers this is the place to be. There is so much to see and do here and you have the feeling of being in another world.

With filled stomachs, I went to the rice terraces and this time I mean real rice terraces, not the boring fields I have seen so far. Unfortunately, we were then surprised by an incessant rain and began our journey home.

Because of this wet journey home I unfortunately became ill and laid flat for the next two days. Thank God it was raining anyway and the waves were scarce, so I didn’t miss anything.

IMG 9022 - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation

Friday was unfortunately a rather sad day as I had to say goodbye to my beloved Cosi who went back to Melbourne. So, I was on my own again from now on.

I took this opportunity on the weekend and went to Ubud for a night to do a cooking class there on Sunday.

It was very informative and a lot of fun.

We not only learned a lot about fruits, spices and rice but also about the culture of Bali.

The highlight, however, was that of course we learned how to cook Balinese. We made a mushroom soup, various main dishes like chicken sate, vegetables with peanut sauce and tuna in banana leave. For dessert, we had banana in Coconut cream. So good!

I am looking forward to cooking all this at home, because of course we all got the recipes!

And back in Canggu the very pleasant and beloved Surfer-Chill-food-Life continued.

Chapter 4: Eat, Surf, Love – my last weeks in Bali

Now my time in Bali is coming to an end and I will leave this island in two days with a laughing and a crying eye.

But first, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my last two weeks here.

IMG 9215 - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation

After a long back and forth and very thorough consideration, after all my friends had left Bali (apart from two), I decided to stay in Canggu.

The reason I did this: There are no hostels in Uluwatu, where I actually wanted to go, only homestays and I didn’t want to hang out alone for two weeks. Besides, it is beautiful here and I have settled in here so well and it has already become my home. Since I know everyone here by now and are recognized again and again.

This is a rarity when travelling and is therefore all the more appreciated.

You’re probably wondering if I didn’t feel like I missed something because I didn’t see much…

No, I am very happy with my decision to spend all my time in one place, because I know I will come back to Bali and then I can see all the things I haven’t seen yet.

Besides, I met so many incredibly great people during my time here and had a wonderful time with them.

But now to my adventures of the last weeks.

Luckily for me the waves became very good, we had a bigger swell and therefore about 2m waves, without wind and with a nice shoulder. That meant for me, I could finally work on my skills and try some turns. I also found a new surfing partner, a Bartender from the USA with whom I had a lot of fun in the water and could talk about all kinds of surfing topics. Also, an Englishman and an Australian joined our small surf group for a short time and we hung out in the water every day for about 4 hours. Though I must admit, the paddle out was hell. It’s so long and very exhausting. But I mastered it, even if I was sometimes the only woman out there and had a buzzing heart now and then.

The rest of the time I spent with some new people from the hostel, we went out for dinner and watched various sunsets and did other unspectacular things.

Fortunately, a very nice group has formed which I had a lot of fun with.

Also with my two oldest friends who have been here with me all the time I am still hanging out.

Also the Balispirit did not come too short, because we got a large, Balinese holiday. A great ceremony and many dances and music.

IMG 9102 - Travel Diary World Trip 2015/16 - Part 5 Bali: Vacation from my Vacation

Yesterday almost everyone left, so it’s not that hard to say goodbye on Sunday.

But I will miss a lot here, especially my friends and the good food.

But I’m also very excited to finally go to Hawaii.

I’ll get back to you from across the globe.

Until then have a good time!


That’s it for now. Next up is Hawaii. So, stay tuned for another episode of this series in a few weeks.

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Have you been to Bali? What was your favorite place to visit there?

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